Anyone had to move because of a job? Is it worth the risk?

lostinitFebruary 9, 2011

What to do. Company I work for who has paid well in both benefits and salary has stated that our dept may be moved to another state by the end of the fiscal year. Needless to say I am worried. I own a home and I have settled here for the most part, however a part of me is worried that I won't be able to find another job due to the current state of the economy. My fear is that maybe 9 months or so down the road the company could lay me off and I would be stuck in this other state after having committed. The company has great retirement matching for 401k and a pension plan.

What would you do?

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I would sell my house and move. But then, I've moved 4 times in the past for jobs and with each move, I've come to view change as an exciting time, largely because it gives/gave me the opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. Moving has broadened my horizons, changing jobs has given me new professional opportunities, and overall I've come out way ahead because I've learned so much more, broadening my skillsets in the process.

We're moving again in 3 months for a job, this time for DH's job and to another country. I can't wait!

I'll be looking for a job once we get to our new home and I've been doing the job search legwork for about 3 months already.

I strongly encourage you to identify as clearly as you can a list of pros/cons to each choice. And for each con, figure out what it is that you are afraid about and how to conquer that fear, if you make a move.

Good luck.

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I can only speak for me... but we would move.

Only YOU can decide what is good for YOU!

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I haven't. But I have made the opposite decision -- NOT moving for a job. I was looking at a move three states away, and there would have been a pay increase. This was in 2004. But it would have meant DH finding something else as well, and that wouldn't have been a sure thing. I also knew that the trend for our company was to downsize, and that it would likely get totally absorbed into the parent company eventually. If that happened, I would have rather been here, where the cost of living is lower and where I have my friends and activities and where DH has solid employment. The other city (Houston) would probably have been full of opportunities, but it wasn't a chance I wanted to take.

Sure enough, in 2007 the downsizing began, and it got me in 2008. I might have grown to love Houston in those four years, but I'm still glad I didn't make the move.

As luann said, it all has to do with what works for YOU. I stayed put here in part because I knew that if I were without employment for a while, or could only find something that paid half of what I was making before, that we would still be financially OK. You need to do all that math and figure out what is best.

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We are sort of in that position. Dh has been asked to apply for a job in another state. We would make the move if asked, but it is not our first choice. It's all about balancing the advantages and disadvantages and the bottom line.

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Moving sucks. Moving to a state where you don't know anyone sucks even more. But, the biggest bummer is not having a job, and looking for one in this economy. Take the job.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I was never asked to move to another state but did work in numerous loactions (phone company) within about an hour or hour and a half radius from home.

Things for you to consider.
Your job skills and how marketable you think you might be if you didn't go and had to find employment where you are now.
Housing...if you own or are buying your home and what the housing market is like in your existing area and the area where the new job is.
Your age, and savings, and if you really need to continue at the higher salary.
Do they have a Pension Plan...Sweet if they do.
Do they offer insurance (fully or partially paid) when one retires?
How far off is retirement?


I'm retired, can you tell?

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I'd consider not only the jobs you might find locally if you don't move, but the jobs you might find at the new location if you do end up laid off or things really go bad. This will be highly individual: a friend of mine is so specialized and high up in his career ladder that even finding a similar job here in the Twin Cities takes several months. OTOH, if you're a mid-level account rep or financial analyst, you likely will have a much wider pool of jobs from which to choose.

Many years ago, I was offered a job in a small city in an adjoining state. It was an excellent job with great pay and benefits. But it was a very small city and this company was by far the biggest employer in town. If anything happened to them, I likely would have had to move to another city/state to find another job in my field. And I really didn't feel like moving after having moved so often in the immediately-preceding years. So I passed. Good thing, too, because within two years, that entire department was moved to a place I would not have chosen to live.

Tough call. Good luck.

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Lostinit -

Do you always post and run? Lots of people take the time to try to answer your questions, but you never seem to reply. It would be polite to at least acknowledge that people have attempted to help.

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