How I loss 30 pounds in 2 months

Morgan05December 15, 2005

and kept it off. Its been about 9 months now and I have only gained back about 4 pounds!!

I have always been fairly thin weighing in at 130-145 most of my life. This soon changed after my first year of college. Packing on those freshman 15 started a serious downward spiral. My sophomore year I started to pick up weight like never before. I started my sophomore year at 150 pounds and as you can tell by the pictures, I was up to 166 by my junior year. My appetite increased drastically and I started to get depressed about my size. I saw these pictures of me and was disappointed in how I'd let myself go. So fed up, frustrated, and tired, I decided to join LA Weight Loss my senior year. Didn't work! I tried Atkins, that gave me headaches...didn't work! I tried South Beach, it was too much work... didn't work! I tried excessive exercise and pulled a muscle... didn't work! I tried starving myself, I became too tired... didn't work! Then I was introduced to Dr. Beale.

WOW! I was able to control my appetite, while developing healthy eating habits. . I've been struggling to get out of the 150's for 4 years and now I'm in the 130's. I've gone from a size 7/8 to a size 3/4 in less than 2 months! I LOVE IT!!!"

My Diet Plan: 500 Calories Per Day

You MUST eat TWO and ONLY TWO meals per day, at times convenient for you. One meal and a salad won't work. Each meal MUST be made of a meat, a vegetable, and a fruit selected from the allowed foods listed below. Special exceptions may be made for you. Foods should be eaten raw, baked, broiled or boiled without oil, butter, magarine, or fats of any kind. You may use fat free mayonnaise or fat free salad dressing, salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash's, garlic powder, onion salt, and any other spices that you desire. No boullion, turkey wings, turkey necks, pork, etc. are allowed.

ALLOWED FOODS : (Each meal)

MEATS:You may have four ounces of either of the following:chicken breast, tuna packed in water, fish(except catfish), turkey breast, crab, shrimp, or lobster.

VEGETABLES:You may have one cup(total volume) of the following:asparagus, cabbage, celery, collards, cucumber, kale, lettuce, onions, or spinach.(NO GLORY GREENS)

FRUITS:You may have one apple, one orange, one half grapefruit, six strawberries, or ten grapes.

DRINKS:You may drink water, sugar free caffeine free diet sodas, decaffeinated coffee, decaffeinated tea, or herb teas.(Please-no juice, milk, caffeine, Crystal Light, flavored waters, seltzer water, regular sodas, Slim Fast, etc.)






My Maintenance Plan: I am currently in the maintain phase of the diet, which means I can basically eat whatever I want as long as I dont gain. I stand on the scale everyday, if I gain even a ¼ of a pound I am back on the diet plan. This way there is no excuse for me to gain the weight back. No-"The weight just crept up on me" During the week I follow the low calorie diet and drink 64 oz. of water. Weekends are a free for all, I basically eat whatever I want be it pizza or ice cream. This has been working for me so far, it has been 6 months and I have not gained a single pound. Well, my weight fluctuates between 130-134, which is fine. I stood on the scale this morning and I am at far I am still at 132. Oh, I hate working out so all of the weight was loss by following the diet plan. I plan on joining a local gym this winter so I can tone up.



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Who is Dr. Beal? In your second (after) pic I see you are working out. When did you exercise with this diet? before, during, after? and how much exercise? this is almost exactly the same diet I was on many years ago from a place called weight loss clinic, except we were allowed to eat 2 thin diet whole grain crackers for breakfast. It did work but I was always very dizzy. I too have tried everything. Being under 5ft tall, I normally ate 1000- 1200 calories a day. At 32, after I stopped smoking I gained 25 lbs. I joined a gym for a year and watched my diet. After a year, I wound up eating salads every night and working out for 1-2 hours 6 nights a week. on sundays. I would eat normally, on Monday I would weigh in and have gained back 2 lbs. I could not lose the last 5 lbs. I had my body fat measured and was told my body fat was much too low at 11% and to add more fat to my diet. I was always tired with no energy. This made me more discouraged. All I did was work out and shop and prepare veggies and salads. I tripped and fell in aerobics class one day under a new instructor there and fractured my ankle. The weight came back on (all of it) in a week. Then I did the above diet. basically, 500 calories a day was what I had always done in high school for quick weight loss for short periods. They also had me walking 30 minutes a day - easy to do if not winter. I lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks. But as noted I was always dizzy. I had to go in 3x weekly to check ketone levels. They said I was fine and were very surprized I had lost the weight in the time I did. I know 500 calories is way, way to low for good health, and now I gain weight eating over 900 calories a day. I gained 5 more lbs. each time I broke a bone that will not go away Also, the younger you are the easier it is to lose weight. All medical studies says you should not go below 1200 calories a day for health, at least not long term.

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Is this for real? or an advertisement. I do not see how having 500 calories a day can be healthy for 2 months.

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I'm with you sherlou, sounds very unhealthy to me as well. Under 1200 calories you aren't burning fat, you are burning muscle mass. You have put your body in starvation mode. I wouldn't recommend this diet to anyone.


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I believe she means Dr. Robert Beale.

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Hey I'm following your diet plan and I wanted to know how long before you saw results?

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um.. i dont know how much wieght i should loose to become a good looking...!!! HELLPP! i need to know bfore i acutally start the diet...

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Don't do this - it isn't healthy. I lost 30 pounds a little less than 2 months because I got sick with a gastric ulcer. You risk serious malnutrition and/or vitamin deficiencies. Losing weight can't occur from a "diet plan" (you will gain it right back). What you need is a lifestyle change. Eat healthy, eat AT LEAST 1500 calories a day, and excessive. The pounds will start coming off and in a healthy way.

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I know this is an old post but this may help i too lost 30 pounds with dr beale in 2 months however he did not have me on the 500 cal diet. Most people dont say how her puts on on a diet depending on you goal/ need. i didnt have a time frame to loose i just wanted to loose so i was over 300 pounds when i went to him. My allowed foods was the same but i could eat as many times a day as i preferred but i count not have anything that was not on the list. with all the veggies and fruits sub for all the chips and candy my calorie intake dropped drastically. I was average 1200-1400 a day (2-4 pound lost weekly) and 1000-1200 a day (4-6 pounds weekly) she was right the maintenance work as well. I stopped going becuase i got pregnant and just never went back but recommend to anyone. He is no longer practicing (R.I.P) but what he started is still being followed by his colleagues whic includes his daughter. so to answer one question the less you have to loose the shorter time he will have you on the diet. and how fast you are planning to loose it ie weddings is a factor too. you go in every week some people twice a week to be monitored.

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