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fishbone01453February 22, 2009

Just wondering about my fireplace looking to buy a insert but I can only fit a small insert that does 1000 sq feet. Would it be possible to fit a larger size insert to fit. I know they have ajustable insert but looking for 1500 sq and Iam about 4 inch from across the back to fit this size insert go figure 2 inch on both side.

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There actually a good deal to be said for having a smaller stove and keeping a bright fire going in it, rather than having a large stove to heat the house on the coldest day of the year and having it oversized 99% of the time.

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Number one, you don't want the insert to heat the whole house. The bedrooms are always cooler. So you want to heat the area around the insert. Putting in a properly sized unit is far better than an oversized one.

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