Hey, let's all shoot a happy 78th birthday wish to ole Joyful

celticmoonJanuary 29, 2007

Hey OJ, a very, very VERY happy birthday to you... (in 30 minutes).

May you continue to share your wisdom, (however obtuse at times). These boards just wouldn't be the same without you!!

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and for your first virtual present, a bit of philosophy I pilfered off someone's memorable signoff:

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, martini in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming: WOO-HOO - what a ride!"

So enjoy a martini (or a Labatt's), a physical challenge (sledding comes to mind) and some strawberries today. And have a memorable birthday!

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Raising a virtual Labatt's to OJ...

Happy birthday, eh!!

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Happy birthday, OJ! *clink**clink*

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Happy birthday Olé Joyful!

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Library about to close.

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone.

Labatts' headquarters were about 10 miles away, for years - but they were sold and are owned internationally, now.

Belgium, I think.

Am thankful to be enjoying good physical health - don't think I've taken a pill in 30 years.

Am rather hopeful about the mental component.

And the spiritual is mending - I was rather p'd off some years ago, when the break-up of our marriage did nsty things to the clergy career - clergy weren;t supposed to *do* that!

ole joyful

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OK, so I'm a day late!

But that will never lessen the volume of my good wishes for Ol' Joyful's continued good health and vigor.


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The 30th was the day, chelone, so you weren't late.

I appreciate your good wishes - even if I reply a day late.

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

So OJ,

You appear to be up late and on the computer. Did you get the one at home going?

If you stay up that late, when do you get your beauty rest?

(Curly) Sue...as you say, but not to be confused with the member by the name curlysue...just saw her post yesterday

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OJ, I am a day late,(and usually a dollar short), but Happy Birthday wishes are sincere and I hope your day was happy and Blessed. Carol

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Thanks for the good wishes, everyone.

I had a happy, if uneventful, day. Took the upgraded computer that my two youngies gave me for Christmas in to the computer store to get it connected.

Bruce came out a while ago and did some things to get the old one so that I could get online - but I get a lot of pop-ups that things aren't right, when I change pages.

And sometimes when I write a message, after cleaning out the misspelling, etc. - it blocks.

You know what "Control" + "Alt" + "Delete" does!


Sometimes, especially on gardenweb, when I change page ... nothing happens. Sometimes if I press "Esc" - the page appears - right away.

Well, "right away" for dial-up.

Heading out to the investment group meeting tonight.

Another group heard from two local companies into medical stuff a couple of weeks ago.

Checked price of one the next day - 40 cents a share.

Almost bought some.

Price went to 60 cents, then 70, and 80.

Over a dollar, today.

Bid on some at 89 cents earlier this afternoon, but too few shares.

The guy checked at 90 cents - then the ones at 89 cents were sold!

Closed at 88, I think it was. Sernova Corp. SVA.V

Treatment for diabetes.

Have a great week, everyone.

ole joyful

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Shareclub usually meets in the boardroom of a daycare behind a Lutheran church, while the caretaker cleans.

When we arrived tonight - door locked. Called the caretaker - he's sick.

So we arranged for a room in a nearby library, at a fee of $26.50 for a non-profit group.

Usually about 20 there, only about 14 tonight (probably some were missed by the notifying person at the door of the daycare).

We've been meeting for years - usually have met where room is free. This is the first time that we've had to pay, that I'm aware of and I've been attending for about 7 years, I think.

On return home, female canine (changing her title to "feckless canine") had torn the bottom out of a grocery bag hanging on the kitchen chair, chocolate bar wrapper strewn all over floor, she'd eaten some of it.

When she was here some time ago, pulled a bag of choc. covered almonds off of a kitchen chair, ate quite a few, threw up after a while.

Regurgitated almonds, even though (still) choc. covered, are not an appealing dish.

She doesn't like being left alone - the other day, she'd pulled the garbage bag all apart, strewing junk all over the kitchen floor.

After my return, I made the mistake of giving a tart a minute of microwave - to smoke when I opened the door, and some raisins rather charred.

Glad it wasn't yesterday - or I'd have thought it an inauspicious start to my new year.

ole joyful

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Servova (SVA.V) seems to be stabilizing ... around the mid $1.30s!

Too bad I hadn't ordered some at $0.40, just after I heard of it.

Or accepted a fill at slightly higher when I put in my order at about $0.87!

Live - and learn!

o j

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Hey!!! How did I miss THIS party!?!?!!!

I wasn't even Zombified at that time... must have been on the road.

Happy Big 78, Ole Joyful!!!

Dave Donhoff
Strategic Equity & Mortgage Planner

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That's "Sernova" SVA.V or SVA.X, on Vancouver Exchange - I gave wrong name in earlier post.

They're making progress looking toward installing pig pancreas in humans, with a filter to ward off rejection, to produce insulin.

I heard a presentation about January 10 - just before it took off, almost bought some.

Check 5-day chart at Yahoo.com/finance, or a longer period at www.stockcharts.com or www.globeinvestor.com.

Closed Friday at CAD$1.30.

It's a speculative investment.

I don't own any - but am considering buying some.

I hope that you all have an outstanding week - looking toward spring.

o j.

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Don't put a single dollar into Sernova that you can't afford to lose the whole thing, without shedding a single tear, O.K.?

This is a speculative investment - note that "Tier 2" in the listing.

Some go up, some go down, some go nowhere.

o j

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Some go up, some go down, some go nowhere.

I 'speculated' on Dollar General years ago, after seeing it had gone up and split numerous times. After buying it, the price dropped significantly, and hasn't ever come back up to my purchase price until today! Woohoo!

Seems they are being bought out, so I will finally recoup all my investment with a little extra.

Maybe SVA.V would be worth 'gambling' a bit on.


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