Dine with Me, Deen. #5 post

dcarch7February 2, 2012

Actually all the tofu posts are meant for Ms. Deen.

For anyone who wants to balance out his/hers diets but have not gotten into the wonderful delicious world of tofu.

dcarch Tofu

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Dcarch, you are driving me crazy! Details, please?! These look fantastic.

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Agreed. Recipes please?


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This may not make any sense to many.

As I have said, for those who have a disire to diversify the eating habit but have not been able to learn to enjoy tofu, these few are suggestion to allow easing into eating tofu.

There is really no recipe for these few. One was fried in duck fat, one was in bacon fat and one was fried in butter.

Sounds crazy, actually with a good non-stick pan all you need is a teaspoon of fat to give the tofu a great meat/fatty taste.


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So you're saying that the tofu wasn't marinated, correct? And could you please tell me what the greens are on the top pic and what the purple veggies are on the bottom? And what kind of pasta is that in the middle pic? Sorry I have so many questions.

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ynnej, those are very good questions. Sometime I do things without thinking that what I do may not be what others do.

You don't need to marinate tofu, just cook it in the sauce and it will take on the flavor of the sauce.

When I cook vegetables, I often separate the different parts and cook them differently. For instance, the stem part of the leaf is different than the leavy part. They taste different and need different cooking time.

The first picture is the stem part of Romane lettuce, and the last one is the stem part of beet leaves.

The pasta is actually seasme noodles.


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That's fantastic! Certainly never would have guessed that's what they were.

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