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deemarie5500December 5, 2005

Let's go get 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Moving these to where they belong!

Good MONDAY morning!
Decorations completed by me and DH......we came, we saw, we Snow-Villaged! Only had to make 2 moves toward the phone to call my lawyer (haha...relax, divorce was averted, and we kissed and made up!) I'll take some pictures of our living room and send them along to Marci when I get a chance.

Donna, once the rush of the holidays is over and the weather is nicer, we'll plan to meet sort of halfway...maybe in Brick? We can discuss if you e:mail me your phone number.

Raeanne, aren't we the little party person? lol!

Tikanas, most of you know that DH and his daughters have life-long traditions that I now partake in...strawberry picking on Father's Day, pumpkin picking and carving in the fall, etc. Well, as of 2 years ago, I started my own tradition with them....gingerbread house! Of course, I buy the kit, but I also buy extra stuff to make it as pretty or grotesque as possible!. We will create this masterpiece this Thursday evening, and I'm excited too!

Patti, if you need further information from me for the exchange, please write or holler here. I hope still have your e:mail, as I send out a joke or two now and then.

That's it for now...
Make this week count!

Take care, eat healthy and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!



RE: SS Support, Mon. Nov.28th thru Sun. Dec. 4th
Posted by: NHSuzanne (My Page) on Mon, Dec 5, 05 at 10:21

Good Morning All!!
Here it is December 5th and there wasn't one RABBIT, RABBIT!! A sure sign of the holidays!

This weekend was very snowy and nice. Everything is covered with white glitter and it's truly breathtaking. The sun will be high enough in a while to melt it all away but I was out and about early enough to take it all in. All surfaces, tree trunks, boughs, rocks fence rails are covered in beautiful sparking glitter. I went out into the woods to pick some hemlock boughs for the horses. It's the only green they get this time of year and I give them a few boughs once a week or so. I wish I had my camera this morning as Sweet Pea and Tilley, (the donkey) were sharing a bough. It was so sweet as they faced each other gently nibbling on the bough that seperated them! A real Hallmark moment. I am hoping to get myself out on a ride but it's still hunting's over soon.

I started making cookie dough for my annual cookie baking day with my sister. I thought it would be more fun if we could just bake, decorate and wrap instead of making it a two day project that we both get tired of!

I also painted my LR. It's a beautiful smokey blue that is quite dramatic and, it's turned out to be closer to the color that I dreamed of than the cobalt blue I thought it was! It's spectacular and completely changes the room. Now you see everything else when you walk in instead of just the rug. I will try to take a photo of it to post.

Raeanne, and DeeMarie.....are you listening to Howard's final days on terrestrial radio at all? It's really some of the best! Hope you are getting a chance to listen.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday

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Good Afternoon!

I just got home from work and thought I would check in. There was a murder in Salem today. I guess it was a love triangle kind of thing. The man shot his wifes lover in the groin and then in the chest and killed him. He then shot himself in the head, but is still alive. This all happend not too far from my house. It is so sad that he felt he had no other options.

It is a winter wonderland here. It snowed all day yesterday and it was so pretty. DH is walking around moaning and grumpy as we are supposed to get more tonight. He hates winters and is counting the days (3 1/2 years) until DS graduates High School and we move south. Patti, someday I will be knocking on your door!

Not much new. Just shopping, wrapping, baking and some decorating. A friend of mine just put up her tree with just lights. I may do the same, as nobody ever wants to help decorate or undecorate. DS will start and then loses interest and leaves. DH puts up the tree and puts on the lights and that is far as he goes. So I may just have naked tree this year!

Has anyone read "A Million Little Pieces" yet? I am reading it now and all I can say is "Oh my God"! I can't put it down.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Good to hear from you Besh. Sad news about the murder. I am feeling for the woman whose kids they found the remains of in Ohio last week. I am glad she can finally lay them to rest. It was so sad. Do you recall the case?

The snow is lovely here to but I don't think we are going to get much of tomorrow's storm. I am rooting for most of the snow to route itself south of here for a change!

I read A Million Little Pieces and so has Patty. It's a very good book and really strikes home for me having two family memebers go through rehab. I felt the kids pain, especially his teeth. Talk about your anger pulling you throug!!

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Stand back and put down the sweets? Dee, have you been watching me???? I would love to meet you halfway after all of this craziness of the holidays dies down - gives us something to look forward to in January. I will email you my phone number.

We are getting our first snowfall - Suzanne, reading your description can even make this look nice. It really does look pretty as the woods back up to our house. My sister lived in New Orleans for a while and thinks she is a southerner even though she was born and raised in NJ. She absolutely despises snow. Actually, I like snow when I don't have to go anywhere - work tomorrow but thank goodness I have a four wheel drive.

I actually did pretty well, food wise today although right now we are waiting for a pizza delivery (white with ricotta and garlic).

I am catching up on the laundry I didn't finish yesterday. I just took another look outside and it really does look pretty, especially with the Christmas lights everyone has up!

Be good - I will check in tomorrow!!


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I will have to get used to this posting - I think I hit send too quickly!

Besh, how sad about the murder. I agree, it is tragic he thought he had no other options.

OK, you and Suzanne have read A Million Little Pieces. Who is the author? I will have to get it from our local library!


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Suzanne - I don't get to listen to Howard too much in the mornings, unless I am going somewhere, our reception in the house for that station is terrible - so it is on only when I am driving and since work is a 2 minute drive - NO HOWARD. I did catch some of his interview on 60 Minutes - I wished I had seen the entire segment - it was good - he is so honest. I guess your dream was a premonition of sorts. Rabbit, Rabbit never crossed my mind....

Besh - Things like that are very upsetting, especially when they are so close to home. You just never know what is actually going through someone's mind.

Dee - I used to go to Brick all the time to visit my girlfriend who summered there every year.

B - 2 eggs
L - Tuna salad
D - antipasto of mushrooms, arthichoke hearts, pimentos, provolone, pancetta and lettuce and a cup of asparagus soup.

Have a great evening.

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Good Morning All,

Donna, James Frey is the author of A Million Little Pieces.
It's very raw and edgy but very good, especially for a first book.

Raeanne, I hear you about the reception thing! I can get him in my house but not in my barn!! Boy does that make me upset because I spend so much time in the morning there. I am definitely going to satellite soon. His last show is the 16th and they are going to walk down the street to the new location. Part of me wants to jump a train and go down to be part of it. Am I nuts??? I Tivo'd the 60 minutes and there was football for the first half hour, then the two first segments and when it was time for his segment it stopped!! I was really upset because I hear it was very good. Oh well, perhaps it will be repeated.

BJ, where are you girl?

All you MIA's need to check in soon to let us know you are okay. Lynn, you have been away too long!

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Good TUESDAY Morning!!!

Besh, sorry that you were exposed to such sorrow in your neighborhood. That's so upsetting for all involved.

Suzanne/Raeanne, I get Howard everywhere. Been listening to him since 1981 when he started in NYC on WNBC in the old boyfriend told me that I "would get" Howard's brand of humor. No sh*t!!! LMAO! I'm really going to miss him. Wanted to get Sirius Radio for DH for Christmas, but he doesn't want it. I do, but I already got my present from DH...5 days in January at Breezes, Bahamas with all the girls. Trying to get my DSDs to talk him into it! haha

QOD: Anyone finished with their exchange shopping yet? I know what I want to get, but cannot seem to get to the proper stores to make this happen by the 22nd! Will try this weekend.

BJ, looking forward to hearing from you soon. Any adventures we should know about?

Gotta run and get out 4th Quarter Metrics. Fun, fun, fun times.

Take care, eat healthy (that means no M&Ms for Marci!), and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!

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Hi Guys!

Soory I've been gone more than here the past 3 weeks. I have been having some dilemas at home:

Working part time and taking a full load of classes has been fine for me. It provides me enough to be uber busy and still be home mornings for my kids and afternoons too. Further, I can ferry them to and from gymnastics, swimming, and still take care of everything this family needs.

HOWEVER, now one of the apprentices at work is bored with the job and wants to leave. As well, the main embalmer and cosmetician is preggers and will not work in the prep room any more. So, I've been told, soon a F/T space will open up.

Therein lies the dilema. I love my work and I love my kids/home/school. DH wants me to totally quit my job as there is no work for me on the island we'll move to in 2 1/2 years. He has said he thinks the time I spend at work and on this career is a waste of my and family time. I have to say he's got a point.

Further, I am having a huge moral and ethical problem taking a job offering, knowing that I'm going to move and they will have spent time training me just to have me leave at the end of my apprenticeship. The boss is really a nice honest guy and I know I can't deceive him this way.

Now comes the hard part. If I let my boss know I'm moving in a couple of years, I may lose my P/T apprenticeship and all hope of moving forward in the world of death care. Plus, DH will almost definately pull the plug (by grousing constantly) on whatever fill-in work they offer me.

Ouch. He's already saying I want to have my cake (kids, family, P/T job, school) and eat it too. I agree, but (and I need TRUTH from my sisters here) but isn't it do-able since I'm already doing it? The house suffers a little constantly and will, until I finish my schooling. How can I make a case for this? Or can I?

I get so much more from doing multiple jobs than from just ONE thing. Plus, I don't want to put the kids in afterschool daycare. I think it's fine for some, but it's not my thing. My mom wasn't home when we got home from school and I hated it, so here I sit...

Opinions please, please, please.

I've been eating lots of crunchy Cheetos, trying to find the answer. HELP!

(I've been rather sour on and off lately about this, prompting the comment from DH that all over 40 year old women have big mood problems!) HA! I need to make a decision --- PRONTO!

As far as adventures, I'm leaving for Alaska on the 21st and will be gone till the 29th. So I can open earlier or later, whichever is better. If some don't think they can make the deadline, we could move the date to New Years and start the New Year off in a feng shui way. Just a thought. I am done with my feng shui shopping for Maddie and will send the package this week. I got tacky ornament yesterday. I can't send the tacky ornament from last year because our family has become too attached to it! (Maddie sent it to me)

Love and Hugs! I've been reading every day but since I've been in the job/home/family funk, I haven't posted. (((((SORRY!))))

I did get all the outside lights put up, by myself, Besh! I feel like you do sometimes! I had my 2 youngest help a little, just testing light strings! They loved that. Anyway, I put up so many lights that I blew a fuse when I turned them on! Now I can either have the electrical stuff in my office on or the outside Christmas lights on, but not both!


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Suzanne, thanks for the author info. I will check this out when I finish my current book, Bella Mafia by Lynda LaPlante. She wrote the book that inspired the BBC series Prime Suspect.

Dee, 5 days in the Bahamas in January - I am jealous!

((BJ - wow)). I know that I am your newest sister and hope I don't overstep by offering my opinion.

It looks like your kids needs come first and seem happy with the way things are going - the house is the only thing suffering. If a less than perfect house was a tragedy my world would have crashed years ago :-) I agree with you that this is doable since you are doing it now. Are you definitely moving in a couple of years? If you are I would not mention anything about this to your boss right now. If you are offered the full time job then I think you would have to be up front with him. If he is able to hire another full time person you could probably keep your part time status? He might agree to this rather than lose you.I disagree with your husband that you are wasting time. If you are happy with what you are doing it is not a waste of time.

That said I will keep you in my thoughts and know that you will make the right decision for you, your husband and your kids. Since there's probably alot of things I don't know my opinion might be a little off base.

Everyone have a great evening! I will check in later tonight or tomorrow.


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BJ - I honestly think that your schedule wouldn't be "doable" for everyone. But you have shown that it is "doable" for you. You have the drive, the energy level and the desire to make it happen.

And I think DH needs to take a good look at what your needs are, and stop making you feel like you have to make a choice now. You will be making the move to the island of HIS choosing in a few years, and that will effectively cut you off from the job of YOUR choice. He needs to support you now, and you will support hid decision in a few years when you move.
I would be honest with your current employer, at least to the point of not accepting a full time position, only to leave after your training.
Another option would be to research jobs on the island, and cater your schooling to something that will be available on the island. Grief counseling? Estate planning? Maybe there are some classes offered along the lines of what you are training for now, but that would be more applicable to the lifestyle of the island.

DeeMarie - Who me?? M&Ms??? LOL I actually did buy a bag of the red and green ones yesterday and buried them in the pantry under other stuff. Hopefully that will keep me out of them until I put them out for Christmas.

I have A Million Little Pieces in my TBR pile and I just read about the follow up book called My Friend Leonard, which covers the lives of the people he met in rehab. I am going to get that when it comes out in paperback in the spring of '06.

I am halfway thru decorating my tree and I took a break to read my email and this thread, so I had better get back to work.


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BJ, wow. First of all I don't think that is fair that your DH asks you to quit your job now because you are planning a move in 2 1/2 years. Alot can happen in that time and you may not end up moving after all. You just never know, it is a long time from now and we all know what a difference even 1 day can make in a persons life. I would continue doing what you are doing and not mention anything about the move to your employer. Not right now anyway. As far as the F/T position goes, if it were me, I would pass. I know that people work full time and raise a family and take care of a house but it is hard. I did it for several years with 1 child and then for another year after I had my second. Something has got to give and it is always the house and the laundry. While that may not be as important to some, it was to me, and it also made a big difference in the quality/quantity of time I was able to spend with DH and my kids. I quit my job and stayed home for a couple of years and it was the best thing that I could have done for everyone, including me. So my advice is not to give up your dream, continue doing what you love, and still have the time with your family. I know that you will make the right decisions.

Donna, don't ever feel that you are over stepping your boundaries. You are a part of a wonderful group and your opinion is important. I'm sure that BJ appreciates your input.

Got to go. Still have to iron something for tomorrow and make lunches, ugh!

Love, Besh

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BJ! I know that you can MANY things at once! We have the same energy level, and I am not a happy camper without my fingers in many pies. I agree with Donna and Besh when they say not to quit or tell the boss quite yet. Life has a way of changing VERY quickly without giving us notice. ( my husband's sudden death from a heart attack as example) You just never know...

My suggestion? If you are happy doing all of these things, find out what it is that makes DH so negative about it all. Is it a messy house that he is upset about? Or does he feel left out/ less competent/ neglected or just not consulted with in regard to your decisions? You can remedy any and all of the situations above! If it's a messy house that he's worried about, enlist the kids to do more chores or tighten the budget to hire a housekeeper to do some of the big chores ocasionally. Keep us posted....

DeeMarie, Aren't those "girl projects" the best?! How long have you been doing the gingerbread houses? I looked longingly at those kits when I saw how icky my house pieces looked but the "miracle of frosting" solved all of my decorating problems! : )

Marci, tell the truth about those M&ms, girl! Do you really think they will stay out of your way till you serve them 3 weeks from now?? This would never work in MY house . They would call to me.... and I am not even a big sweets eater! Now pastries are a different story! Thank you for the book suggestions (everyone)

Donna, you fit right in! I was welcomed in about 18 mos. ago and have felt at home here. What a great group!

Well, a medical supply vender came to the office this am and lo and behold she is a blast from the past. She says "I heard that you were working here and though its been a LONG time, I remember how much you like pastry" ( oh, nooooooooo....) She brought WARM cheese danish and cheese and onion bagels w/ cream cheese and blueberry tarts and....
You get the point. I REALLY tried! But it's that T.O.M. and I am truly and unusually hopeless. If Marci invites me over, I promise to only eat the green ones : (
Somebody slap my hand...


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Well ladies I'm back
Besh - I have put up, lighted and decorated 5 trees by myself - WHY - because I'm the one that gets great joy of sitting for the next few weeks and looking. It also gives me time to reflect on the wonderful memories of where many of those decorations came from or from who. DH did put the lights up outside - with DS now gone he had to step up to the plate.

NHSuzanne - I'm glad you liked your Birthday package and now I have you for Christmas too - The comfort heart is a wonderful story of a woman and her Mother who were diagnosed within days of each other with breast cancer. The daughter survived, the Mother did not. In memory of her Mother she created the pewter comfort heart which has become a national fund raiser for breast cancer. The link to her website is

BJ - I'm probably one of the oldest sisters on this thread and came through the "wonder woman" 80's and 90's. You and I have the same energy level and are able to juggle many balls in the air. I wouldn't even take into consideration what is suppose to happen 2 1/2 years down the road. Lives and situations change in a heartbeat! It's time for BJ to do what makes her happy because my friend at the end of the road we are only left with our own achievements - children leave and that is an achievement, careers are completed and that is an achievement - but we must feel that we accomplished what made us happy too.

A less than perfect house can be remedied, if the laundry isn't done right on time, designate to someone else or buy more underwear and socks for everyone (great birthday gift) ha, ha.

Now here's the kicker, I feel its very unfair of DH to even suggest that you quit and this is where the issue is - guilt is a terrible thing and needs to be addressed and put in the garbage can immediately. I had this issue years ago when my children where 8 and 12 - sat down first with DH and then with the children and they all stopped trying to guilt me to death and realized I was part of the "family" and that didn't mean I had to give up my "self". It was actually a major turning point in our families "unity forever" plan. They are now 25 and 21 and they really get it. DH and I are coming up to 30 years of marriage and he really got it. Never lose yourself girlfriend. You will make the right decisions for all, I know it!

Well that's about it for this early morning, DH is on his way to N. Carolina - he has gone back into business after a two year retirement and we are all happy that he is happy again.

NHSuzanne - don't expect a lot of feng shui - I just don't get it and I had already started my "Canadian" shopping before the theme. You will be getting a new tacky ornament, I cannot part with my black velvet Elvis!!!!

By the way we have about a foot and half of snow, very pretty but was really difficult to get around for two days.

Take care all and welcome Donna

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Good Morning,

BJ, ((((((((HUGS)))))))) You have gotten some good input here about this situation. I have to agree with Marci and Besh. You husband is not being fair to you and he DOES need to take a look at what YOUR needs are too. Frankly, I find it insulting and hurtful to say that you are wasting your time! After all, the move is to the island he chose knowing that it would have limitations as far as your career goes. I would definitely deal with the full time job opening if and when it comes up. In the meantime, if you are enjoying what you are doing keep going. As everyone said already, two and half years is a lot of time and much can change before then. Remember that women do too much and you are a prime example of this..........I am glad that you are doing this for yourself and that it is fulfilling. Keep it up, forge ahead and cross the bridges only when you get to them. I am sorry that you are having to deal with this dilema but you will figure it out!

I love what Donna said!! "If a less than perfect house was a tragedy my world would have crashed years ago :-)" Mine would have too!!! Very funny Donna.

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Good WEDNESDAY morning!

BJ, when I read your post (about 10 minutes ago), my hands started shaking from wanting to type and type and type this to you. Please, do NOT tell your employer that you MAY be moving! A man would never do that; it's the woman in you who wants to spill your guts about personal stuff. Carry on as if you were going to fulfill your dream job there from now until YOU decide when to leave it. Your employer will get the best from you (good for him!) for as long or as little as is possible. None of us knows what tomorrow may bring.

As for the laundry and other household stuff: it's time for the girls to step up and help. With 4 of them, it should take no more than 20 minutes for each of them to make a huge difference. Joanne's advice was priceless! Let them know that you are part of the family too, and it's an ongoing gift they can do for you. Just break down the steps to get the house in better order, and assign those tasks, girlfriend. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Can't stay, as I've not yet completed those metrics reports.

Take care, eat healthy (no trips to Marci's house, and remember that everything you ingest becomes a part of your physical being!!)*********NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Alright :::pushing up my shirtsleeves:::: I am back and will try to post a bit more often.

Donna: Welcome! I am Gretchen and I live in Chicago. I do Weight Watchers when I want to lose weight. I don't do it now because I just don't want to!! LOLOL I have three wonderful amazing children. I have a son who is 24 and police office in San Diego. He is getting married next June to a great girl. My next son is 21 and a senior in college. I also have a daughter who is 16 and we are really best friends. I feel lucky that we have the relationship that we do. We are still able to laugh and cry together over the simplest things. I live in sin with the love of my life who is also my best friend and supporter. We have been together since 1998. For those who wonder why we haven't finalized anything-we like it this way. We are a family and a piece of paper isn't necessary. He has a son who is 20 and a junior in college. One big happy family! LOLOL Most of the time!

BJ BJ BJ...You can leave it up to this group to lay it on the line and I don't think I can even add other than to say..EXCUSE ME DH?? Girl you are one of the most amazing women I "know" and I live life vicariously through you. How you do it all is beyond me. Be true to your dreams and what makes you happy. It is not about being selfish. It is about being happy and comfortable with you. Your family is not suffering because of your choices. If anything, you are a wonderful example for your children. You have shown them strength and perserverance is a quality that each person should have in their life. You seem to not be afraid to go to the beat of a different drummer. You do your thing and everyone will benefit from a happy mom and wife. Kick DH for me will ya! Does he carry a club around with that caveman act too?

Updates: My dads passing was a blessing because he had been ill for so long. A sense of peace and relief is what I feel for him. My mom - well actually BJ--you remind me of my mom A LOT. She is strong and after years of caring for my father, she seems to not want to slow down. She works 20 hours a week, volunteers as a horse corral that works with handicapped children, still cuts her own grass at 75. I tell her all the time...I want to be her when I grow up.

My sister had to have a hamstring removed from the back of her leg because they found another tumor in it. It also was cancerous but they feel they have gotten all and there is no need for further treatment. I was down in AZ for week with her. We had not seen each other since 1998 because she really didn't agree with my choices but over the years as my children have excelled and my Permanent live in boyfriend has provided for them like they were his own, she finally GETS IT! We had a wonderful time together and it was like it was just yesterday that we saw each other. We were really close and I missed her over the years. So I spent a week carting her butt around town. I said I was driving Miss Daisy's A@@! LOLOL
My latest life event is that I had my purse stolen in November. It was taken right out of my office while this guy distracted me. I went to look for something for him and when I came back, he was gone..I saw him running across the parking lot. My laptop was there but the purse was missing. He managed to spend 1000.00 in a few hours. I work really hard and every once in a while I treat myself to nice things. My nice things were in the hands of a thief. I had no money in my wallet but the cards were all there. My company American Express has a rather large credit limit too. I cannot tell you what a nightmare it is to try to replace everything. I still haven't gotten my drivers license replaced. I am a very trusting person but I find myself now, looking over my shoulder or getting panicky if I do not see my purse. Although it was kind of liberating to only have a small wallet to carry for a while.

My freelance graphic design business has been steady this fall and that makes for nice times for all. I just finished a calendar for a Pug Rescue group that is a work of art if I do say so myself. I will put a link to the calendar at the end of this. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will benefit pug rescues. All of the pugs in the center pictures were rescued this year.

I want you to know that I do read the postings but these last few months have been nuts.

I forgot to add that Permanent live in boyfriend's parents moved back to IL from Florida in August. THAT has impacted everyone. They are in the 80's and lived in Florida for 15 years. They have become very dependant on us since the move. They actually just left for anj eight day cruise and I am personally breathing a sigh of relief.

Take care all of you wonderful ladies!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rescue Angels

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BJ - you got some excellent advice from this group and I have to say I agree! I ran it by DH for a different perspective and he says stay at your job and go for the full-time only if YOU want it. It sounds to me like the full-time may be to much at this point in your life, but I know that you will work it out if it's what you really want. I heard a good quote on Oprah, the past is gone, the future is not here, today is your eternity (or something like that). I am going to try to live by that one.

Donna - ditto on the house crashing.

Gretchen - so good to have you back! I couldn't get the pages of the calendar to open, but the 2 I saw were adorable - GREAT JOB. I am so sorry to hear about your purse. I had my purse stolen once, but the thief only took the money and dumped the purse. Don't stay a stranger.

Joanne - I wished I had learned your guilt lesson when my kids were that age - I think I hit 40 when I finally got it! I had a friend that found it easier to stop off at the store to buy clean underwear than to deal with the laundry - you made me think of her.

Tikanis - Sorry about the pastries, but nothing like sharing an indulgence with an old friend.

I have been on the straight and narrow and am feeling pretty proud of myself. I don't even feel urges to eat the funky stuff.

B - 2 Clementines - on the run
L - Steak Ceasar Salad
D - Prime Rib and huge salad
S - 1 Clementine
No exercise, but walked the mall at a fast clip several times.

I weighed in and am down 7 1/2 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks, I am sure that 4-5 lbs of that was water, but who cares???

We just made plans to go to the Dominican Republic the end of January - now I am really motivated to keep losing weight. My girlfriend is coming with us and another couple may join us too - I can't wait.

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Jen - when you enter your home through the front door what room is in the far right corner?

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Gretchen, you sound SO positive! I didn't know that you had a son in San Diego. If he gets married out here in California, let me know. I't only an hour and 1/2 away.

BJ, how are you doing? These women give AMAZING advice and a wonderful variety of perspectives. Have you discussed this any further w/ DH?

Joanne, I don't want to part with my tacky ornament either!

DeeMarie, okay, okay! I'll stay away from Marci's for now! : ) what are " metrics reports"?
I always appreciate your encouragement.

NHSuzanne, how are things w/ DH?

Raeanne, What are Clementines?

Jen, have you found a way to stay connected w/ your best friend? Make a plan! I told my best friend about this site and she'll get here when she can... That will be one more way to connect.

Where's Patti? And I haven't "seen" Lynn in quite some time!
I wish Amy had a chance to post more too...

See ya tomorrow!


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John, I didn't intend to leave you out. Where are you??


    Bookmark   December 7, 2005 at 11:26PM
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I left my DH after everyone's advice, so...

John's with me...

HA! Just kidding.

Thanks for all the tips and advice. Great stuff. I really REALLY appreciate what each person had to say. I'm going to make a firm decision and execute it by the 15th.

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Hello Ladies,

Its flu season, so work has been very busy :( so I havent had much time to read the threads or post.

Bj you wish! ;) they say men hit their prime at 18, well not this one, im 35 and would put all that xtra energy to good use! muhhaa.

but seriously, I cant add much to what has been said except that life is about the journey and I think you know that, So 2 months or 2 years spent doing something, even if you wont continue it, is time well spent!

I have to catch up on the reading but looks like everyone is busy doing holiday stuff and keeping warm. Not much new here really, wish I could say different. Im having xmas at my apartment this year so im busy getting things in order and cleaning up! I am passing on a tree this year, cause I dont have the room but am putting up lots of lights and a small village. I told my family at thanksgiving that anyone complaining about the lack of space can sit out on the porch, byo mittens. Im still not sure what to serve for brunch but am thinking:

-assortment of muffins
-coffee, OJ and some soda
-fruit and custard tart
? baked egg dish with some sausage and veggies in it.
-ham roast

any other ideas?

have a great week!


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Tikanis - Clementine's are a very tiny mandarin orange - they have a very thin peel, very few (if any) seeds and are very sweet. They are about the size of a tangerine - but a very different taste. Now I have a produce question for you - at one of the parties I went to last weekend I sat next to a woman who's brother creates new varieties of vegetables and he recently created a lettuce that is a cross between boston and romaine - they are sold in CA as Lettuce Wraps or Jammers - have you heard of them? They are to be used instead of bread and I wish they were in my neck of the woods.

BJ - Think things out carefully and make a decision that you are sure you can live (happily) with. Sending good vibes your way.

John - that sounds like a good menu to me, I would maybe add bagels along with the muffins and some eggnog or mamosas (but that wouldn't surprise anyone).

B - Smoothy
S - 2 Clementines
L - Tuna Salad
D - Huge Antipasta, Pork Chops in Creamy Shallot sauce, brussel sprouts
Water, Water, Water - No exercise - I worked late (I have a million excuses and have been using them all lately)

I am off to FINISH my Christmas shopping and if I do, it will be a record breaker for me. I never finish early - but my time is very limited this year and I don't want to get stressed out.

Make the most of today.

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Good Morning!

John, it's a cold one this morning! 6 degrees for me this morning during my morning chores in the barn. At least it's not too windy......yet. And then there's the 10"+ storm coming tomorrow........... We really should hook up for coffee or something after the holidays. You are too close for us not to arrange this. The women here will be so jealous!!

Raeanne, I can tell you bought a box of Clementines!! LOL. They do come in handy.

Tikanas, Clementines are a small citrus fruit. They are smaller than tangerines. I don't know if they come from CA, (probably not since you haven't heard of them), or are imported. Raeanne probably knows.

BJ, you are wise to make a plan! Please describe your front door and the areas to the left and to the right. Raeanne gave me that idea in her post to Jen!!

Gretchen, it's good to see you posting. I am glad that things are evening out somewhat for you. I hope you won't stay gone so long.

Maddie, please give us a report on how your new babies are doing! I am sure they are pure joy!

I am going to decorate our little tree today. I am looking forward to it. I have been decorating all week and really enjoying it. I usually don't have this kind of time so I will enjoy it while I have it.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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Good Morning!

BJ, these ladies gave you some great advice. You are a terrific woman, I wish I had your energy. Don't let hubby take that away from you. Give him a kick for me too!! I wouldn't tell you employer that you may be leaving in two years. With everything I have witnessed this past year with my friends, who knows what can happen in the next two years. That job could be your Godsend! You never know. If you like it, DON'T give it up. That's my theory. I love my job, my house is not perfect, BUT, I am happy, my kids are happy, that's all that matters to me.

Raeanne, When you walk in my front door, its total living room. We have lot's of wood trim (thanks to my uncle), but that's about it. I told DH we have to get some decorating done. We built the house in 03, moved in that December, and still hardly have anything on the walls. Oh well...One of these days there will be time. (and money)!lol!!!

Gretchen, It's great to have you back. I just wanted to let ya know that the book you sent the girls last year is their favorite.

Well, work is screaming. I guess it's time to quit ignoring it.

Have a great day.


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Raeanne, try this link...

I have not tried this particular type of lettuce myself, but it looks like it might hold up well for hot foods. All types of lettuce are used for wraps out here and they are very popular. I'll be on the look out for Clementines.

Off to work! Have a wonderful day, y'all!


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Good THURSDAY morning!

John, what time is brunch? Sounds dee=lish! :-) Do you think the world could take a John/BJ couple? Look out! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, it might be better than looking at Angelie & Brad. YUCK!

I'm missing Patti & Lynn also. Please check in with us!

Amy has been MIA, and I hope she's OK.

Suzanne, we are in for about 8 inches of the white stuff tomorrow, and it's bitterly cold today. Was thinking about you and your babies in this cold weather. :-)

I was going to take off on vacation tomorrow and go shopping, but decided to work from home in the snow 6am-2pm, then wrap the gifts I have so far. That will get me on track for shopping over the weekend and Monday morning (my next vacation day)!

QOD: Did anyone resolve the payment issue for this site? I got a message that my dues was up, but when I clicked on to the appropriate site, there was no information. I read somewhere that it was free again, but I've no confirmation.

Gotta run. Tikanas, Metrics reports are general BS(!) Actually, I take accomplishments from my department, group them into projects and assorted measurements and display them into pretty pie charts, bar graphs, etc. It's a year-end thing to measure how we did against targets we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Very boring. I just need to drag information out of people for the missing pieces. It's not happening, so I may have to wear some pointed boots and do some kicking! Yeeee Hawwww!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

    Bookmark   December 8, 2005 at 11:30AM
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Here's the response on the dues issue:

> >We used to pay a $15 fee each year to use this site. Is the payment
>structure the same since the site changed ownership?
> >If so, is there a link to the payment site? And will there be
>notification when payment is due?
> >Thanks!

GardenWeb mail response mc1317170816013ec rosa


At this time, we will no longer be accepting new contributing memberships until further notice and currently plan to open any closed forums to all visitors in the coming weeks. While contributing memberships are non refundable, we intend to extend the majority of the terms of all current contributing members for a calendar year, which would include offering the same advertising-reduced board pages for existing contributing members


Tamara Amey
GardenWeb Community Manager

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Thanks, BJ

B oatmeal, small banana, blk coffee
L shrimp salad on rye, 2 cups raw veggies, pear
S 6 oz blueberry Fit & Light Yogurt
D 6 oz snapper baked with sesame, ginger, light soy, baked yam, steamed cauliflower
S sf, ff hot chocolate

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Tikanis - thanks for the link, that's it. I had salad wrapped tightly in cucumber slices the other night - it was a bit strange and I didn't enjoy it. My clementines are from Spain.

Suzanne/Dee - the snow is heading our way too. I was just down in Albany and when I got home Storm Warning for Albany came across the TV - got out of there just in time LOL. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow - so I could just stay in the house and enjoy watching the snow come down.

Jen - Are there any other rooms off of the living room that would be on the opposite side of the front door in the right hand corner? of is your entire first floor living room? I actually love it when my walls are bare - you would never think that if you saw how much stuff I have on them LOL.

I was pretty succesful in completing my shopping. I do need a couple little things that I think I can get from small local stores YIPEEEE. I will wrap tonight and make sure.

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Miss one day and so much to catch up on!

BJ - Good luck on your decision.

John - your menu sounds wonderful!

Gretchen - What a year you have had! My brother-in-law was from Chicago - his family still lives there.

Joanne - Thanks for "introducing" yourself.

We had about 5 inches of snow and are supposed to get 3-5 more overnight into tomorrow morning. We will see, it is very, very cold.

My eating has not been the greatest but I am not going to beat myself up over it - I will just try and maintain through the holidays then truly begin WW plan after the new year.

Dee - I can't email you - if you get a chance please send me one and I will shoot my phone # to you.

Take care and have a great evening!! I will check in tomorrow.


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Donna, You are on the right track, in my opinion. The more deprived I feel, the more "cheating" I do.

DeeMarie, Those metrics reports sound awful. If I wee your fellow employees I'd start runnin' from those spiked boots NOW!!

BJ, I guess after our year is up we can post for free but will be bombarded with ads. How sad! I'd rather pay the $15!

John, your menu sounds great. I agree with adding bagels. Also, check oit the cooking forum for the Lemon Ricotta Pancake recipe. They are to DIE for...

Raeanne, where did you order those Clementines from? I'll bet we'd love a case here! I have had lettuce wraps w/ chilled boston lettuce, chicken or fish fillings served w/ dipping sauces. They were pretty good.

A John and BJ couple? I guess that I need to know John a bit better but that BJ would give ANYONE a run for their $$ !

Off to soak the knee in a nice hot tub.


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Good Morning All,

It's snowing here and it's a lovely gentle and silent snow. We are expecting around a foot. The horses have been out all night and they have a pile of snow on thier backs although I don't think it's been snowing all night. We only have a few inches on the ground. Tillie the white donkey looks quite yellow in contrast to the white, white snow! It's a pretty scene looking out and watching them eat hay with the snow falling.

I am lucky enough to be able to stay in all day and watch the birds and animals! My sister is coming over and we are going to continue baking Christmas cookies and hopefully, begin the decorating process. I will try with all my might not to sample but it's hard! I don't usually bake a ton of cookies but my DS asked if we could and I know she is enjoying the time together with me.

I have not even started shopping!! I am going to be so sorry soon that I didn't do this earlier. I don't have too much because the bulk of our Christmas shopping dollars are going to help some families here that have lost everything during the floods in October. You don't have to look far these days to see people that need your help far more than anyone needs a Christmas gift. It makes us feel good to help too. Then there is the fuel crisis! Yikes.

QOD: What are you plans for this weekend??

I am going to dinner tonight with some horse friends to celebrate a birthday. They are coming here first for cocktails and I can't wait to show off my new living room!It will be fun. Tomorrow, I will no doubt be shoveling snow and lots of it!! I hope to finish the cookies and get them wrapped. Sunday........who knows. Shopping??? I don't think so!!

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Good Morning,

Lots of snow and ice here! The girls had a blast.

Raeanne, OK, lets try a virtual house tour, You walk through our front door and you are in the living room. To the right is all living room (we do have a huge living room), if you go to your left, you will find the door to the basement steps and walk into the dining room/kitchen. If you walk past the kitchen to the right, you will find the utility room and crock pot pantry. Past them is the garage. Now, if you go to the left of the kitchen/dining room, you will go down the hallway to the 3 bedrooms and baths. The basement is not figured out yet. There is one spare bedroom and full bath down there, exercise equipment, a pool table, the girls ball pit, and probably a family room some time. I hope this gives you some ideas. The rooms in our house are pretty big. That's what I wanted when we built.

QOD, weekend plans...Christmas shopping what else??? Tomorrow morning, my best friend (who is moving) is bringing her daughter over and another one of Erica's friends (my other ex-best friends daughter)is coming over to make Christmas cookies for the older people in church. Should be fun.

Well, better run. Have a great weekend.


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NHSuzanne - That is such a great idea to help those families in need! Blessings to you!

I have made the decision to donate platelets instead of whole blood. I don't know why the idea scares me, but it does. I have been donating whole blood since 9/11 on a regular basis and haven't had any problems. Monday will be my first platelet donation and I was told I would be hooked up to the apheresis (sp?) machine for about 45 minutes, with a needle in each arm. YIKES! But when I thought about the cancer patients who will benefit and what they and their families are going through, it makes my fears seem trivial. So I made the appointment and will hope for the best nurse I can get to make it as painless as possible! LOL

Gotta run and get to school. We had a two hour delay because of the snow and we have much to accomplish today.


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Tikanis - they sell the Clementines in our grocery stores.

Jen - I understand now, I just wanted to make sure you weren't only going by the room that you entered from the front door. Thanks for describing your house, it sounds very nice.

Suzanne - Now that the Katrina victims are no longer in the news, it is easy to forget about them. I'm glad you didn't forget about the people in your community. We had a family hit hard from the floods we had in June, I am going to see how they are doing and try to help them out too. THANKS for the idea. Speaking of cocktails - Did you see the Pomengranite Martini's that Oprah made before Thanksgiving on her show? They look great - I think that will be a cheat for me at Christmas.

Donna - Believe me this board would never be the same if BJ & John became partners.

We need a snow tally from all our NorthEast friends. We have 5 inches and it is still coming down heavy. Schools are closed - glad I went shopping yesterday.

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Tikanis - e-mail me your address (I couldn't find it). I want to send you a clementine or 2 LOL.

    Bookmark   December 9, 2005 at 9:50AM
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I guess I like my own company today, as I keep coming back here to ME.

Marci - I missed your post and that is awesome - I didn't even know you could do that - you will be fine. You are very dedicated to donating and I admire that.

I just came back to post my menu - I enjoy be accountable.

B - Smoothy
L - Cobb Salad with no olives
D - Steak Ceasar Salad
S - Clementine
Lots of Water - shopping was my exercise

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Hi Guys!

Joined a health club yesterday and worked out for an hour with a trainer today. I whined the whole time until this young buck finally asked me why I joined! LOL! My doc said I gotta start strength training to firm up and get strong bone and muscles. My physical is next week, so I want to tell him I got started! I get 2 free training sessions and I can already feel the soreness from my first one.

I gotta read and come back, but wanted to check in.

Orientation: Right of my front door, after entry way, is the my office. Left of my front door, after the entry way, is my Family/Living room.

Menu Yesterday:
B: Mocha Peppermint N/F Latte (bad girl), Crunchy peanut butter & honey on a whole wheat grainy bagel
L: Black Forest ham, rolled up with pickels and some cheese
Snack: RoldGold cheese pretzels
Dinner: Romaine, tomato, and feta salad w/ Paul Newman Raspberry Walnut dressing, mushroom burger (no bun)
Dessert: Survivor! I'm so freakin' glad Cindy got voted off, but Stephanie was my 1st choice. I want Rafe to win.

We have a dinner with some old friends tonight. I'm going to try "Island Eating", where you make islands on your plate with your food and don't let any of the islands touch---hope it works!

QOD: Working tomorrow (lots!-- A Korean and a Greek Orthodox service) but will print, read, and check in then. Sunday, I'm making cookies for 2 cookie parties: I need 10 dozen cookies total. I am making Spoon Sandwich Cookies, so I need 20 dozen cookies total - FUN!

Maddie and Patti~ Say hi!

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SNOW TOTAL: 8 inches.

QOD: We are on our way out to a Christmas musical "Simeon's Moment" at a local church. It's not our church, but someone I work with gave me 2 tickets and asked DH and I to attend. I've seen these presentations before, and they are top notch, so we decided "why not"?

Tomorrow I am expecting DSister and DBIL for dinner. They will stay over and attend the Jets/Raiders game with us on Sunday afternoon (1pm game). Sis does not like cold weather, so we promised her if gets too intense, we will leave. Not like the Jets are playing for anything these days! lol!!

More drama with my brother, and I could not hate it more because of the time of year. But he's an adult and I've just got to leave it, because it's making me upset which is not good for the old blood pressure. DH is being a huge help in that area.

Went shopping for some more candy-making stuff. I used to make fancy chocolates when I was younger and found my molds. This year, I thought I'd try them again. I'm not really tempted by candy, but I love creating the different colors...bought milk, semi-sweet, white, red, and green...along with loads of fancy sprinkles to highlight them. If I find the time to actually make them, and they come out OK, I'll take some pics for Marci's album. Wish we all lived closer so we could share coffee, tea, and our cookie and candy creations...once a year, that is. ;-)

Gotta run and get ready for the musical.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Saturday Morning!! Wakeup!

Total snow here was a whopping 18" or more. I could not believe how fast and hard it was coming down for a few hours yesterday. You could not see the barn it was snowing so hard! The most incredible thing is that it's beautiful, light and fluffy. Shoveling was fairly easy. The storm was over by 2pm and the sun actually shone! It's is so beautiful out and I can't wait to take Sweet Pea out in this winter wonderland! It won't last forever and I love the woods in winter. It's so quiet and peaceful.

The snow didn't hinder my dinner plans with my horse friends either. We had cocktails at my house and the restaurant is just about 6 miles from here. The roads were clear and we didn't ever pass one single car coming or going! We had a lovely dinner and the wine was flowing. Fortunately, we have a DD in our group so we can really enjoy ourselves.

I will be spending a good part of this day moving snow around on the tractor. There is SO much of it!

Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday.

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Happy Saturday!

QOD: Christmas shopping, both cyber and live and in person in stores. We will probably make some cookies this weekend too.

We still have snow on the ground but got rain instead of the snow yesterday - just made things messy. It was so miserable in the morning but the sun came out in the afternoon. It is COLD!!

Suzanne - I agree with you about the woods in winter. I have woods behind my house and they are beautiful covered in snow.

Clementines - I love them and will have to pick some up when I go grocery shopping this week.

Have a wonderful Saturday - I will check in later.


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QOD - Work today, dinner with friends tonight, hopefully I will be cleaning and doing some volunteer paperwork tomorrow.
A disappointing 6 inches of snow here. But it was enough to keep me in the house yesterday afternoon. I made a beautiful pot roast, cleaned out my refrigerator and a couple cabinets, washed and put away 24 new wine glasses that have been sitting in my dining room for a couple weeks, and did 3 loads of laundry.

B - Smoothy
S - Clementines
L - Leftover pork chop and brussel sprouts
D - Pot Roast with smashed and baked cauliflower
No Exercise - No Excuse - but I was on the go the entire day.

Tikanis check your mail Monday or Tuesday for a sweet surprise.

Maddie - are we changing the exchange date, so that BJ can be with us? AND WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?

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Happy Saturday!

QOD: internet shopping, decorating and a Sunday school Christmas party tonight.

I'll have to finish reading and post again later...

Doc says that if I don't do a better job of staying off my leg that I will need knee surgery. I have it wrapped, iced and elevated and am so antsy, I COULD SCREAM!!!

back later!


    Bookmark   December 10, 2005 at 11:10AM
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Marci, I need your address!

    Bookmark   December 10, 2005 at 2:34PM
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tikanis - get back in your seat and elevate that leg - that's an order! (((((HUGS))))

    Bookmark   December 10, 2005 at 3:15PM
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Navigate (the remote to your TV!)

((((((HUGS))))) (((((SMOOCHIES))))

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Who's watching the grande finale of SURVIVOR tonight?

Just curious.....

I gotta clean my house up before I get side tracked! And laundry! And packing! YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Okay, holiday panic is setting in!

    Bookmark   December 11, 2005 at 5:12PM
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BJ - I'm watching Survivor - I am not a huge Survivor fan, but DH is. I am in a panic too - I look around and see so much to do and so little time. This week I plan on cleaning as much as possible and then do cooking the following week. I am having Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas - so I want to prepare a lot of foods that can be just popped into the oven and keep me out of the kitchen as much as possible.

Tikanis - I forgot to e-mail you my phone number, but I will as soon as I get back to my e-mail. How is the knee today? No dancing for you!

B - 2 Eggs
L - Leftover potroast and cauliflower
D - Mussels marinara, salad, king crab legs
Not enough water and no exercise - worked late and then went out.

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I made sticky chicken tonight - now if that doesn't bring you out, I don't know what will.

    Bookmark   December 11, 2005 at 6:35PM
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Tikanis - take care of that knee!!

BJ - I watched the first Survivor but never got into after that. I was totally hooked on the first one though.

Raeanne - what is sticky chicken?

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Me, me, me!!!!

I made 3 batches of cookies today, wrapped all the presents that I have bought so far, mailed my Christmas cards, and finished the laundry. So I am gonna settle in for the whole 3 hours and not feel one bit guilty. I didn't clean my house at all this weekend. But in my opinion, something's gotta give at the holidays, and I vote for housework. If someone comes and complains, I'll just shove a cookie in their mouth and distract them! LOL

I volunteered for a very difficult and dangerous job this weekend...............I had to bring home 2 bags of Holiday M&Ms and wrap them in individual sevings for a class project. (Parents were supposed to send in individually wrapped candy, like Hershey's Kisses or Mini Reeses PB Cups.) I took it upon myself to do the job, since someone had to do it. Now, I have to tell you that there were defective M&Ms in both bags; and I, as quality control inspector, couldn't let them pass.

I had to eat them in order to spare the poor unsuspecting souls who are supposed to receive the candy. It wasn't pleasant, but it had to be done!!! That is my story and I am sticking to it! (I still haven't eaten the M&Ms that I brought home and hid. And I only ate one cookie from each batch today - a record for me! LOL)

Now I have to finish cleaning the kitchen and pack my lunch for tomorrow, then I can finally sit down and relax.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


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