Power out for 2 days.

christopherhFebruary 19, 2006

We lost power Friday Morning when a wondstorm finally brought winter temps to Vermont. We got it back at 7:00 AM today (Sunday).

The woodstove kept the house at 70 degrees all the time the power was gone and the outside temps were in the single digits.

No need for power vents, no problems. I love my stove!

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Glad to hear you stayed toasty. Situations like that is why I am adding a custom Masonry Heater with bake oven in my new addition. I too want that security of having enough heat output for the whole house, plus a free oven for pizza, breads, and whatever else I want to eat at zero cost if a fire was lit once during the day.

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Which masonry heater are you going with a kit or a company?

I checked out a Tulikivi but the price was obscene for heating a room with high ceilings.(over 20K) Have seen Temp-Cast Cores for 7k but wait is until July 2007 for one. Also some guy on this website put a Quadrafire 7100 into a stone cabinet that looks like a masonary heater core but I am not sure if it is or it isn't. Have to find a cost effective solution to this problem.

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Due to the high cost and waiting period for cores, plus their distance and high shipping costs...I am going to build it myself from scratch. I completely understand the combustion principles and really want a modified Russian double bell style stove vs. the more costly to build contraflow Finnish designs. The double bell is more simplistic with it's less intricate flue paths, and so will be easier and probably cheaper to pull off. I am going to make a small scale mockup so I can guage where best to install secondary air at the correct height to achieve a complete burn. I can lay brick, stone, weld, mix anything properly and have in my possession all the tools plus access to anything I will need to complete it. It will just take me a bit longer to build vs. the experienced who do masonry every day. Plenty of data out there and books available plus plans to build different types. I have a design drawn that I like that I want to cast to scale to test it's smoke flow pattern and temperature cycle. I want to keep the higher temps centered so that they radiate outward more evenly eliminating hotspots on one side of the stove vs. the other. Lots to do yet. FWIW

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Hi freewheelin,

I've also collected and read enough info about free movement of gases theory (Grum-Grjimailo, I. Kuznetsov) and I really interested to build a double bell stove with baking oven similar to Alex Chernov design but I have no complete plans for the stove and some details regarding channels between lower and upper bell are missing.

If you have this information, I would appreciate if you could post it to me.

By the way, let me know how was your masonry stove project. I would like hearing about your experience!

Thanks and warm regards from Patagonia,


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