Help!Does anyone know where to get this special hanger?

allison_CADecember 18, 2002

I'm looking for a Christmas gift for my husband. He wants this hanger that hangs behind his car seat so his suit jacket won't get wrinkled on his commute to work. He saw one in his boss' car who said he got it at Hammacher and Schlemmer (they no longer carry it). I called the usual suspects (Shaper Image and Brookstone), and they don't carry it either.

I saw it advertised on an airplane magazine, Skymall, but they no longer have it either. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Have you checked at the luggage stores? They carry many things just for travelers. Good luck on finding it.

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Looks like it's called a "Coat Caddy". I found a link for you. I'm sure other businesses sell them too. Happy Holidays!

Here is a link that might be useful: Coat Caddy

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