Pellet Stove & Alternative Heat and Energy Discussion Forum

motoFebruary 5, 2008

I have created a forum solely for discussion of alternative heating and energy.

Coal, wood, pellets, bio-fuel, corn....and possibly geothermal. Others can be added too.

There is also a section for Solar and Wind discussion.

Please check it out, and join. Thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: Pellet Stove & Alternative Heat Energy Forum

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Sounds like a useful site, unfortunately when I clicked your link my McAfee protection popped up warning me that it was a potentially unsafe site.

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I can assure you it's as safe as this Garden Web site may or may not be.

It's a site. It's free. There are ads running on the page like most free forums on the internet. I think that's what your McAfee is detecting. I run 3 forums and I've never had one complaint about virus/trojan/worm/adware/spyware or other type infections being caught from my forums.

You are in no more danger at my little forum than you are here at this massive one.

Hope to see you join, but it's your choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alternative Heat & Pellet Stove Forum

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IÂve only had our Quadra-fire pellet stove insert for a couple of months.
When working, it produced heat for our family room/kitchen.
IÂm trying to get it working again, and as I check forums for leads, I come across questions in forums that I should have asked and information I should have been more aware of.
I still like the idea of having a pellet stove, but those thinking of buying one should be aware of and discuss a few things with your dealer.
First, a pellet stove needs electricity to run. ItÂs not like a fireplace.
Second, you will be responsible for picking up and storing the bags of pellets. In California they run about $5.50 for a 40 lb. bag. On really cold days (for CA) weÂve gone through a full bag. This is cheaper if you buy (and store) by the ton.
Third, you will be responsible for maintenance (and in my case, repair) of your pellet stove. This entails a fair amount of work. Be sure before you buy to review all literature/DVDs that go over what you have to do to keep the stove running. Also be sure you have a written and signed document that details what you are responsible for and what your dealer will do for you. Pellet stoves are a big investment.
As long as you go in with your eyes open (and mind well educated) you should be fine.

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