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dewdropDecember 10, 2008

Does anyone have any idea's of games or anything fun that we can do this weekend. I am having all my family over for Christmas. Some can't afford to bring a gift so I am looking for something different this year. There will be lot's of food. I just want something fun to do that will make everyone laugh and be happy. We have lost some loved ones and I don't want it to be so sad. Can anyone help?

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I am sorry for your family's losses this year.

What is the weather like where you will be? I don't know whether to suggest you go sledding or to the beach!

This probably isn't what you were envisioning, but in addition to your fun activities and meals, consider volunteering together at a local shelter or food pantry for a couple of hours in memory of those you've lost. Helping someone else really helps you to stop feeling sad, lonely, or homesick -- at least for a little while, and you will probably enjoy it, too. Doing something for others may also help you to be able to let yourselves enjoy the fun activities for the rest of the weekend.

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If you live in safe neighborhood, print up booklets of Carols & walk the neighborhood singing to your neighbors,I have been with groups that did that & people loved it. About 10 yrs ago some neighbors did it in our neighborhood. We loved it, most of neighborhood ended up outside talking & laughing. Or go to nursing home for an hour & just say hi & "Happy Holidays" especially to those who don't have any visitors! See if you could to to Boys & Girls club & bring some homemade cookies & give them out. If you want to stay in ask about the best Christmas the older folks ever had or leanest, or best homemade toy they got.Dumbest stunt they ever pulled etc. Economy is bad this year so go back in time to way it was yrs ago. Best Christmas memory from childhood, etc. WE had to visit my favorite aunt right before xmas(died in Jan. that yr.) we took her on a trip back by talking about fun times when dad & her were kids, trouble they got into,she told us it was best gift she ever got as she had been in so much pain from the cancer & it gave her days of enjoyment thinking of all we said & for us it made a painful visit much better, she was too weak to talk & we tried to cut it short couple of times, she just grabbed dad & said more stories. So remembering old long ago times can help ease pain now & not feel like you can't talk because "of the elephant in the room"(losses you've had) Hope this gets you thinking of other things you might want to do. Jan

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