Ash pan or not?

dcumba99pFebruary 13, 2009

My wife and I will be installing an insert into our masonry fireplace sometime over the next few months and would like to hear folks opinions about ash pans. It seems ash cleanout would be a lot easier versus having to let the thing cool down. Thoughts?

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One person's opinion. Integral ash pans are more trouble than they are worth. They can clog, stick and can dangerously increase the draft in the stove if they don't close fully.

There is a device named the Ashtrap manufactured in Ontario that I've been using for the past two winters. It's a metal wedge shaped container with a sliding cover.
You can scoop hot ashes into it, close the cover and remove the ashes to a safe container outside with minimal mess - no need to allow ashes to cool fully. I burn 24/7 and I use this method every two or three days.

Here's a second unsolicited opinion. If you want to seriously use wood heat, you're much better off with a free standing woodstove than with an insert. Much more heat without the need for an annoyingly noisy and frequently inoperable fan.

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I have had both an insert and a freestanding stove. Both work very well. I rarely used the blower on the insert because it blew cool air when the stove cooled.
But since you have a fireplace, installing an insert is logical. Just get a quality insert and have it professonally installed.

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Thank you for posting the ashpan - that looks like it will do the trick. Anything to cut down on dust when changing ashes will be great. mainegrower - would love to go the stove route but we just don't have room with the big masonry fireplace dominating the small-ish living room.

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