WW's Support Weds 12/27~~~Monday 1/1 2007

lunchlady1948December 27, 2006

Good Morning!

I did OK yesterday, just OK:( As always my meals are good it is the snacking. I am meeting my pal at CURVES today I will WI maybe if I am brave I will let you know what it is:( I did wear a pair of my nice low rise stretch cords on Christmas and they felt great as always~~~probably the stretch:)

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OK OK this is not great but I am happy! I did a WI at CURVES today and I weighed 150, I am 4lbs over my goal, but I have maintained just those 4 pounds over:) Is that good or bad LOL!!!

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LL, maintaining during the holidays is always a reason to pat yourself on the back!!!!

Not sure how I'm doing. I do not feel like I have followed program this week so I'm ambivalent about WI tonight. Sigh, I should go, though, whether I'm up or down.

That elusive 10 pound mark is going to kill me to break thru!!!

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I haven't weighed the whole week...scared too but will start weighing again on 1/1/2007..........been trying to eat good this week but have eaten things/more than I should have I am sure cause I wasn't keeping track except mentally...Didn't want to spoil the holiday foods....Looking forward though to being back on track....I am setting a goal for myself of 10 pounds to lose...that is 10 pounds beneath 145 so it may end up being more depending on what I weigh on the first...We have to make a good commitment...I talked to my DH who wants to be on plan with me after the first about the eating until satisfied concept..I got him to do it at lunchtime today so I hope it works...He loves to eat so he is used to eating until he is stuffed...I tried to explain how much better it feels not to be stuffed...

Eat well Ladies and stay on Plan...

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OK so I braved the deed and weighed this morning and am still under 150..I weighed exactly 149 so I am still doing OK...I got my exercise in yesterday and plan on doing it again today...I'm feeling good about this weight loss thing now....149 is three pounds up for the holidays but I have been back and forth from 146 to 149 anyway....I am going to set a goal for myself to be at 140 by mid February..

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! To all my diet pals:)

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Happy New Year to my WW buddies, too.

I am back. Had a wonderful time on the Island and got a tan to boot.

Was careful what I ate, but did have a few of those delicious island drinks. No junk food or desserts tho. Tomorrow is my weigh-in. I'm hoping to maintain and would be delighted if I lost. I'll let you know.

Enjoy your day...hope it is a great one.

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