can i make hard cider with store bought by just leaving it out?

hgregory29December 14, 2002

It is that easy?

let me know the easiest way

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I visited a place that pressed cider (way back years ago) The guy told us that his cider would turn hard. Stuff you buy at the store has been pastuerized and what not. It may have preservatives to prevent it from turning.

Here is a link that might be useful: here's some directions

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Way back a million years ago when I was in college, the way to make hard cider was to add a package of yeast and some raisins to a gallon jug of unpasteurized cider....leave the lid off and stick it way in the back of your closet ( yes, your clothes may get to smelling a little "fermented" but that's part of the fun)....this is best done in Cider Season in October.
Then in January when the cold has really set in..( this is New England...) hang that jug out your window on a rope, and the cider will freeze, leaving just the pure alcohol in the bottom......
Now....that's hard cider!
Linda C

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Cider that is not pasteuerized will go hard on it's own (even in the fridge, but takes longer) and may KEEP going and become vinegar. The store bought, pasteuerized stuff would need some help, like some added yeast because the heat of pasteurization has killed all the flora that's in it naturally.
Unpasteurized cider is getting harder to find anymore.......I guess because of ecoli that was in some batches a few years ago. And the vinegar will most probably have vinegar worms (millions of them) in it that you need a microscope to see. Store bought with some brewer's yeast may be the way to go.
More than you wanted to know?

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Kevin - far more. You hit a nerve with the vinegar worms. LOL!

Ok, so does anyone know a good brand of bottled hard cider? The Hornsby stuff tastes like cleaning fluid.

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The "Mikes'" does too, Renee. Way to sour.

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Well...I guess I'll chime in here...

We're avid cider drinkers...mixed with beer usually.

Try Wyder's cyders...they are clear, however...and may not give the appearance you're seeking.

You want to stay away from dry ciders...these may be what you think tastes like cleaning fluid. Hornsby makes a pub draught and a dark can try that.

Your best bet is to actually use 2 parts dark apple cider and mix in 1/3 Wyders pear cider...this will sweeten it up and take away a bit of the sour.


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There are a lot of ways to make hard cider, here is a way to cheat if the apple juice / cider is pasteurized!
You might notice a certain level of snobbery emanating from experienced cider brewers. This way of making it will satisfy all but people who have already brewed it themselves. I'm sure the experienced brewers here will have heart attacks over this method but I have done it this way several times for parties and it's amazing how well it has gone down... literally :) My friends all now think I am an ace brewer..
I posted how I do it on my blog 'Make Hard Cider Easy', check it out and let me know what you think!

Here is a link that might be useful: Make Hard Cider Easy

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I've never tried making hard cider from wild yeast, but I have made fantastic homemade hard cider from regular old pasteurized apple juice. I agreee with BaadB above that there are lots of homebrew snobs when it comes to brewing which is all the more reason to try it.

Try going to the site below. I really like the recipe there especially because it doesn't require any special supplies....Infact when I followed this recipe below, I only needed to buy the brewing yeast.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Make Hard Cider

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