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lunchlady1948December 18, 2006

Good Morning Ladies

Is everyone ready for the big day?? LOL!!! Not me I still have a few gift items to get and food to buy. Trying to get alot of it done today and beat the crowds. I am off to DD's yoga studio to buy her some passes and see what extra items they may have she will like. If I find nothing there, I will have to go have coffee and rethink!

I got on the scale today~~~I am below 150 and have decided that will be my goal to just stay below it!! It is almost impossible to not eat right now with all of the goodies around! I do not have to WI until the end of January, so I will hopefully get back on track ASAP after Christmas day!!

Hope you are all enjoying the season and not stressing out. I was for a bit over a quilt block I have to have for tomorrow nights guild meeting~~~but I finished the hand work on it last night and am very pleased and done!!

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Sounds like a great goal to me too...I made mine that I would try not to be MzPiggy but to have fun at the table over the weekend...We don't have a whole lot of parties so I know I will be fine...I have found that I no longer have the capacity that I once had and that's a very good thing...I weighed 151 at the doctors office an hour or so ago but that's fully clothed and with my shoes on...at home this morning I weighed 146.6 but that was in only a night shirt...I like that one better although the 151 is really the real me since I don't go around nearly naked all day...Looking forward to the rest of the week and the holidays...hope you all are too...

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Hi all, Everyone seems to have a plan in place for the holidays. Me too. I want to maintain. I'm going to try to stay away from the sweets as that is my downfall. Seems everytime I have "just a bite" it turns into a week long binge. But not this time. My daughter and I are heading to the Caymans for Christmas and we leave early on the 20th. and return on New Years Eve.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and that we will "see" less of us in the new year.


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I have made a commitment to improve my focus because too many parties, too many "liquid calories" :-), and the fact that I have not really exercised since before I had that bout with bronchitus.

So no wine except on Saturdays (we'll see if I can do it - tis the season) but I'm trying :-)
And back to exercising. I walked yesterday - an easy walk. And I got up this morning and did the treadmill - again, not pushing too hard - just trying to ease back into exercise after so long inactive.

See below for a good article I read that helped motivate me to get on the ball.

There is another one in the January issue but it's not posted on their web page yet. the January article talks about overcoming bad habits with good, by evaluating what behaviours make you feel bad (i.e. having a few too many beverages at the office party giving you a headache the next morning) and those that make you feel good (like I feel now after doing 1.75 miles on the treadmill to start my day). As soon as I can find the link to it, I'll post it.

And I will sign off with my DD's school motto - a good one for dieting too!

Work Hard, Make Good Choices, and Learn Something New Every Day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Tips - Striking a Balance

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Ruthie too funny I have not weighed nude yet~~maybe I will and it may make me feel better:)

QB have a fun trip~~I am jealous that sound so fun:)

TK I too have not exercised since I was sick with my headcold I try to take it easy since I have a bad habit of relapsing. I try to eat all of my meals on program, thinking that if I do a few cheats it will be OK?? What do ya think am I fooling myself or you ladies:)

I ran around shopping for 4 hours yesterday that has to count for some exercise:) I got good stuff for DD at the yoga studio so am done with her:) I just have 3 more things to get:) Tonight is quilt guild I will get a salad from some where and not join in on the potluck, that way I never go near the table:)

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Well Morning all...Just thought in all honesty I would pop in and tell you all that I talk a big game but don't seem to be following through very well...LOL I weighed in this morning at 150...now that is one number that I have tried to avoic...anything below is OK but not 150...Don't know what I will do today as I really do not want to gain more...maybe I will do a fat free soup or liquid day and see what happens...no parties till the weekend so I have a day or two...

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After all the holiday partying over the weekend, I'm wearing the dress slacks I wore last Friday, and I can tell they fit better.

So even though I indulged quite a bit on the weekend, the walking and stairclimbing I have done since is really helping!

So I think ---

Enjoy the festivities (within reason)!
Find room for veggies each day!
Fit the walking in, even if it's only 20 minutes here and there.
Or climb some stairs a couple of times a day.
I have been doing 4 flights twice a day.


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Good Morning Ladies

How is everyone doing?? I am feezing never thought it would get cold here in Cali:) Our summer seemed to last forever, the poor trees went through fall and winter in a weeks time.

I am finally all ready as long as my DD's do not call and say oh by the way so and so is coming to dinner too:) My younger DD may have her new BF come, but I can run to the grocery store and get a GC pretty easy they sell so many kinds there. I feel bad if everyone does not have something to open.

Not going to tell you all how I am doing on my eating:(

Have a fun day, I just finished a book and am starting a new one as soon as I get off here:)

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I have had a few splurges this week. I have also walked like crazy every day, and I also did a LOT of stairclimbing at work.

And I went to WI today and was down 2.2 pounds (after being up 1.4 last week). I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster! But if I can consistently walk, I think that is what this 42-year-old bag of hormones and bad metabolism needs!!

Have a great weekend!

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TK!!! That is GREAT!!!

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MERRY MERRY to all of my Diet Club Pals!!!

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That is fabulous TK...I'm working hard on veggies...I've had 3 servings of sweet potato pie already..... Merry Christmas to all .......

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LOL Ruthie! that's the way to think positive!

Merry Merry Christmas all!!!

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OK!! I am official stuffed!!!

Started out today with my oatmeal so far~~hoping to get back on program right NOW!!

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Morning all...We did ok and truthfully I ate more than I normally would but I didn't pig out either...I didn't weigh this morning...I really don't want to know but my DH has asked me to give him a good eating plan for January...I told him that I would...so he'll be doing it with me...He is heavier than he has ever been by maybe 5 pounds so it's time to get it off..

We had a really wonderful Christmas but I am really ready to get NY eve over and done with and get back to living the WW way...

Try and keep it under control Ladies but enjoy...

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