winter sweet sixteen party ideas

Christinange1December 31, 2002

i am turning sixteen Jan. 16 and i don't know what to do about my party! I don't want it to be like everyone else's. it has to be one of those parties my friends will remember for a real long time, like forever. it can't be just an everyday movie night or slumber party. and my family doesn't want to go all out and have a semi-formal and all that.

it has to be better than a night at the movies, bowling, swimming, ice skating, and miniature golfing. and my town is too big and crowded to do a scavenger hunt. it has to be really special.

i live in New Jersey and it is really cold at this time of year, so it is not that great of an idea to be outside all day.


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Fancy restaurant? Really over the top fancy restaurant and take only 16 people? And then go skating after.
Or book an amazing band (one everyone will be surprised you were able to get) to play in your living room or local pizza place- somewhere unexpected. That would be memorable.
Where to get the cash for this? Don't know. It may well be impossible.

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Questions first:
1 Will this be a mixed party (boys and girls)or (family and friends)?
2 What sort of budget do you have to work with?
3 How many people are you thinking of having at the party?

Possible answers:

NO band (cost!) but can you move furniture around and create a dance space and ask a friend (or older cousin, brother or trusted adult) to DJ? Of course this works best when it is a mixed group, not all girls and yes, it can work if family members are part of the party. Decorations don't need to be extensive, get some dried branches, put them in stands (like you would use for flags -- can be made out of coffee cans filled with quick dried cement too!) and string mini white lights on them. Turn down the rest of the lights and enjoy the music. If you have a basement or a cleaned out garage (with heaters) then you have an instant party space.

#2 Have a formal "Dinner" This could also work with any group. Have your friends dress in "formal or semi-formal" clothing. Plan out a dinner -- and serve it in courses --appetizers, soup, salad, main course and dessert. Use the best china and glassware available, table cloth etc. Instead of cutsey birthdaycake, get and indulgent dessert, whatever is your favorite.

#3 Do something real different -- fondue, set the tables low (like on the coffee tables, and sit on pillows). Have a "fiesta" and do a theme -- mexican, or and old english tea, pick something from your heritage or something you are interested in and expand from there.

#4 Do you know someone who gives facials, makeovers, does hair? Have them (best for girls only party!) come to the house and "do" you and your guests "UP" then go out to dinner someplace you are sure to be seen by those whos attention you would like to get!

#5 Something really different? Any Habitat for Humanity houses being built near by? Drop by and volunteer! (OK, might not be a good party, but not a bad idea!)

#6 Think about things you have always wanted to try, pick a friend or two who would be willing to try this activity with you and go for it. (Keep the # of people down, that way you can afford something a bit more costly).

Have fun!

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Depending how many people you wish to invite and what your budget is, renting a stretch limo to pick up you and your friends after school and take them for a ride, perhaps out for dinner could be fun.

Some limo's charge for the evening and others by the hour. If you find one that charged by the hour it may not be that expensive.

My daughter went to a sweet sixteen recently that was a sleep over but it was a special sleepover. They went shopping in downtown Toronto, out for dinner and then stayed overnight at a hotel in the city. They had a blast!

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my birthday is dec 24. and i do want a sweet 16. but i dont want it to be tooo explensive. i cant do it at my house cause its too messy!!but also i dont know what to do for my party. i want it to be cool. but i want to have fun too. what should i do?!?! and espically since people go on vacation over winter break and my birthday is like rite before christmas litrally!

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my birthday is in 18 days its on fab 19 ill be 16 i dont know what to do i cant have it at my house too small & i cant have it too expencive so what can i do ? any ideas

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When I was a girl, one of my friends had the cutest Sweet Sixteen party. She had a child's birthday party. The table was decorated with some theme character or something, and there were balloons and other kid stuff. I imagine we ate something like mac and cheese or hot dogs and of course cake and ice cream and probably goodie bags. I'm sure we must have played one or two kids' games like Duck, Duck Goose (I don't remember the details -- this was 37 years ago!) We all wore tights and hair ribbons and like that. It was hilarious and really fun.

It may sound silly, and I suppose it was, but it's the only Sweet Sixteen party I remember, so if you want memorable, I suppose that's an endorsement.

I'm sure we got her age-appropriate gifts, not little children's toys, though, although you could have a little-kid card with it.

Another plus: it was very inexpensive.

Whatever you decide: KEEP IT SIMPLE. You won't enjoy your own party if you are stressed out over something elaborate. And don't worry too much about making your party unusual, either. Boys & girls & music & pizza & soda may not be very original, but it is a classic formula for a good party.

Happy birthday!

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Heyaz! My birthday is in july and I would realy like 2 have an awesome party but unfortunitely I have no idee what 2 do.... I would love for all my friends 2 come and have the time of their lives... I thought about a neon party but my best friend wants to do that aswell! The best is my mom is going over the top trying 2 figure out what I want, but I really want 2 answer her but it does'nt help if I don't know eather! I live in South Africa and I nead some advise! any idees???

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Hey, my birthday is Deccember 14th, and i live in Portugal so their is no snow and we cant go ice skating and all those things like that so anyways. I would like to have a nice sweet sixteen bithday party but the problem is i cant go all high out and invite a lot of people,cause well i dont know much i have only like 3 best friends and yeah... And i had an idea i dont think its a good one, but my family has yacht , a big one and we were thinking of using it for the party, only thing is that i know it would be better to do it in the summer, but i just wanted to do something different than just the plain house party. does anyone have any ideas to help, please and thanks?

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What I did for my 15th birthday was went to a winter resort and wet snow tubing with all of my friends, boys and girls. They seemed to have a great time! And then we went back to my house. For my 16th birthday I want to do something really fun like snow tubing but I can't do the same thing. Also I was thinking skiing but I can't ski so that's out of the question. Any ideas?

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It can be expensive, but for my daughter's 16th birthday in December we told the guest to please arrive dressed nice for dinner. I think we only had 12 girls total- When it was about time to leave I mentioned "Gee, I hope we have enough for you all in the cars..." and we went out to the "cars" which was actually a stretch limo. The driver drove them to a restaurant ( took them for fondue)and we followed in our car and sat at our own table. After dinner the driver took them to see holiday lights. Afterwards,he brought them home to open gifts and most girls spent the night. It was a very memorable party for her to share with her friends!

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Ruthie - that sounds like a very memorable party!

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