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carolyntxDecember 6, 2010

Good morning! It's a sunny, cool day here in Big D! 42 F. while I was loading stuff to haul to my storage locker. Met the groundskeeper who hauled off my trash for me. A nice way to start my day!

The eating is lousy at the moment because I've yet to come across my pots and pans and dishes. It's all fast food, which is costly and not especially healthy. I'll be on the right track by this evening. I have to get everything unpacked and out of the way for my furniture delivery tomorrow, so surely all my kitchen things will eventually be revealed! LOL

My friend Ann is coming here any minute now to help me make a home out of this chaos, but I wanted to stop in and say hi! Who knew I'd get to start this weeks' post!

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Carolyn, you seem to be getting along nicely. So happy for you.

BJ, your package is on the way by USPS. The postal worker estimated that it will arrive next Monday. You must promise to wait until December 23rd!!!

Well, I had a wake to attend yesterday of a very good friend's dad. Then, last night I checked the office e:mail and found my director's father passed. Since the funeral home is closer to here, I'm working from home and heading out about 3pm to pay respect. When it rains.....

Check in this week!

I'm completely addicted to carbs these last 2 weeks; must be comfort fact. No white sugar, just the whole grain bread, pasta, chips stuff.... Trying my best to avoid extra salt but it's not in my nature. Sheesh!!!

Tell us what's up with you!

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Good Tuesday all,

Carolyn, I am happy to see you making the best out of your transition. You know when one door closes another opens! Sounds like the possibilities for you have no limit. I am happy for you. would you please email me your new address when you get a moment???

Very chilly, windy and snowy here in NH today. In spite of the weather a friend and I got a very nice ride in today. Yesterday was the end of (what I like to call) the reign of terror...hunting season with rifle is over finally! SO we were able to get into the deep woods without fear or alot of wind! It was great. After the ride we had a lovely lunch and some wine. I feel so tired after being out in the cold all day. It reminds me of my old skiing days.

I hope all is well with everyone. I know this is the busiest time of year trying to live up to all the expectations others have of us. Try to make time for yourself...remember that you are important too.


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Good evening, Dee and Suzanne!

It's been chilly, sunny, and dry here in Dallas. My skin isn't quite used to it yet, but I'm enjoying it anyway.

Suzanne, I don't have your email address, and I couldn't find it when I click on your name here.

I had a yummy Red Lobster dinner with an internet friend of over 10 years tonight. She and her hubby and grandson were visiting Dallas and called and invited me to dine with them. It was great seeing her after 2 years.

I got an email from Patti tonight saying that they're here in town. I hope to get to talk to her at the very least.

My apartment is still overcrowded with my things from a very large house. Thank goodness for a storage locker, but I need more energy (and a clone or two of me!) to help haul more boxes to it in order to make the apartment work for a while.

I'm still enjoying my life. I manage to have at least one visitor a day here, and several emails and phone calls which fills the silences. Tomorrow I go for my mammogram and bone density scan, then over to my friend's house for lunch and playtime with his dog and 3 kittens. I call them "the ladies" because they seem so dainty to me! LOL

Dee, it's that time in our lives when the parents are passing on, but it's still so hard and sad, isn't it?

Suzanne, glad you got in a nice ride today. I used to ride horses when I was in my early teens, and I loved that feeling of freedom. I'd really forgotten about that until this afternoon when I saw a young girl out riding.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

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We're buried under 3 feet of snow here. Pretty well everything has been shut down. What a feeling! Worse storm in 33 years. But our hydro stayed on. That is a real plus.

We were able to get someone to clear our dirve and the car.

Hope there is no more for awhile. This one snowfall is apparently more than we got the whole winter last year.

If I can get some pictures now that it is calm, I'll post them later

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Good Wednesday all,

Ivamae! I feel your pain with that snowfall. That is a lot of snow! Glad someone could come clear you out. I hope it's not the start of one of those winters...you know what I mean? LOL

Carolyn, you can send me an email through this site by clicking on my page and then on my journal. It has changed and it took me a few minutes to find where you go. I will look for your email and let you know I got it. Hope you get your apartment squared away soon.

Where is everyone this week?

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this is my third try to post pics. I don't know how to post more than one. I'll keep trying

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Suzanne, did you get my sister's e:mail to you? If not, I'll forward. She told me she received an error message. The 2 recipes and the ideas looked really yummy for your Christmas breakfast!

WOW, that is more snow that I could ever tolerate!! Stay warm.

I'm really beginning to fret about having to wait until next Tuesday for my stress test results, but I'm holding good thoughts that no bad news immediately might be a good thing.

Where is everyone!???

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Dee, yes, I received your sister's email. I thought I replied but looking back I see I did not. Sorry. Yes, great ideas for the breakfast. I love do ahead. Your stress test results are already in...you passed with flying colors and no issues! Believe it sister, it's true. Stop fretting.

It's freezing here again today. Supposed to get into single digits tonight. Brrrr I wouldn't mind if it weren't for the wind.

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Well, here I am. We have had a busy week catching up with old friends & family.

CarolynTX~I haven't forgotten about you. I want to call when we can connect so we don't use up your minutes. We are in Denton, actually. DD lives here as well as my sister. Sis's birthday is today but we went out to eat last night with a big group & tomorrow we are getting together for coffee. Tonight is dinner with a carrier & his wife that used to work with us in Midland.

NH Suzanne~I hope you don't have as much snow as you did last year.

Dee~Your pkg was sent USPS yesterday. :)

Ivamae~I don't remember where you live but that is quite a bit of snow. It has been about the same temp here in TX as in FL. I think it is supposed to warm up more in FL though over the weekend.

We are still battling our runny noses, congestion, & coughing. Hope you get more people to post. Love to all~Patti :)

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Good Thursday all,

From very,very cold NH!

Check in if you get a chance!

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Good Thursday morning, Suzanne and all! It's only 42 here so far, but this dry air is bracing. Stay warm, Suzanne!

I slept so late today. First time in months, so I must have needed it. I'm hopeful that today is the day I accomplish a LOT! LOL

Suzanne, did you get my email yet? I hope I did it right.

Patti, call if you can, but if your schedule is too full this visit, I'll understand. It's tough to carve out friend time when you're busy with family. Where will you be moving to when you do move?

I'm still without running water during the day, and i intend to stay in all day today, so it should be interesting! I made coffee with water from the fridge, have the bathtub filled with "flushing water", so it's all good - so far!

Wishing everyone a thoughtful Thursday!

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baby it's cold outside. Our high for today is 19! The good news is there has been no snow yet.

Carolyn - I hope your water situation is straightened out.

Patti - sounds like you have had a nice visit so far.

Dee - Sending positive vibes, so stop fretting.

Ivamae - my sister is in Syracuse and has over 32" of snow. I hope you are getting a break from it.

Suzanne - the ride, lunch and wine sounds perfect. Hope SP is on the mend.

I guess I have no choice but to start shopping LOL. I did some internet shopping, so now I have to keep lists of things ordered, things received and things I still need to get. Luckily, my gift giving list is short, but I still find myself scrambling at the last minute to get it done.

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Hello and TGIF!!

I have today off and spent 3 hours in 3 different grocery stores trying to get the most out of my dollar for our party next week. DH keeps inviting more people; long story, but we are hovering at around 40. I saved over $60 going to different supermarkets, and they are all within 4 miles of my house, so was not too bad.

Suzanne, I hope this week got better for you. Thanks for letting us know you got my sister's suggestions for your breakfast!

Marci, Besh, BJ, Jen, Maddie, Amy...so many others....missing you.

Carolyn, hope your situation steadily improves. We are all pulling for you, and 2011 will be one of your best years, I"m sure.

Patti, a package was sitting on my porch when I got home this morning! It's under the tree now in the same shipping box; promise not to sneak a peek!

Raeanne, I bought lots of cute craft fair ornaments (and some from Pier 1) to put cash into for the 20 and 30-somethings. They really want money, and I've been doing it for years now. My newly married stepdaughter mentioned again that their tree is filled with the ornaments we gave her since she was a child. :0)

Thanks to all of you for your continued good thoughts for me. Still a waiting game.

Gotta run!

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(((((((((hugs, Dee Marie))))))))))

Sorry about the MIA. My dad's hanging by a thread in ICU.

Back before day's in to catch up!!!

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Dee! I got your package last night - ACROSS THE WHOLE UNITED STATES - end to end in 2 days! That's gotta be some sort of record! Anyway, I nearly started crying when I saw it - am I living on Alcatraz -- or what? This is a little TOO remote for me, I guess. lol!

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I spent the day braving the crowds and got my shopping done. One clerk called me "Sir", so that put a damper on my mood (lol), but for the most part everyone was polite, patient and downright jolly! We are expecting BAD weather for the next two days, so it seemed like the entire county was out shopping before the storm.

I need to decorate the tree, bake some pumpkin bread for gifts, bake some cookies for Christmas Eve at my parents, make meatballs for wedding soup and wrap everything. But at least I can do all those things from the comfort of my own home.

Patti - I am calling you out one more time to ask which address you want me to use to mail your package. I sent an email through here, but maybe you didn't get it. I'll use your Florida address if I don't hear back. I'd like to mail it by Monday (if the weather allows) or Tuesday at the latest. Hope all is well with your visit to TX.

((Hugs to everyone who needs them.))


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I am actually early/on time...however you want to look at it your gift is on its way via UPS tomorrow or Tuesday.

I hope you enjoy!!


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((((((BJ)))))) I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Thanks for checking in, you have been missed.

Maddie - I just finished you up today and your package will be sent tomorrow or Tuesday.

Donna - I Just sent you an email about UPS.

Marci - you cracked me up with the clerk saying "sir" they must have been on drugs.

Where the heck is Wodka these days?

I planned on baking today but that didn't happen - looks like I might be doing that tomorrow.

Dee - I do the money thing. I was just at Pier 1, I wished I had thought of that. I will see if Target has anything cute.

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