A Waldorf Hysteria/Surprise dinner is:::

VangyDecember 30, 2006

A dinner game where "dinner" is the game. There is a menu and everything needed has a odd name. No one knows what the spoon/fork is or the soup, salad is, unless they are good guessers at what the unfamiliar names on the menu are. Nothing is in order, it is real food.

You might get a knife to eat your soup, a spoon to cut your meat, a bun but no meat, et. all.

I have never done it, but have heard of them and they are great fun with the right crowd. A fun church dinner.

Now, a progressive or traveling dinner I have instigated and done. We did appetizers, next soup/salad, then main course, with desert/entertainment at the 4 the home.. Lots of fun.

Was looking for something fun for New Years Eve or later w/ group of friends.

Vangy likes to cook as well as play in the dirt.

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I get it....you provide a menu ande veryone has to choose....you list things like:
A huckenpokey and a frazzlemazoo, and a green blazer and a clappertrapper....
Then you assign those names to things like salad, or a fork or a class of water or salad dressing.....and tell everyone that for course 1 they need to place their order for 6 things from the menu....and if they don't choose well, they may end upo with a class fo water a fork, a knife and a bowl of lettuce....while someone else gets a spoon, some dressing and catsup.
I remember doing that in highschool. Be very sure of your crowd before planning it....or be sure to have lots of booze!
Linda C

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Sounds like fun! Although I certainly wouldn't be able to keep up - LoL.

Sorry that I can't help you with ideas; I'm not that creative. But have fun!

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Hi, my sister did one of these for Halloween one year. We all sat in the dinning room and she and her MIL were the waitresses. They had pads, and each guest ordered 3 items at a time. They had each item on the menu numbered so we ordered by number and they had the correspoding items lined up in the kitchen (out of our sight) labeled with postit notes by number. Here is her menu - I saved it because it was so fun I thought I would copy it some day - I hope it gets your creative juices flowing...

Halloween Mystery Menu
1. scaredy cat (chicken)
2. monster mash (mashed potatoes)
3. slimy works (spaghetti)
4. graveyard grass (salad)
5. vampire stake (toothpick)
6. tiny tombstones (corn)
7. frankenstein's brains (apple pie)
8. bucket of blood (V8)
9. table tines (fork)

  1. grainy grenades (rolls)
  2. crystal compound (water)
  3. bovine extract (milk)
  4. witch's warts (peas)
  5. guano cake (brownies)
  6. jiggly junk (jello salad)
  7. black magic (coffee)
  8. cold as death (ice cream)
  9. spill remover (napkin)
  10. gravedigger's shovel (spoon)
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I don't usually post on this forum so you all can tell me to go away.:0)
I would hate such a party. I once went to a restaurant that was medieval in theme and you had to beg on your knees for salt etc. I was furious. I hate this kind of stuff. I am hidebound. LOL

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Wel, I think it sounds like fun. I assume that guests EVENTUALLY get the complete meal -- maybe by trading? I mean, the food, utensils, etc. are all there in the kitchen anyway. If I did this party, I would serve what was ordered by each guest, and then once everyone had a big laugh and decoded the menu, I'd just bring everything out. Is that how it's usually done?

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I went to a party like that when I was in highschool....and even then I thought it was dumb and childish...and no....the "real" meal never came out....you got what you ordered when you ordered it. It was supposed to be funny being served your dessert first if that's the way you ordered it and watching some poor sap trying to eat icecream with a toothpick.
Linda C

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Hmm...perhaps some tweaking to the original concept is in order. I definitely wouldn't want to go to a party like the one Linda C described.

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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The party my sister hosted was actually fun. About 5 minutes after the first round was brought out, we ordered again and this time we started "solving" the menu. Since my uncle Bill had ordered table tines and got a fork, the rest of us ordered that on the next round.

We enjoyed ourselves, but keep in mind that this was a family Halloween party and the nieces and nephews were all under 6 years so anything that makes them laugh got the rest of us aunts and uncles rolling.

I would not do this for an adult party.

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