Tea Party using Picnic tables??

maggie_berryDecember 21, 2010

Hi, I have two questions that I would appreciate help with.

I am planning a Garden Tea party this June.

I have over 200 roses in the front of the house and planted garden paths.My husband and I have been working for many years on the gardens. I would like to do an old fashion dress up garden tea party for our friends. I need to use the picnic tables but I can't picture ladies in dresses at picnic tables and on top of it my husband think that the dress up part should be saved for another time. But that leads to question two- when I think about

" another time" I have the same problem with picnic tables verses chair and tables. And worst how do I keep the kids from ruining thier cloths in the gardens. but I am worried about how to keep the little ones buzy without ruining thier clothes? Any thoughts???


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I think picnic tables would be fine. That's what tableclothes are for. Nice looking table clothes would look very nice, especially in the garden. I also like the idea of a dress up thing. Sorry, but men don't understand that.

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Would a cushions for the bench seat of the picnic tables be sweet or over kill? I would make them them using one inch form and maybe even sew on a simple skirt??
Thank You!!!1

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An outside tea party sounds adorable! My SIS had their daughters wedding and reception outside(under a large tent) and had white tablecloths for each table, then she made matching runners(all were same color) for all of the tables. If the tables are made of wood, it would be nice to cover the seat so someone doesn't snag their dress. You could also staple material over them. The cushion sounds great and would also be more comfortable. Large "flowers" or bows could be made from netting, wide wired ribbon, etc., and attached to ends of tables.

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Mary7060_mi, Thank you for helping me with the cushion idea. I'm going to sstart working on them this week end. I love the idea of large bows at the end of the table. Very last question. Would you make it Jack and Jill or would you keep it all ladies?

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Maggie, could you do 3 or 4 small round tables in addition to the picnic tables in case there are some that didn't want to use the picnic table(if they had to 'lift' their legs to seat themselves?) You could use a lg. round white cloth on them. And on the bows, you could put the fresh cut flowers with a little greenery in a vile with water in the knot for a nice touch.you can get viles from a florist & just push it down into the bow knot. As far as the men..if you are going for a "Ladies Garden Party", & if it was at noonish, etc., then just have the women as they would most likely enjoy it more & would like the dress-up idea. I know I would!! You could ask a friend or two that you would be inviting their idea on that. Will there be a lot of children? One option is to have just the ladies, but I wouldn't worry about the kids keeping clean..they are 'washable' and after all it is an outside affair. You are very organized to be starting your planning so early!

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Mary, Thank you for holding my hand on this one. I have never thrown a fancy party. It has always been very inofrmal with DH. We have BBQ and get togethers and tomorrow a Super Bowl party but not a party like this. My friends have been dying for a tea party when my 200 roses are in bloom. Every year I have come up with an excuse not to have the party. It has been ten years and my party has been a running joke. I just want it to be perfect.
I am turning 50 this year and I want to channel my inner Martha Steward, wear a tea dress and enjoy my friends. But I am tyed up in knots thinking about the details. Once again Thank You!!

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I just googled Garden Tea Party and lots of sites came up & will give you the link for one that I looked at but there are so many more and they would give you great ideas. This site has an invitation idea that is really pretty but by looking at the different websites you will get tons of ideas! I have always wanted to do something like that but I don't have a large flower garden. I do like to do tablesetting & enjoy doing that for my guests.You will do great I'm sure & all of these sites have so much for inspiration!

Here is a link that might be useful: garden party

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maggie_berry.....did you have your tea party?

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