Can I leave a pellet stove running 24/7?

deborellaFebruary 5, 2005

Hi, I am completely new to heating with wood and I just installed a Quadra Fire Castille pellet stove and am wondering how safe it is to leave it running when I am not home?? I have heard there is very little danger of fire (outside of the firebox of course) but am nervous to leave a fire unattended and wondered if any other pellet users do this?

It seems like a hassle and not very effective to turn it off when I leave and have to restart when I come back home. I notice that the wall the stove is venting out of is warm but not hot. It does have a wall shield around the pipe. The stove is direct vented out a side wall and seems to have no problems with draw etc.

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Pellet stoves are designed for 24/7 operation. Just make sure you keep up with routine cleaning and maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer.

There is a danger with any appliance that produces heat - cooking stove, dryer, furnace, or pellet stove but if you follow the safety procedures outlined in the instruction manual 24/7 is no problem.

If you are new at heating with wood or pellets and have a new stove I would run it for a couple weeks only when your home to become familiar with its operation just to make sure there are no problems with the stove and/or the installation.

This is just my opinion - do what you are comfortable with. No outing will be fun is you are worried about the stove running -

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I always ran my Harman 24/7. I would run it for weeks without shutting it off.

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Does anyone have the "logs" that can be added to a pellet stove for esthetic effect? I am thinking about getting the set that are made for the Quadra Fire to add to the visual appeal. Also, if you have them, do you have to remove them before cleaning the stove each time?

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I wouldn't get the logs. They hinder combustion and get very sooty very fast. The manufacturers only make them because consumers want them, not because they are great.

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We have the Quadra Fire Santa Fe stove. I was a bit worried also when we first installed it; about leaving it run all day when we weren't at home. I sort of got around that anxiety by letting it run all weekend while we were at home, making sure that it turned itself off & on properly, etc.

We've been using our stove since late October; and it works great. No problems whatsoever about leaving it run all day and all night. In fact, our heat pumps hardly ever run anymore unless it gets super-cold outside - the pellet stove heats the entire house! And our electric bills this year are HALF what they were in previous years.

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Thanks for the reassurance! I have had the stove on 24/7 since installation except for shutting it down to clean it. I've been home every day except last night I left for a couple of hours and everything was fine when I got home. I feel more comfortable now, it is working fine and I rewatched the video that came with it and saw that the stove has 4 safety shut offs in case anything goes wrong. Our house is pretty toasty now and I'm not so worried!! Thanks again....

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Our house had a pellet stove already installed when we bought it. The stove came with the log insert. I quickly discovered it made cleaning the stove a pain in the a@@. We now only use it over the christmas time because the wife like the way it looks.

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