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Wild_ChickenDecember 24, 2007

Hi Guys!

Rise and SHINE!

Time to start your "last minute panic" attack!


I'm off to grab some coffee at the local stop.

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No panic attack here, but it was close call.

I had a hard time getting on here, so in case I don't get back on I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. You all mean more to me than you will ever know. It is more than just luck that has brought us all together and I am grateful each day. Enjoy and I hope Santa knows how good you have all been (well maybe not Dee and Maddie LOL). Love to all!

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Well, I've already had a wonderful Christmas season and have so much to be grateful for. You have all been here for me through venting and good times. It's been my pleasure to be associated with you. Hope that whatever you wish for, comes your way! Looking forward to meeting up with each of you.

Speaking of Raeanne, I did not get around to letting you guys know about the UnBirthday package I received from her last week. It contained some lovely dark, dark, dark chocolate (my ultimate fave; which are already gone and not in the album picture!), a great gingerbread coaster which is scented and smells great when you put a hot cup over it (tried it with my chai tea!); a dishtowel w/ christmas tree cookie cutter (too late for this year's cookies, but will be used in 2008); and a package of fabulous cocktail napkins (weird-looking Santa holding a cocktail glass with a bubble over his head thinking "She wants me"--the kicker is the inscription at the bottom of the napkin which reads: Behold the Power of Eggnog! I cannot wait to put these out tomorrow by the wine and procesco! Thank you so much!

OK, gotta run and make 10 pounds of mashed potatoes and Rachael Ray's Apple Onion Stuffin' muffins.


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No panic here either but lots of running around with last minute details.

As you all know this is a rough holiday for us but we will get through it. I just wanted to let you all know how much each of you means to me and how much I value your friendship.

I probably won't get on again until after Christmas (still more running.........large sigh) but I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas - enjoy this special time with your families and friends.

Love, Donna

PS: Drink wine, drink eggnog, eat cookies and eat chocolate....none of it counts December 24 through January 1!!

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Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Hubby, his DD, and I have stuffed on whole wheat pasta and vodka meat sauce, and now we're sort of watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

I got to spend all day Sunday with youngest Dson and his family and more time again today! Yesterday, while waiting for DSD to arrive, we went out to the Galleria so that some of them could ice skate. We also walked miles just window shopping there. Oldest DGD spent the night with us, so we drove her back home this morning, grocery shopped over there at their wonderfully huge HEB store, had Chinese for lunch, then returned home. They all loved their Christmas gifts, and I enjoyed watching them open things. It was Christmas for me, for sure!

Tomorrow, it will just be the 3 of us, so it will be very calm and quiet here. The big meal will be pretty much a rerun of Thanksgiving dinner.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I have enjoyed posting with y'all, and I thank you for your words of encouragement and just for being here!

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Merry Christmas!

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I came by earlier to post and then saw Marci's pretty Christmas image and decided to put one up, too, and got sidetracked and spent the next few hours in Second Life. They have lots of pretty places with snow and holiday decorations. I also rented a house in a nice (virtual) community there. It's nice to have a home base and now I can settle in and learn how to build things. I bought a cat there for in front of the fireplace, and I think I'll name her Feather. In case anyone is confused, I'm talking about an online virtual world called Second Life.

I had nice long talks with my granddaughters and younger son. Still haven't heard from the older one (five years?). Guess he decided he wanted to move on and family slowed him down.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi, and I see you are posting again BJ. Glad to see everyone who is here :)

I hope you all had a wonderful day and will have a wonderful week, too! I made a low carb pumpkin pie for today, with a protein shake mix crust, and whipped cream of course, lol. For the rest, I just had turkey and a cauliflower-broccoli stir-fry, and decaf with cream.

Peace and love :)


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Marci! Beautiful gif!

Amy! Merry Christmas! Sounds like you are staying on track for the holiday. Good for you. Second life, huh? Frankly, I don't think I could stand the excitement! LOL!

We had a very good day. The kids and DH had a wonderful turquoise kayak with a gold bow sitting on the lawn this morning for me. All I can say is...W-O-W. They insisted that I take some lessons on flipping the kayak and getting back into it after I dump it. The water here is freezing and if you don't learn how to get back in your "boat" after the current around here flips it, you'll soon perish. Anyway, I'm pretty jazzed about getting up to speed on open water paddling.

The other funny thing I got from my oldest DD and her guy friend is a Men of Mortuaries calendar. Holy necktie, Batman, these guys are FIT, with a capital F! I'll only use it for scheduling purposes, REALLY.

I cooked a turkey on my grill this year, on a charcoal-driven Weber grill. Marvy. Lots of yummy veggies too and I'm about to pop some sugar cookies in the oven.

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and CHECK IN when you get the notion!


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Good to see you post here, Amy. Hope you pop over again to wish us all a Happy New Year! I'm sending along best wishes that your 2008 is a healthy one for you and full of fun on your puter!

BJ, what else would your family give you but a kayak? lol! That is to be used in your spare time (hmmmmm, that would mean about 3am?) lol! Enjoy! Your menu sounded great!

OK, so another Christmas has come and gone. My MIL was in a very sad mood yesterday. She seemed so upset that her youngest son (DBIL) was not here. I kept trying to explain that his DD#1 wanted a special dinner for them, including his first grandson's first Christmas (DBIL has 3 daughters...they were all together). The times are changing and the family is too large and extended to get everyone in one home. She is so resistant to DBIL is actually her favorite (yes, she has favorite children, grandchildren, sisters...she will tell you that! lol!) I'm sure that DH felt that she would have preferred his brother here, but that's my MIL!! I should add that DBIL sees his mom at least twice a week; he works in the same city, and she actually visits him at work sometimes! LMAO!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I had 2 glasses of procesco before the bulk of the people arrived and I was feeling no pain. The effect of the drinks took it's toll on how many appetizers I ate. Last count was about half the articoke dip and about 5 spinach/feta phyllos! LOL!! I was full before I sat down for dinner! To be honest, we had a light breakfast and no lunch, so that may account for my gluttenous behavior! (is there such a word as gluttenous?)

OK, time for everyone else to chime in today.

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Merry Christmas all! I thought I posted to you yesterday, but I don't see it. First time that has ever happened. I had a very quiet day yesterday. First time ever. Normally we are buzzing from house to house, but yesterday we stayed put. Tried to go to the 11AM Mass and got there and found out that there was not one! We tried. Instead we took a ride to visit the cemeteries of MIL, FIL and my Dad. Came home cooked dinner and then just chilled. DS took off to visit some of his friends and that left DH and I to watch some movies and drink some wine. I had a nice day, but missed the hustle and bustle of the day. DH and I decided not to exchange much because we bought a 40" flat screen TV for the family. I was surprised by a few small items which was nice. DS got me a Nintendo DS with a brain age game to wake up my aging brain! It looks like fun. I have not tried it yet.

BJ, the kayak sounds great, but the perishing in the cold water part freaks me out a bit!

Dee, we are having the same issues in my family. There are so many of us now and lots of little ones it is hard to get together. We are having a family party this Sunday at my sisters house so I am looking forward to that.

Amy, glad to see you. I'm glad you got to spend some time on the phone with your family.

(((Maddie))), thinking of you and hoping that things are going ok.

I just want to echo what Donna, Milkdud and Raeanne said. I appreciate all of you in a very special way. I may not always be here to post, but think of everyone often. Thanks for all of the love and support you have given me throughout the years!

oxox Besh

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Greetings all,

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I am sorry I didnÂt have the chance to check in before Christmas  I was swamped and had to travel to my in-laws on Christmas Eve morning. I hope you all had a great one  sounds like you did from all that have posted. I too, appreciate each and everyone of you and am grateful that I can come here in times of trouble as well as great joy!

Our Christmas was good but exhausting. We had 45 people for Christmas Eve dinner and I prepared Christmas breakfast for 22 (featuring the eggs from my sweet little hens). Still, itÂs always good to be with family and friends during this special holiday. I made the most delicious overnight French toast dish with some cranberry panettone that I get from Trader Joe's! It was really delicious and there wasnÂt one bite left I also made overnight Strata with Canadian bacon, cheese and English muffins. If any one wants the recipes let me know. Definitely a once a year treat!

DH and I get to spend four whole days together and that was really nice. We got a lot of snow moved over the weekend and some other farm chores that I really need his help with and that was great. We donÂt often get to spend real quality time together and, yes, working and farm chores we consider quality time!

I did not open my gifts from Marci until I got home last night and let me tell you it was worth the wait! Marci sent me a box full of individually wrapped gifts that were carefully and thoughtfully selected just for me! Sandstone coasters with a picture of horse and foal on them; a set of (are you ready for this?) Sweet Pea hand cream and hand soap that smell divine, a CD of classic Christmas music in a cleverly done packaging creation of MarciÂs; a package of Christmas tissue (for those moments when I get verclempt); a lovely ornament with a picture of my beloved Sweet Pea on it; a mouse pad with the same picture of my beloved Sweet Pea on it. Thank you so much Marci for such the care and thought you put into my gifts! I love them all- you are too much! . I will attempt to get a photo of all my gifts to share with you all.

Dee, yes, there is a word called gluttonous LOL. I think we were probably all guilty of a little gluttony yesterday! I know I was. I indulged in two cinnamon buns and the French toast casserole, several pieces of this delicious Portuguese coffee cake someone brought to dinnerÂÂit didnÂt end there either  but the good news is that I didnÂt eat anything after breakfast until I got home and made popcorn! Oink, oink.

Donna, I hope you are only kidding about no calories from Christmas to New Years! LOL

Besh, sounds like you had a nice day in spite of the usual din of a big crowd. Our family is 22 strong and itÂs rare when one of us canÂt be there at Christmas. In fact, I canÂt remember a time when we werenÂt all together. Thanksgiving is a little different.

Hope we hear from everyone today!

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Joanne - if you are lurking - Happy Boxing Day!

BJ - what a great gift! I still haven't taken my rolling over class - the cockpit that I am in is huge so I can get out easily, unfortunately if it goes over and I don't right it I will have to deal with bailing and trying to get back in LOL.

Suzanne - your Christmas does sound exhausting, but well worth it. I am glad DH was around long enough to help with the chores and be with you.

Besh - Our Christmas was very different without DD#1 being home - she called often and we had her on our webcam for opening presents LOL. Not the same, but it was a good compromise.

Dee - I bet our MILs would be wonderful company for each other. Proseco is a good prescription! I thought of you as we sat in a traffic jam on the GSP yesterday LOL.

Amy - sounds like you had a good time talking with your family and your menu sounded very good too.

Milkdud - I am glad you got so much family time in. I was so grateful for my 3 year old nephew and watching him open gifts - there is nothing like Christmas through children's eyes.

Donna - my jeans are telling me that all those things mentioned do count as calories LOL. I really feel sluggish and bloated, so today is water and soup for me LOL.

Marci - thanks for the decoration, it makes things very festive.

Maddie - stilling sending positive thoughts and hugs out to you.

We passed on a Christmas Eve party we go to each year - I just needed a little down time and enjoy our own Christmas. I made a delicious prime rib dinner for the 3 of us, we opened some gifts via webcam with DD#1 - who was all alone Christmas Eve except for a friends dog she was sitting. Yesterday one of her best friends flew out to CA to stay with her - so I feel better now. Christmas morning we drove to NYC and celebrated with 20+ relatives, drove DD#2 home and then drove ourselves back home 3 1/2 hour trip. Our plan was to stop along the way, but the traffic was so light we just kept on truckin'.

I am glad to hear that so many of us were happy with day.

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Raeanne, you should have gotten off Exit 153B and come on up to visit us! Glad you got home OK. 3 1/2 hours is not a bad trip for Christmas Day.

[[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]]]] please check in. Will try to remember to give a call this week.

Suzanne, I had the correct word but it was incorrectly spelled! Not bad for this old mind. Glad you and DH got to spend quality time together.

Just set my 4 loaves of ww french bread for second rise. For 3 of them, I rolled out the dough, spread with butter, olive oil, herbs and garlic, and then I rolled them jelly-roll style. I'll use 2 tomorrow night when some of my girlfriends come over for's Italian night. The other 2 will be frozen and used on Saturday evening when my family arrives for holiday celebrations. On Saturday morning, I"ll also make some pizza dough. I like to roll that dough out and fill with pepperoni/mozarella combos or some chopped sausage and peppers. This is great sliced like pinwheels for snacks. My sister and I like them better than hotdogs in the blanket (which DBIL and DH love so I have to make them too!)

OK, going to take a IS technically my only day off this week!

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I, too, am very grateful for each & every one of you. I could not ask for a better group of friends. I feel like I know each of you personally. Dave & I both appreciate you loving & caring & sweet personalities.

We have been 4 different places now. No, Dave wasn't a leadfoot. LOL We really took our time but got here early anyway. We are going back to Dallas when we leave DMIL & DFIL's house & babysit for NYE. I think that DS & DDIL will get to go out for NYE this year. :) We are grateful to babysit. That is our idea of a fun New Year's Eve. LOL We both cried when we left & Dave said that we are moving back. It was pretty funny. Everyone's gifts sounded very nice.

It was very nice to come here & catch up on everyone. It was nice that Lynn, Donna, and Amy had posted. Maddie? Where are you? I hope that things are going better for you. We have had nice weather so far. (It has been too cold for Dave but it hasn't really rained or snowed so who can complain?) I couldn't ask for a better trip. We have several family & friends to visit here, then back to Dallas, & on to OK. Then back to the hot and sticky Florida central "home base".

Love to all & be sweet to yourselves b/c if anyone deserves it, it would be you! Patti :)

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Good Thursday morning all!

Today I am back on track with WOE in spite of Donna's no calorie theory which I would LOVE to believe! LOL I feel stuffed to the gills!

Patti, glad you will get to babysit on NYE.

I forgot to mention that also in Marci's wonderful Christmas package to me was a yummy Yankee Candle in the Bayberry scent and a holiday wishlist note pad. Thank you again Marci, it was a most wonderful holiday package and so much fun to open. XXXOOO....

Moving out of Christmas and on to New Year's Day.........what are you plans for the weekend/holiday??

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Good Thursday morning! It sounds like everyone had a wonderful, prosperous Christmas. Mine was different from any other year, and a little harder than I'd expected, to be honest, so I'm relieved that the celebration is over for this year. I don't forget the reason for the season, but the actual day was difficult.

My eating suffered badly as I had to prepare foods that are my trigger items. I indulged myself to make myself feel better, and I really didn't. LOL

Today, I'm freezing in serving sizes all the meats that were leftover so that I'll have easy access to do my stir-fries that have been working so well for me the past couple of months. It's weigh-in day, too, so that should wake me up if nothing else does. :)

I'll be leaving tomorrow to go to Dallas to see my sister and her family for the weekend. My oldest DGD is going with me. Then, I'll babysit the DGDs for New Year's Eve when we return. My eating won't be too bad this weekend because I'll be in control of what I select. I'm looking forward to going. I just wish I'd get to see my oldest dson and his wife while I'm there, but they're leaving tomorrow morning for MD, and we can't go until tomorrow. :(

Oh, well. Such is life, and I'm getting stronger about things. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, drink lots of water, and find your way back to healthy eating before New Year's Eve! LOL

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Good THURSDAY morning!

This office is driving me nuts, so I need a diversion!

QOD: Tomorrow night, we have tentative plans to meet friends for dinner. Saturday, my family arrives to celebrate the holidays. Sunday, DH and I may go to the JETS game, weather permitted. So far, we will spend New years' Eve alone (just the way I like it...have not had it so in a long time). New Years' Day we are invited to our friends' annual open house. We may go later in the evening, because we have to take down decorations and pack for our 5-Jan cruise.

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Glad that everyone had a wonderful Christmas...mine was difficult but that was to be expected, however, it had many nice moments and we were surrounded by family and friends.

Suzanne, sadly my no calorie theory is no good -- if only it were really true. I hopped back on track again yesterday and gave up all of those delicious things for the time being..begin working with a trainer after the new year. Raeanne, my jeans are screaming at me too, I had to listen cause I think everyone else was! They just wouldn't be ignored..

Dee, you cruise lots..a friend of mine does too and I might go with him in January or February, not sure yet. He loves cruises and says I will too...he told me I need to get away some place warm and plop on a beach with a tropical drink in my hand...sounds good to me! He is right, I definitely need to get away. Where are you off to this time?

((Milkdud)) I'm sorry the holiday was so difficult for you. I hope next year will be better.

Patti - glad you and Dave are babysitting NYE, sounds like a perfect way to end one year and start a new one. Enjoy!!

I need to read and catch drinking water and trying to eat healthy again.


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Good Friday all,

Wow, it's kind of quiet here this week! I feel like I might be the only one working..........grrrrrrr. I am all alone in my office too because everyone (2) has this week off! Oh well.

Donna, ((((HUGS))))) I am sorry you had a rough Christmas....I know it will get better with time. A grief counselor once told me, the 1st year my sister died, that this would be a year of "firsts" meaning everything would be without my sister. I am thinking of you and keep checking in and stay busy with us!

We had 4" of snow last night and the trees are all napped in white which is beautiful. The sun is trying to peek through the greyness and it's really pretty. My office overlooks the Contoocook River and the setting here is just lovely.

We are expecting two more weather systems to visit starting late tonight through Sunday! The fun just never ends but at least DH is home to help and it's pretty warm in the high 20's which is perfect winter temps as far as I am concerned. I am hoping for a nice winter woods ride with my beloved SP this weekend. It's one of my favorite things to do.

Check in today and say hello!

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Good Friday morning. It's cool here today, low 40's, but sunny!


Suzanne, I guess everything is relative since you think that temps in the 20's is warm. Brrrrrrr! Sorry you're having to work today. I hope you get to ride Sweet Pea this weekend.

I'm leaving in a few hours for my weekend trip back home. I'll spend tonight with younger Dson and his family, then in the morning, DGD (8 yrs. old) and I head up to Dallas area for the weekend with my sister and more family. I'll be back online either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Somehow, I managed to lose 2 lbs. even with all my bad eating last week. That just gives me the incentive to try harder. Imagine how much I could have lost if I'd eaten better? LOL

I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe weekend! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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Suzanne, I was working yesterday and today. The office is almost empty! There are 420 people employed at this site, and I saw no more than 20 cars today throughout the parking lots! Actually, I'm getting lots tidied up.

[[[[Donna]]]]] wishing you a much better 2008. I hope you choose to try out a cruise with your friend. It is the most relaxing vacation I've ever had.


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[[[[Donna]]]] Hugs. I'm so sorry that you had a difficult holiday.

[[[[Milkdud]]]] Hugs. I'm sorry that your holiday was difficult, too.

[[[[Jo Anne]]]] Hugs. If you are reading, I want to let you know that I'm sorry that this has been a hard holiday for you too.

[[[[John]]]] Hugs. I know that this hasn't been the easiest of holidays for you either.

We had to call the ambulance for DMIL last night & have her taken to the hospital. Dave was up there from 11:00 p.m. until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. She had an asthma attack. She is supposed to, hopefully, come home today or tomorrow. DFIL's car is in the shop & we have plans to cook with DSIL & DBIL tomorrow. DS#1 & DGD were going to come by to see DMIL & DFIL but Dave & I will go by there. They are to go back to Dallas tomorrow & we will follow on Sun. Mon. we will babysit & Tues. we will probably have a nice meal. Hopefully, we won't try to travel to OK until Wed. I know that DD is anxious for us to get there but I just am not up to traveling that far at a time. In spite of the bump in the road, everything is still perfect & we have had a most wonderful time. We are supposed to go to our 1st hockey game tomorrow but I am thinking that I will let Dave go & I will stay home.

Suzanne~I'm really hoping that you have the opportunity to ride SP.

Milkdud~I wish that we could get together in Dallas but it sounds like we will probably just miss each other.

Dee~It sounds like you are staying busy, busy as usual.

Donna~They say that whatever you are doing on NYE is what you will be doing the rest of the year & I wouldn't mind babysitting DGD all year long! :)

Raeanne~Your recipe has gone over big! We made it with Marci's spices the 1st time but will make it with yours tonight. Yummy! DFIL said if he doesn't get any, he will kick Dave's b*tt. I believe that he meant it. ;)

Besh~A big screen tv is one of my goals. LOL Have you tried the Nintendo yet?

BJ~Have you been kayaking yet?

Marci~I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us on NY's.

Amy~Has it been warm there? We have seen that it has still been 85 in Orlando.

Maddie~Are you feeling any better? How is DM? It isn't fun to have relatives ill any time of the year but especially around the holidays. Please check in to let us know that everything is all right.

Lynn~ Hi! Are you keeping FL going for us? :))

Even animals know that winter is the time to slow down so please take some time for yourselves...Patti :)

Hi to anyone that I may have missed. It definitely wasn't on purpose.

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Hi Guys!

(((((HUGGLES))))) to all who need them. It's a rough time of year. I second what NHSuzanne said about it being a year of firsts. That's how it was when my brother drowned. It was a 'different' year after.

I haven't been kayaking yet. I have been entertaining the in-laws all week and really haven't gotten anything done. They are WAY high maintenance---you can't even begin to imagine!!! I brought a GOB of paperwork, sewing, and all kinds of projects & crafts to do on teh island, but didn't get to do any of them. As well, I got zero exercise--no biking, no walking, no nuttin'. And not a minute alone. I drank my weight in coffee, but didn't gain...I hopped in and out of the truck so much that I worked it all off!

I drove back to the mainland today. In-laws flew out and I hopped the next ferry home. I arrived home, ordered wheat crust garlic & green pepper pizza, and read my pile of mail. Thank you all for the holiday cards---loved every one of them! I'm sending out New Year's cards---lol.

I am spending the rest of the evening putting away my stuff and I might watch a movie and do the paperwork I should have done before! DH is coming tomorrow night for New Year's. We're staying home with the kiddies, roasting marshmallows, and having a quiet one.

Only a couple of days till we all post our NEW YEAR's resolutions!!!!!!!!! :-)

Speaking of.....I have a question:

I want to get a juicer. Which one do YOU like (or which one does a friend like?) and why?

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Hey all!

Patti, I hope your MIL is doing better today. DS#2 has asthma and it has to be one of the scariest things. Fortunately he has outgrown it, but once in a while he still has some problems with it. Sounds like you and Dave are enjoying your trip.

Suzanne, I love winter days like you described so beautifully. DH thinks I'm nuts!

BJ, whew! You NYE sounds wonderful! I don't own a juicer so I can't help you out with that one.

(((Donna))) thinking of you!

I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I got called back for a second interview for the job I was interested in. I think it went very well and I will have an answer by Wednesday. :-)

I hope everyone is looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year. I know that the holidays have been difficult for many, but New Years day is a good day to look ahead to new beginnings. As far as resolutions go, I have to think about it, but I don't think I am making any this year. I never keep them anyway!


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Besh! Congratulations on the call back! Good luck on the interview! They'd be very fortunate to have you!

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I feel like someone just pulled the plug on my house. It is so that DS and DD are gone. But it was fun while it lasted! Noisy, but fun. I took down my outside lights this morning, but I left the inside alone. Our temperatures are set to drop into the teens next week so 37º seemed like a heat wave compared to what is coming. Even though I feel like I am rushing things, I didn't want to be stuck taking down lights when it is below 20º.

NHSuzanne - I did see that you got your package and I am glad you liked everything. It was a Sweet Pea celebration!

I haven't had a chance to carefully read all the other posts but I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Hugs to those who had a hard time and here's hoping that 2008 is a great year!

Will come back soon and try to read back posts and catch up.


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How come this 'week' goes until Jan. 6? Shouldn't it be 12/24 to Sunday 12/30? Just curious as a newby! I am looking forward to 'starting' joining your group but was hoping to do so for your next 'week' and didn't want to wait until Jan. 7th. (But I might!) Thanks!

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Welcome whenicit! Don't wait until Jan. 7th, just jump right in. We usually do post one week at a time to keep the thread from getting too lengthy, but whoever started this thread probably thought there would be fewer posts during the holidays. But don't let the dates stop you from posting. We are always happy to add new people to our "family"!
Let us know something about you. Your weight loss goals, your interests, any thing you want to tell us.
I'll start you off by telling you something about me. I am 55 and have been teaching preschool for almost 20 years! I have 2 grown children that live out of state and I miss having them close by. I recently lost a little over 20 pounds by cutting back on sugar, carbs and late night snacking. I am determined to keep the weight off in 2008! I love to read, sew, quilt, do crossword puzzles and watch movies.

Now your turn.....................

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From all your friends at The Diet Forum!

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Hi Whenicit! Yay! New Year---New People!

I started this week's thread and figured it's be slim during the holiDAZE, so made it a longer 'week'----just kidding----Marci gave me the benefit of the doubt when in reality, I just screwed up! :-) Oh, well!

I am 44, an on-leave girl pilot of little airplanes. I have to get my medical back after a hysterectomy, but am scared the FAA won't give it to me, so I have been putting off my flying physical. I am also a card-carrying embalmer and funeral director. As well, I am a soon-to-be foster parent waiting to get licensed. I have 4 girls (9 to 19 yrs old). I have tried every diet you can think of and they all worked! Then I went off and gained all the weight back. Another NEW YEAR, another diet!


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Happy Birthday Amy! I hope that this one is the best! I hope that you know that you are loved here & that we think that you are very special.

Welcome, Whenicit. I will turn 50 in 2008. I have 2 sons, 1 granddaughter, 1 stepdaughter w/2 grandsons, 1 adopted daughter w/1 grandson, & 1 adopted son. I love to read, cross stitch, scrapbook, and find new & exciting recipes. I was on lots of medications for the past 11 years & have recently been taken off of most of them & started losing weight. Now, I'm trying to see if I can't lose down to what I feel that I should weigh.

Besh~DMIL got home Sat. & went back to the hospital in an ambulance Sat. p.m. We are waiting to see if she is coming home or not.

BJ~We had a juicer before we moved but I don't recall what kind it was & we really weren't all that impressed. I hope that someone can give you a better answer than that.

Take time to paint your nails! :) Patti

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BJ - I was thinking that Tikanis would have an answer for you about the juicer. Sorry I can't help you, I only get juiced.

Whenicit - Here's my story - I am 53, married 30 years with 2 grown daughters, 1 dog. I think I have been coming here since 1999. We all came together through Somersizing and since then have turned to other plans, although I think there may still be an SSer or 2. Glad you could join us and hope you stick around, it is always nice to see a new "face" here.

Amy - Happy Birthday - I hope you have a peace filled day and able to do the things you enjoy.

I didn't even notice the date on the thread was until 1/6 LOL.

Besh - WTG with the 2nd interview.

Donna - ((((HUGS)))) time will make it hurt less - lean on us when needed.

Patti - I am not sure who's recipe it was that I sent you, but I think it is the same one that Marci uses and may be her's, the rub is a variation that she shared with us too. Enjoy it because both ways are delicious. Sorry about DMIL. Thanks for the reminder to paint my nails.

Milkdud - I hope you had a safe trip to Dallas - it sounds like your New Year's will be a happier one than Christmas - a good way to start a New Year.

Dee - I love work when no one else is there LOL. I get a lot more done and I get to play some music.

I think we are staying home for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We had a couple invites, but we rarely ever go out on either day. I will probably un-decorate on New Year's Day.

I am working on my resolution - I can tell you it will have nothing to do with food or weight LOL.

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Suzanne - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the ornament, did you make it? It is great. I came on to thank you for it right away and couldn't log on that day. Now, I realize that I never thanked you. You have been a great birthday buddy and will miss my random packages LOL. You don't know how much use I have given the wine glass and not with wine - I fill it with ice water and a slice of lemon and it makes me feel so good.

Has anyone else had a problem logging on? I didn't today, but an error message has been popping up and not allowing me to sign in.

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Thanks for the hugs - I feel them and truly appreciate them. Suzanne, you are so right about a whole year of firsts. Raeanne, I appreciate all of the leaning you have let me do so far -- ((many many hugs)) to all of you my sisters.

Patti - holding good thoughts for your DMIL.

Besh - WTG on that 2nd interview - keeping fingers crossed. They would be very lucky to get you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY -- celebrate and enjoy to the fullest!

((Milkdud)) glad your NY is shaping up better than your Christmas.

BJ - I know nothing about a juicer, Raeanne I only get juiced (I like that one Raeanne)!

Hello, hugs and thanks to all I missed - has anyone heard anything about Maddie's mom? I've been thinking about her.

Working 1/2 day tomorrow - office is officially closed but like you guys I love it when I'm alone (or just a couple of us there) and I can really get stuff done without constant interruption.

Finally - Whencit - welcome! I am 50 years old, single and live in NJ (near Atlantic City) with 2 very spoiled dogs. I am fortunate to have great friends (many of them right here). Most of my family lives close by. I love warm weather but enjoy the beach any time of the year. I enjoy traveling, cooking, reading and, hope to enjoy exercising in the very near future (that one might take some work but I will persevere). I hope you stick around and join us - we would love to get to know you!

My NY resolution - I never make them cause I never keep them but the emotional roller coaster 2007 was for me showed me I need to prioritize and set personal goals -- they are to get back in shape, travel more often and just enjoy life..anything else good that comes along after that is just icing on the cake. I will seriously try not to sweat the small stuff (or at least not as much as I do now)!

I didn't notice the date on the thread either :-)

Take care - be good and will talk later....


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Happy Birthday Dear Amy!! I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better 2008! I would sing but I will leave that for Dee or Maddie. LOL

Welcome Whencit, you will find much love and support at this thread.

I am 52, married for 18 years and live on a small farm in NH with my husband, two Morgan horses, two white donkeys, two pygmy goats, two Siamese cats, one calico cat and 16 hens and one rooster! I have two full time jobs, one I get paid for and the other is keeping the barn in running order! I am a trail rider and carriage driver. I don't know how long I have been here but it's been many years. I have lost and gained at least a 1,000#'s!!! LOL Most recently, I have lost 22 lbs and have kept it off but I want to lose at least 10 more and I have plateaued for almost a month. I decided to relax about it for a few weeks and not get stressed about it. I have not gone wild through the holidays but I have indulged in this and that. I will resume my diet starting Wednesday and my hope is that a little dietary change will get me over the plateau.

Raeanne, I did not make the ornament and I am glad you received it. You know how things get lost this time of year in the mail!

Besh, let us know if you get the job! A second interview is definitely a positive thing.

Donna, I like your goals for 2008. It's very positive and NOT impossible!

Patti, sending thoughts and prayers your way. ((((HUGS))))

BJ, my friend uses the Juice Man's juicer and loves it.

We are staying home for New Year's Eve. We never go out anymore. Ordinarily we would have friends over for dinner but I have not been feeling well and think I should rest as much as I can to get rid of whatever this thing is.

It's almost 40 here right now so I am going out to play with the horses.

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Marci posted whilst I was I didn't catch your la grande b-day gif! Beautiful!

Well, I just want to say, AMY, that when I read your posts, I love them! You have a cool way of interjecting a shot of deep, earthy, knowledgeable point of view into the discussions on this forum. I also love hearing your recipes for juice and protein drinks. WILD, some of them! I think of you often and remember our visit clearly and the awesome artwork you produce. Did you ever do the series of Hawaiian 'old' trucks you were going to do? ...Anyway, I hope you have happy and confetti strewn birthday and enioy the weather---cause it's gloomy and raining here---daily!


PS: I bought a 850 watt Breville Juice Fountain today and a bunch of organic produce. I am just about to crank it up. Some say it sounds like a jet engine when it juices but that's okay with me! I love airplane noise!

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Hi all...
I double checked the dates, and I think I'm on the right thread, but three days without a post? That must be a first!

Thank you all so, so much for the party and all the lovely thoughts and wishes. It really means more than you know that you remember me like that! I think highly of all of you, too - such a group of caring people and survivors!

I'll tell you that I thought only one person wished me happy birthday - my younger son. Then someone on another forum remembered my birthday, and that reminded me that there might be something here, too. You really brightened my day, and I read them all.

I'm still being obsessed with Second Life. I'd like to post some pictures (screen shots), but I thought I'd at least come over first and let you know I didn't miss my own party after all.

Keep up your efforts everyone. Wherever you are with your goals, we can keep going. I have heard that you can't ever fail at anything until you decide to quit, and I think that's true.

I recently have been listening to Dr. Oz who comes on Oprah, and I bought his book, YOU on a diet. Yes, he uses the dreadful word, diet, but he has some good things to say. One way I keep myself from getting discouraged is to read new things when I have a need for some inspiration. Anyway, I'll try to come back again soon, and I hope everyone had a great holiday!


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OK, so I said I was going to "use" you guys as my check-in each week like a WW weigh-in (but cheaper!). Today I started at 158.6. I weighed that when I was pregnant once but I should be closer to 140 than 160 so I am staring with a goal to lose 15 pounds.

Today I took about a 40 minute walk on my lunch break. I ate sensibly (for me at least!).

Wild Chicken - are you from Kauai? My DH is pining for a trip to Kauai/Maui. I have been 10 times and feel blessed but he has a 'thing' for Hawaii and has not been since January 2006 so is dying in this super-cold weather we are having.

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I transferred the latest posts from here onto the newer thread.


PLEASE use the new thread labeled:

Mon Dec 31st to Jan 6th
-started by nhsuzanne

This thread is now defunct.

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