Have you checked your credit score lately?

KathsgrdnJanuary 19, 2004

I just did. I checked all three credit companies last Spring. My score for Experian has gone down (it wasn't that great before!). I now have a Cathy Robinson _____ and Ricky _____ on my report with over $12,000 in outstanding credit. I am wondering if the bank I applied for the loan saw this and thought I was hiding something? There are over $100,000 worth of these people's credit on my report...all of them down south, near where we used to live. All of the paid stuff is in good standing but I'm wondering if this hurt my application for a home loan. I'm a little ticked off right now. Now I have to try and contact the other two and find out if this crap is on their credit reports too. Anyway, before you apply for a major purchase please check your scores!

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When one anticipates going to ask for a major loan, e.g. purchase of a car or home - best to check out credit rating first.

Simplifies things over having the credit granting agency find some negative stuff on your report that has no business being there.

Such things leave a bad taste in their mouth, even after the issue gets straightened out - your reputation carries a bit more lasting smirch than it deserves.


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Hi Kath,

I could go on & on about how to handle this, the simple steps to take, etc.... but the truth is, YOU CAN DO IT!

It's really not tough.

Here's a link to a Free Community that focuses on JUST THAT! Helping folks knock the crud off their credit reports!

Dave Donhoff
Just some mortgage guy ;~)

Here is a link that might be useful: Credit Net Message Board Communities

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