Two-room pellet/corn stove? Anyone found one?

tuesdayschildFebruary 15, 2008

Hi all,

I've been browsing the forum archives and haven't found anything on this more recent than '06, so I'm trying for our current wisdom...

We have central gas heat (actually gas everything except the solar assist on hot water) but my bedroom and the guest bedroom and shared bath end of the house (at the far end from the furnace) are darned cold both in the dead of winter and in May-June during the nasty SoCal coastal fogs. I'd love to put in a dual fuel corn/etc. burning heater between my bedroom and the dining room to warm up this end of the house in the evening. It would be so nice to have the fire to toast up the dining room while we eat and then head into a nicely warmed up bedroom later on-- Even lovelier to fall asleep looking at the dying fire.....

I've been unable to find a corn/something pellet heater that could be installed in the middle (splitting the wall) to serve both the dining room and my room. Is there any such thing? I've seen a few natural gas things that do this, but no biofuel items.

Has anyone here run across such a thing?

Thanks for any advice!

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You have to have some means of venting the stove, either through the roof, or through the wall.

Why not just install the stove in the dining room and move the heat around as necessary with fans?

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