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DolcesMomDecember 29, 2002

Help, I am beginning to brainstorm a surprize party for my DH 40th, I would like to have a vegas themed party with games and slots and stuff like that. My question is how do we play the games without hiring someone to run them? We can't very well have a blackjack table without a knowlegable dealer... etc. I want to use fake money too, so how do we have a good time without handing out alot of arcade type prizes? Lots of questions keep popping up.



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You will need somewhat knowlegable people to help run stuff. The good news is that running a black jack table isn't overly difficult for someone to learn. But they would need to learn how before the party. If you have a guest who would like that sort of job, make that assignment well before the party. If you have a friend or two who will not be invited to the party (strictly your friend who would never think of being invited to your husband's party) you might be able to get them to work it for you. Taking them out to a thank you lunch afterwards might be nice.

You might need to hire out for your help. The place where you rent the slot machine (wow I didn't know you could!) might well be able to help you out. Or college kids might be a good source for workers.

If you want elegant prizes, you might have a couple of really nice prizes to be given to the people at the end of the party with the most "cash". But I would rather go with something silly. At a party store, you can buy little girl princess tiaras and jewels, you can get Hawaiian leis, and toy cars. I would set up a booth to buy and sell jewels and cars and cruises and whatever other things people might buy with real winnings. If you win big, you might buy a toy car or two on a string to wear around your neck to show off your wealth. Then if things turn bad, you can always sell the car and get more money with which to gamble some more.

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