hearthstone clydesdale insert wood stove

onesisuJanuary 18, 2013

Hearthstone Cyldesdale insert.

This stove has the large glass door, 12 x 22.

Purchased the stove in 2012.

The glass loads up with smoke particles everyday. We were told it is crosote on the doors but We do not burn wet wood. We think the air vent is too small to clear the window. The smoke builds up in the door corners and along the sides, not down the middle because the air vent is located on the center line of the stove below the door.

When the air vent is closed it seems to let too much air in because the fire burns a little too fast which makes it impossible to hold the fire overnight.

We have been wood and coal burners since the 1970's, this is our first insert.

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My Hearthstone Clydesdale is absolutely all it was said to be. Bought it 6 years ago, it's big belly can take 60#s of wood; feed it twice a day . . .this has been the coldest winter I can recall in Quincy, Mass (just south of Boston, on the Atlantic, which one would think would be just a little warmer than inland). No complaints from me regarding the warmth it generates in our home These barrel cages scream, noise wise that is; two whining cages. I have vacuumed them, taken the housing apart during the summer and meticulously put it back. Three years ago I had a service person come out and do maintenance; he said the noise was 'normal'. Don't think so. Initially we sat in front of the fire with IPA in hand, but the noise has moved us to another room. Gives off mega heat, but I am sadly considering replacing the wood stove insert with gas . . .can someone give advice on this noise dilemma. . . gas would surely ruin any 'ambiance' we get from burning oak. . . .Uechii

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