Anybody ready for a good (diversionary) on-topic story?

joyfulguyJanuary 28, 2014

I had an experience some time ago that I wrote up, over on the "Money Saving Tips" forum, that some folks thought to be rather funny ... and others thought was somewhat over the hill, titled, "First research result - successful recycling of toilet paper".

The events, and the story, took place over ten years ago ... but you might find that it's pretty well retained its lustre (if you were willing to judge that it ever had any appreciable such).

Anyway, I picked up a link.

Here it is.

ole joyfuelled

Here is a link that might be useful: quirky story about reusing toilet paper

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You seem to like it, most of the comments are yours, commenting on your own comments.

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Joyful! I haven't been around in a few years, but I dropped by today. So happy to see you still posting :)

Regarding using restaurant napkins, tp, paper towels for nose blowing and it falling apart. Ever considered using cloth? Once I had a child I started using cloth for a lot more things than just paper towel replacements! I find micro fleece is so much softer on the nose than anything else I've used. I bought a yard of it on sale at the fabric store and never looked back!

Hope you are in good health!

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I recall in my youth we had linen handkerchiefs.

Carried em in your back pocket with a small corner sticking out. To use em you grabbed the corner and pulled the hanky out with a deft flick to get rid of the dried snot. When you straightened em out to find an unused spot they really crackled. Had to fold em just right before putting em back in your pocket.

On laundry day my mother picked em up with a stick. Washed em in boiling water.

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When I had my first baby, I learned how to change a diaper and realized you need to clean their bum every change. Those store-bought baby-wipes were expensive, like $6 for 100, and I went through them quickly. I thought it over, went to a fabric store, bought a couple yards of terry cloth and ripped it into six-inch squares. I used these as baby wipes, dipping them in clean warmish water before using and laundering after every use. They lasted through my second baby, I had so many! After both kids were potty trained, I used the wipes as dust cloths. Sadly, it's now 24 years later and they are all gone. But I must have saved a couple of thousand dollars over the years.

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Hi blackcats,

Good to hear from you.

Yeah, I'm in good health. Had varicose veins (no trouble) something around three years ago or more, they put me on diuretics to cut water, then had shots to shrink a vein, with walking twice a day for two weeks, then awoke early one morning with pains, turned out to be blood clots on the lungs, was put on Warfarin, and have noticed no reduction in lifestyle as a result.

Had some difficulty moving an arm, due to osteo-arthritis, doc put me on glucosamine sulphate, arm moves much more freely, but I find that that hand is often much colder than the other, so need to talk to him about that, next visit.

It's very seldom that my body tells me, "Listen, you darned old fool: I can't do that for you, any more!".

When I can pretty well do as I please, at 85, I figure that every day is a good day.

ole joyful

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Good grief! Old people sure love to talk about that stuff.

When I was driving truck one time I had about 30 hours under my belt with 10 to go and stopped in for some chow. Got a nice big plate of spaghetti. Just what I needed. It was 2:30 am.

Bunch of old codgers at the next table. One of em went on at great length and detail in a loud voice about having 12 feet of his colon removed. I finally put my plate down in front of him and said, "Here, you eat it!" and walked out.

(I did pay the bill, Wasn't the cafes' fault.)

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Sorry if I added a few too many red peppers to your spaghetti, there, old mixyplex.

ole joyful

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