What to cook so soon after Christmas for large gathering?

loralee_2007December 30, 2010

DH's sister & BF are in from London England. We've already had Xmas supper with them, and the entire family has had their fill of turkey & ham.

We have invited them for supper on Sunday, and have extended the invite to aunts/uncles since SIL has news - she's PREGNANT! (This is news because she is the 1st in our family with child!)

My problem is I'm trying to figure out what to make for supper since we're all turkey'd/ham'd out. We will have between 10-18 guests so this makes it more difficult to prepare so I'm hoping for some ideas from you as I'm looking for "oven" dishes.

Spagetti or Lasagna + Caesar Salad + Garlic Bread is good for 10 people - not so much for 18+. I won't know the final count until Saturday, so that's not much time for Sunday to shop if needed. It might even end up more than 18 if the cousins come.

I'm looking for meals that I can "prep" way ahead so that we can mingle with our family, rather than slaving in the kitchen.

What do you think about homemade beef stew + homemade bread? (The bread being pre-made same-day and then warmed in the oven prior to serving.)

Any other additions to this would be appreciated, or any other completely different suggestions would also be appreciated.



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Beef stew is good... but so is lasagna....why NOT for 20?
Would you consider oven fried chicken? How about meat loaf?2 big 2 1/2 pound loaves ought to do it,

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