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milkdud_2007December 22, 2008

Getting us started for the first time in ages!!!

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Okay, Good morning, ladies! It's very cold here (32 F) and very overcast.

Today is the day we deliver the Angel Tree gifts! I hope the rain holds off until we "git 'er done"! I'm the designated gift runner today, so I'll be out in it while the driver sits snug and warm. Brrr!

Once I get back home and warmed up, I need to start my own gift wrapping and getting ready for this lovely week.

I'll be checking back in later in the day, but I'm sure that I need to send WARM WISHES to those of you in the super cold parts of the country!

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Happy Monday all,

We survived three days of non-stop snow and I dare not guess at how much we got but suffice it say it's over 2 feet! No electricity was lost but still so many without from the ice storm! Today, very windy and bitter cold. These poor guys working on the lines.

We all need a little cheering up - well I do and it's time for the girls to sing my favorite Christmas song again! Enjoy this annual treat!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cluck of the Bells

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Suzanne - we are over 2 feet as well and the winds just started and since this snow is dry it is flying. Only you would find the "Cluck of the Bells" LOL.

Milkdud - thanks for getting us started. Stay safe and dry while you are on your angel mission.

Enjoy your day.

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NHSuzanne! LOVED the Chicken Serenade! Of course! So sad to hear about the power cuts in your area.

Milkdud: Your HEART will stay warm doing all those Angel Tree deliveries!

We've got about 8 inches of snow. It's icy cold here and we're not going down the hill unless we have to! We're on our second set of tire chain cables and this little town doesn't have any more in stock!

The roads are too nasty for our college DD to drive here, so we're putting her on a seaplane tomorrow and meeting her at the dock! She loves to fly, so this will be really fun for her. The only thing is---you'll laugh---there is a 24 pound luggage limit and she said she has more than 24 pounds of laundry to bring me! What a doll she is!

The other, older DD is here. She waited for a small break in the weather and drove halfway here, stayed at a friend's place, waited for another weather break, and drove the rest of the way Friday. However, she had to park her car in town (too icy and snowy on our hill). I drive her to town each day and she drives here car around town to see her friends and do her errands. Then she calls me in the evening and I pick her up. I said, "What happened here? I'm still running MOM'S TAXI and you're almost 21!" You guys know I LOVE IT!

Well, there has been no UPS or FedEx delivery for almost a week now, so I am hoping that my packages get here before the big day or I will have some 'splainin' to do, said Ricky to Lucy!

Raeanne-You should be getting my "card" in the mail any time now...I mailed it!

I love popping by here and seeing everyone checking in. Back tomorrow!

((((((((HUGGLES)))))))) Stay warm and safe!

With Attitude!, Yours Truly

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Good Tuesday all,

From a breezy -2 here in NH this morning! It will warm up a little today but boy is it cold!

BJ, I heard about your weather on the news last night! Seems like there is no shortage of bad weather around the country.

Raeanne, I love the House of Cluck! They are so silly and fun and well, very chicken like!! There a few other silly things on that site and I hope you found them.

Hope your guardian angel is watching over all of you!

JOHN - you need to stop here and spread your holiday cheer brother. WE MISS YOU.

AMY - you too. You are missed.

Day 12 and still 3,000 people of out of power! The crews are out there but it's not an easy task to find problems in the wooded rural areas. Keeping my fingers crossed that everyone is up and running and those crews all get home for Christmas.

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Good morning, lovely peeps! It's raining, but 54 F. so far today - bearable. I'm thankful that it didn't rain yesterday when it was in the low 30's.

I LOVED "Cluck of the Bells"! Thanks for sharing.

The deliveries went well yesterday, and I was officially "off-duty" as of 2 p.m.! I had to rest my bod the rest of the day from my shenanigans on Sunday, but today I'm raring to go!

I was up and out at Walmart by 8:30 this morning and got all my food and gift shopping finished!!! I now have everything I need to make "Crockpot Candy" and the containers in which to put it to deliver to my neighbors. I anticipated as well as possible what we'd need on Christmas day and Friday morning. I'm not going back to any store for any reason until at least Friday afternoon! LOL

I almost can't believe the weather most of y'all are receiving. Prayers and warm wishes are the best I can offer you. I'd gladly split the difference in our weather and y'all's if I could.

Today will be a cooking, gift-wrapping, and picking up around the house day for me. Tomorrow, I'll cook the turkey, and hubby and I will dust, mop, and vacuum for my kids' arrival. I'm really excited about having them here for Christmas. It's just been too long since we were all together for Christmas.

BJ, I hope your gifties arrive before Christmas and that everything falls right into place despite the weather.

Peggy, I received your Christmas card yesterday. Thanks!

Raeanne, Suzanne, and everyone, have a productive and safe day today!

Time to unpack and put away the groceries now that I'm in dry clothes and have peeked in here. Have a good one!

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Well, it's my last half-day at work until 5-January-2009! YIKES, so much to do in the last hour or so.

Found out the other night that we will only be 7 for dinner on Christmas Day. It's a huge difference from last year, but I'm really happy about it. I can sit everyone in the dining room and use good china. My menu can be nicer with a smaller group, and best of all....I get a Christmas Day with less stress.

Whoops! I'm late for a 12:30 meeting.

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Just popping in to say, "The best laid plans of mice and men........" because that's what's happened to me. My Dson and DDIL from Carrollton are coming this eveing instead of Christmas morning because my son has to work Saturday after all.

I just finished going to the little market to pick up what was forgotten at Walmart this morning. Luckily, I picked up dinner at Peso's, so I won't have to worry about that for us. I "just" have to put all the groceries away, wrap the gifts, clean the house and plan on what to cook tomorrow now with company around. They're wonderful helpers in the kitchen, but there are things I was going to do tomorrow that now will needing doing before 10 tonight! YIKES!

Just wanted to share my panic with y'all!

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Hi, everyone.

What a week! Just took my sister and her sweet family to the airport this morning. We enjoyed their visit so much! Lots of love and laughter shared. We spent Saturday and Sunday in our old home town with my mom and the rest of our siblings. Had our family get together on Sunday. Visited my father-in-law at the nursing home. He has Alzheimer's, but thank God, still remembers us and is so sweet and loving. He commented on how my husband and I had gained weight - but we didn't care, we were so thrilled he still remembers us and can carry on a conversation. Every time we leave him, we vow that we are going to come back and visit more often, because the day is coming when he won't remember us, or worse, no longer be here. Also, visited with my husband's step-mom, and it was okay, sometimes she seems more "ill" than my father-in-law.

My quadraplegic nephew had his surgery last week, and we visited with him on Sunday. He looked great, his dad was with him, who is still as full of it as he always was, but at least he was there with my nephew. Unfortunately, we found out last night that after our visit they discovered that Zach has developed a staph infection and a blood infection and they are transferring him to another long-term care specialty hospital. Please keep him in your prayers that he gets better soon and is receiving the best care possible.

So, now it's just my husband and me, and hopefully, a quiet Christmas. Next wave of company won't be until a week from Wednesday. They are coming to spend a long New Year's weekend with us.

I've enjoyed everyone's cards and hope the snow is melting and power restored, rains have stopped, and Christmas warms everyone's hearts. Happy Holidays!


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Quick check in - like everyone else running around like a nut! Weather is thankfully dry so far but very, very, very cold.

I probably won't get back on until at least Friday so I just wanted to say enjoy this special time with family and good friends...surround yourselves with love and joy. I hope this holiday brings all of you peace. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Love, Donna

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Good Wednesday,

I won't be around either until late Thursday or Friday.

I wish you all a joyous Christmas and hope you all enjoy your time with family and friends! There is so much to be grateful for.



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Merry Christmas to my Daily Support Family. I am thankful to each and everyone of you for your continued support, friendship and love. I hope all of you have have a Christmas filled with all that is important - love, health, happiness.

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BJ/Wildchicken - thank you so much for the calendar. I always have one by now but this year I didn't buy one. And this one will put a smile on my face each time I look at it and think of you (and Suzanne LOL). Love you girlfriend!

Suzanne - BJ got me a calendar that you would be so envious of. It is "Extraordinary Chickens". Believe me it is filled with chickens I never knew existed. One in particular could probably only be truly appreciated by you LOL - it's a Silkie - Non-Bearded Splash.

Jan - I am happy that your visit was such a nice one. I will keep your nephew in my prayers. I am sure you and your DH will enjoy your Christmas quietness.

I am way way behind this morning. We had to pick up DD#2 at the train (1+ hours away) and it was 3 1/2 hours late - the one thing I don't have to waste right now is TIME. We didn't get home until 3AM. We have a party to go to and I have a big dinner to prepare and the tree isn't decorated yet. I'm glad I work well under pressure LOL.

Love to all.

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Good morning! It's 69 F. and very cloudy again today.

My Dson and DDIL got in after midnight, and by the time we visited some and tried to acclimate my dog with their newest one and Lucky played with Poochini, it was VERY late. They're sleeping in this morning. Later, they'll drive over to Beaumont to see my xh and attend his inlaws's party.

I made my crockpot fudge yesterday, boxed it for delivery, and wrote notes to go with it for my neighbors. Now I just need to find the right time to deliver. We'll attend an Open House on the way to church this evening, then we'll drop by another friend's home for a Christmas Eve buffet before tucking in to await Santa's visit!

Wishing everyone here a joy-filled Christmas day. Relive your best memories and make some new ones this year! I'm so thankful for having such an awesome group of friends here!

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I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Be good, but have fun!!


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Merry Christmas!!

Hope every has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. We are leaving to go to my parent's house in a few minutes. I made Italian Wedding soup, all my cookies are packed and ready to go and the gifts just need to be loaded in the car.

I am happy to have my friends on this site to support me, even when I am not posting!!


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Thank you all for your caring support throughout the year!

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Well, we finally got all our kids here--one on a float plane! I have photos as evidence! lol.

We had a big brekky and now I'm doing the dishes and fixin' to start on dinner soon! The weather cleared. Yesterday, the kids had a day of sledding, but the snow is melting today. The deer came by for an apple brekky this morning. The kids tossed apples into the and the deer munched while oldest DD filmed it all.

So far, so good! Wishing everyone here a wonderful day.
I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you ALL to come to and vent, share, and read with. Each of you is a special part of my life. Years ago, when I joined here, I never thought that I'd meet people that would become such a large part of my life!

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Add me as another one of the grateful for this wonderful group of friends. We are having a wonderful time here with our family. We will be here until New Year's Eve then move on to DD's in OK.

Jan~Glad you are enjoying your family. Dave wanted to know why we weren't stopping by to see you too. I told him that you were very busy right now. ;)

Marci~Glad to see you posting.

Hi to everyone else. Just wanted to say hi quickly. Will see you soon. Love to all~Patti :-)

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas..Mine was great, the only thing that would have made it better would be if DS and DIL were here!

I spent today deChristmasizing....taking down tree and decor and wrapping so more. Tomorrow we have Christmas with my family at my sisters house. I am making a yummy chocolate trifle...at the request of my great-nephew!

Has anyone heard anything about the new WW program? I am definitely going to start it after the first of the year.


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Besh, I'm seriously re-considering WW (for the umpteenth time.) Talk, talk, talk is all I have done for the last couple of years. In the meantime, I googled and found this article re: WW's "Momentum." Is this what you were referring to?

Also, Patti, I am so sorry I wasn't able to link up with you while you were nearby. Hopefully, things will calm down soon (after one more wave of company that arrives on Wednesday!)

Anyhoo, here's the article.

Here is a link that might be useful: dietsinreview

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Besh - we missed DD#1 too, but we set up our webcams on the computer and spent about 2 hours with her on both Christmas Eve and Christmas - it was the next best thing. I get to hug her next month.

Wodka - I will check out that link, thanks for posting it.

Patti - glad the trip is going well.

Bj - I would love to see your DD arriving by float plane - how cool is that. Maybe I will arrive that way some day....

It is in the 40's and melting everything around here today.

I am doing some laundry, hope everyone else is having more fun than me LOL.

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