how to dispose of ashes

heimertJanuary 12, 2009

What should I do with ashes from a wood-burning fireplace? In with the regular garbage collection? Any benefit to the garden from them?

(btw, I do know to let them cool and ensure there are no embers before disposing).

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I put them in a pile in the back yard. In the spring I spread them on the grass. WOW! I have a nice green lawn. Nitrogen is good for lawns and gardens.

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i put mine in my compost heap. as a matter of a fact i need to add some other stuff since lately ash is all i been adding. you can also put them in a rotary or drop spreader and spread them on the lawn.

i have been known to dump them arround the base of some of my trees. no reason i did this other than that is where the previous owner dumped his ashes.

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Spreading them on the lawn or tilling them into a garden is great. It has the same effect as lime although not as proficient. If you have clay soil, by all means, mix the ashes in. The ashes are known as "clay busters". Try not to put them in a pile over 6 inches high in an area where a caustic substance will cause problems. Just an fyi for those who care...straining water through the ashes produces lye, great for old fashion soap making.

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Ashes will kill acid loving plants. I killed an evergreen tree and a few holly bushes by using my firewood ashes on these plants. Now I know better. I just put the ashes in the trash after they've cooled.

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