Did I goof - but don't tell DH

wantoretire_didDecember 12, 2008

Very good friend/neighbor called today to invite us to a dinner party post-Christmas. I accepted right away. Into the conversation, I asked who else would be there, as we are relatively newcomers and have only recently met some of their friends.

After I hung up, DH said that I had improperly asked who would be there. I told him that I thought it was only improper if asked PRIOR TO accepting.

Any thoughts? My mother was the queen of manners, and I would hate to think of her ashes fluttering over this ;-)

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I think it's fine if you asked after accepting.....
Its' those who hesitate upon being issued an invitation and ask.."Who's going to be there" that are ill mannered.
I don't think anyone could fault you if you said something like..."What fun! Thank you! Who else might I get to see there?'

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I agree with Lindac. In fact, I think it shows enthusiasm about the party. Your mother would be proud!

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