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nhsuzanneDecember 7, 2009

Good Monday all,

Boy is it cold here in NH this morning! There is snow on the ground and that makes it colder just 20 degrees this morning. I am in my office now and there is no heat! We are freezing - the oil company is on it's way (I hope) with fuel. Burrrrr Someone has messed up as we are on automatic delivery.

Marci, I can empathize with you immensely. You have so much life to give don't let this bad situation go on any longer than you need to. It's been too long already. I am thinking positive thoughts for you. ((((HUGS))))) I miss you alot.

Raeanne, sorry about the art show. I agree, most likely a sign of the times. We are all feeling it everywhere. Sigh..

How was your weekend?

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SURPRISE - Here I am posting 2 days in a row.

Suzanne - it is frigid here too. 11AM and 28 degrees. This is just so rude after the warm November we had. I had to go look at your photos again this morning, they are beautiful.

My mission this week is to get as much Christmas stuff out of the way as I can. The following 2 weeks are booked pretty solid for me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day

Marci/Patti - we have our exchange worked out and look forward to it. Thanks

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Hi Guys!

Tikanas: I need your address! I couldn't send you an email through this site because your "page" doesn't have an email link, but mine does, so you can send it through there. Make sense? lol!

Marci! Girlfriend, I know where you're at with the resignation letter. It's tough on the kids, yes, but do not allow yourself to be miserable! Kids bounce back-- Your life is SHORT---please think about enjoying it and not feeling guilty! (((((LOVE YOU!))))

I haven't been eating right, exercising, or anything. I really am not a LOSER - haha!

Okay, I gotta pull up my boot straps and get some will power. So far, I've been doing well TODAY!

I gotta catch up on my reading...here....

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Good Tuesday all,

It's frosty (18 degrees) and nippy here!

BJ, good to see you posting! Stop disappearing! I have attached an interesting article that I read a while back. Perhaps you can pull something from it - besides your boot straps!! LOL

Last night I finished the window boxes for my barn. They are so pretty. I will take a photo and post for you in the next day or two.

Donna! SOS, I need your address asap. If anyone here has Donna's address please send it to me.

We are expecting a really rotten storm starting early tomorrow morning. Snow changing to sleet and maybe rain...Friday is the anniversary of that horrific ice storm we had last year. I mean it was really horrible. Some people have not recovered financially or otherwise still. I am dreading it to say the least. Naturally, DH is out west!

SO, how is everyone doing in terms of getting ready for Christmas? Shopping, cooking, etc?

Here is a link that might be useful: Why Will Power Does Not Work

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Good morning!

suzanne, can't wait to see your window boxes! Good article. Yesterday at WW meeting we discussed the topic of stress and the holidays. I had missed the last meeting, so knew I really needed to make this one, even with the rain (stormy, stormy, stormy down here.) I had gained 1.2 pounds, but didn't let it bother me. I was lucky that's all I had gained since before Thanksgiving. I'll just do the best I can when I can. I even ate a homemade praline at the neighbor's party on Saturday and wow, was it ever good.

I have not begun my Christmas shopping yet. I'll probably brave the crowds next week.

What is helping me get in the spirit is listening to last year's Christmas CD by the a capella group "Straight No Chaser." Then last night, I caught their holiday special on PBS - they are the most entertaining group! They have a new holiday CD out this year, might have to get it, too.

Tonight's the Biggest Loser finale. I don't have a real favorite this year, but love seeing how great everyone has done.

Stay dry today and make the best of it.

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[[[[[[Marci]]]]]] I think about you often and miss you around here. Please start to think about yourself during this difficult time. You deserve to feel good and your DH deserves to have a happy Marci around him.

Suzanne, I have Donna's addy somewhere at home that I can forward to you (if I remember)!

ORNAMENT EXCHANGE: Are they any rules other than to try to get them delivered by Dec 23rd? I have an idea, but I don't want to be off in left field! LOL!

Gotta run; my director is IM'ing me!

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Dee, I am not aware of any "rules" for the exchange! Anyone else? I would appreciate it if you can remember to find Donna's address. I know she is busy with her construction project and don't know if she will even check in here!

I hope you do Donna, tell us how things are going.

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Suzanne, you've got mail! Found Donna's addy.

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You rock Dee, thanks so much!

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Ooh! I am behind a few days!

Marci, Suzanne, thank you both for suggesting Edible Arrangements. I ordered one for my sister's B-day tomorrow.

Raeanne, I am sorry that your show was a not the success you
had hoped for. I am sure it's the economy that has you stalled this year. I would love to see some of your work! (please)

Marci, my heart goes out to you. It's hard to move on sometimes...

Dee, yes, there are rules. Everyone is sending ME large gift baskets in addition to exchanging ornaments as originally planned. I am very surprised that you hadn't heard about this ; )

Gingerbread house making party was a success! We cheated this year and bought kits. NEVER again!! The pieces are too thick and they turn out really cheesy looking. But its all about the good company and conversation, of which we had plenty.

Jan, I have twice daily visits for an insulin dependent patient this week and next. I have to leave so early that it precludes morning exercise and I return home so late that I am too pooped out to do it. My scheduled weigh in is Saturday and I know its going to show on the scale : (
I need a pep talk or a good swift kick.

See ya tomorrow,


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Whenever you hear Christmas music, you are hereby required to sway, stroll, bop, or all-out dance to it...no matter where you are! I get strange looks in stores or while I'm driving, but I'm happy to be moving a bit. It's a start!

Make today count!

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Good morning!

We have sunshine again - yea! Actually wore shorts on our walk this a.m.

Tikanis, you sound like you burn a lot of calories just with your typical day! Just do the best you can when you can. Even our WW instructor told us not to "sweat" the weigh ins, not to put so much pressure on ourselves. It's so much more than that, making your life healthier.

I watched Dr. Oz yesterday and he suggested keeping a small set of handweights (like 5 pounds) at your office and just do about 20 reps (he suggested every hour), which might or might not not fit into your schedule. Or even do pushups, using your desk.

Anyone watch the Biggest Loser finale? I won't be the spoiler, but boy, oh boy, what transformations! I was so happy for Shay, for the surprise they gave her. Danny looked and acted like a completely different person.

Anyone love cheese? Mississippi State University is known for their cheese they produce and sell, and we've already received our first Christmas gift. Haven't opened it yet, but they have all types - edam, cheddar, softer spreads, etc. I could eat them all.

Dee, I agree with you about the music, Christmas or even non-Christmas! I'm not a great dancer, but make a good bobble-head - ha!

Have a great one.

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Suzanne - are you buried under. We have about 6 inches and it is coming down fast and furious. I hope it continues with the snow and not the freezing rain they are predicting later on. It's not as pretty as it was the other day LOL.

Tikanis - thanks for the heads up on the gift basket to you - I missed that hahaha. Remember the tacky ornament exchange? I still laugh thinking about that one.

Dee - you are a riot. I think you are always bopping, swaying, dancing...

I have to get some work done, enjoy the day!

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Good morning from stormy NH!

Raeanne, yes, we are buried under. We already have about 8" out there. I too hope we are excluded from the change over to sleet. Here they are predicting sleet but who knows! All I know is that I have to get home with enough light to do some shoveling of the chicken coop roof before we get any sleet. DO you know that this is the anniversary of last year's horrible ice storm! Today we have high wind gusts blowing snow around like crazy! I don't want to lose power today.

Jan, I have not seen BL yet. I started to watch last night but could not stand the commercials so I will watch Tivo tonight. What little I saw was amazing and I can't wait to see who wins. I really think Danny should win. He's such a nice person and has worked hard. Also, I can't think of anyone I know who doesn't love cheese!

Dee. I have been kicking butt since I got up this morning in the form of mucking and shoveling snow! I have tons more to do so no need to worry about me! LOL

Tikanis, I have always wanted to make a GB house ever since I watched the one Martha did years and years ago. I just cannot imagine how much work it is. I think it would be fun to make gingerbread men for ornaments though.

Check out the snow pony. She has been out all night standing guard. She is a true alpha mare that's for sure.

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We had such strong wind gusts, I thought we might lose a couple of preschoolers out in the parking lot! No snow, only rain and a small amount of hail on the way home from school.

I watched BL and was very happy with the winner. What great results everyone had and some happy stories too. I cried when they told Shay what they were giving her. And Wow, I didn't even know who Rebecca was!

Raeanne - Your mysterious package is on the way.

Well, my lights are flickering, so I had better shut this computer down.


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Hell....o all,

We got over a foot of the wet heavy variety! I left work early, started shoveling and moving snow at 3:30 when the snow switched to sleet and have just finished. I am too tired to do anything right now so I thought I would check in here. Wow, I will sleep well tonight. At least it was warm.

I am going to light a fire and watch BL tonight!

Hope everyone is safe and sound.

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Good evening to everyone!

Not feeling so hot, but I did want to post the recipe for the broccoli for whoever asked for it.

It's from the October issue of Food Network magazine.

Parmesan Broccoli (or Broccoli bites as my DGDs call them)

Preheat a baking sheet on the lower rack in a 450 degree oven. Blanch 1 head chopped broccoli in boiling water with salt and sliced garlic for 1 minute; drain. Toss with a splash of olive oil, a handful each of breadcrumbs and parmesan, salt & pepper. Place on the hot baking sheet and top with more cheese and breadcrumbs; roast until golden, about 15 minutes.

Sending good wishes to everyone!

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Hi all!

Dee, no rules, so what do you have in mind? :) (and yes, in the unspoken tradition of this place and for this event, I have some gorgeously tacky ornies for you. I just couldn't resist! heehee!)And I really do like Tikanis' idea. It's just a shame that she miswrote that the baskets should be sent to *her*, when obviously she meant to say that they should be sent to **me**. Honestly, you'd think she'd be able to get it right.... LOL!!!

Marci--(((((hugs!!))) Sis, I can so relate to your situation. I was there pretty much all of '08, and it was shear h3ll. I loved my job, and the clients, but the powers-that-be were beyond horrible, and I was so very glad when we were bought and my position was eliminated. I was so streesed out b/c of that d@mned job that I have really done a number on my health, and what's truly important to me (Rog and family) was ignored for so long. I had nothing left in me day after day, so I couldn't give to anyone else. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, and honestly, one cold day last November, I sat at my desk, and seriously thought I was having a heart attack. No joke. The nurse wasn't in, and I had to finish payroll, so I worked through the discomfort. (I never had it checked out, but I had symptoms on and off for about a week.)It's not worth it. It's not. Like Cher sang, if I could turn back time.....sister, things would be much different now. :) You'll know when the time is right.

Suzanne--I swear, you should be a photographer. I wish I had your talent! (But not your snow!!! LOL!)

Gotta go--one last test tomorrow night, and then finals next week!



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Good morning all,

Milkdud, I hope you feel better today.

Maddie, good luck on your finals! You are going to ace your test tonight, no problem, it's a done deal! I am thinking positive.

Marci and Jan, I am so happy about the winner of BL. I cried alot - I swear this year has been so moving. What a nice gift to Shay - I have to say that I think she deserves it. I don't think I like Rebecca's hair that color but wow has she come a long way. Tracy looked weird too. They have all done so well.

Raeanne, how did you make out? I heard that upstate NY is going to get major lake effect snow measurable in feet like 3 feet is a prediction! I hope that isn't where you are.

So how is everyone today? I am tired from shoveling!

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Wow, it's lonely here today! Where is everyone?

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Hi Suzanne - The big snow is in western NY, so I am safe for now. We ended up with 6 or 7 inches and that caused enough trouble.

Maddie - I am thinking of making the sticky chicken over the weekend, do you have any tips? ROFLMAO - I wish we could resurrect your story for some good laughs. I am also sending positive thoughts for your test.

Milkdud - thanks for the recipes, sounds yummers. I hope you are feeling better.

I had my annual gyn check-up and then went Christmas shopping - double UGHHHH LOL.

I joined a book club at our local library and we are reading The Shadow of the Wind which I am really enjoying, thank goodness, because it is a long book. I haven't been reading much lately and thought this would help.

Speaking of books, does anyone here own a Kindle or another kind of electronic reader? I have been thinking of getting one. A friend has the Sony Reader and loves it, another friend has the Kindle and she loves it. I know if you have Kindle you can only get your books through Amazon, so if I get one I am leaning towards the Sony. Whatever I decide will be well after Christmas (when they either come down in price or go on sale LOL).

Has anyone ever seen "winter roses" - they are a type of pointsettia that the flower curls under a bit. They are beautiful and I bought a couple for my fireplace - I hope I don't kill them before Christmas LOL.

Have a great afternoon.

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Thanks for the good thoughts about my job. I am sure my family is tired of me complaining, so I have tried to tone it down, but it helps to know that others have been in my shoes.

NHSuzanne - I thought Tracy looked like she had lost too much weight. Her face looked drawn. But for the most part, I thought everyone looked great.

Raeanne - I don't have any luck with poinsettias at all. I have killed every one I have ever received. My favorite gift from one of my preschoolers was a beautiful silk poinsettia. It looked so real that I actually tried to water it before I realized it was fake! LOL I still have it, 10 years later.

I have to make 4 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange this weekend. I really was not in the mood to bake, but then I remembered that I have a new Kitchen Aid mixer that needs broken in and suddenly I feel like baking. So I am off to stir my chili and start the dough.


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Good two-weeks-until Christmas Eve!

I swore last weekend that I'd finished my Christmas shopping, then SD announced that she was bringing her new boyfriend for Christmas, so that meant another trip out today to buy for him. Can't have anyone just sitting there on Christmas morning while everyone else is opening their gifts!!! Actually, he was the easiest person on my list to shop for.LOL

Suzanne, I not only copied your recipe for the mug cakes, but I also copied and saved the photo! I want to make those next Christmas. Too much on my plate this year as I'm realizing the hard way. My house is in desperate need of attention. Our trip is still not officially decorated yet, nor is the house. *sigh*

Marci, I'm glad that you're feeling better. Once you announce your pending retirement, you'll feel even better!

Raeanne, way to go on getting that physical!

BJ, your ornie will be on its way tomorrow, so watch for it!

Maddie, hope you did great on your test last night, and happy studying this weekend for the exams next week!

Jan, I finally watched BL this morning, and it was so good! I've never been a Tracie fan, and I thought her face looked very wrinkly when she'd smile. Her excess weight left her 'loose'.

Tikanis, do the best you can on working out. It's all you CAN do, so don't be so hard on yourself.

I've got almost all my postal items ready to mail tomorrow morning, then I'm off to donate items to our local thrift store, and then to our church to wrap all the presents we bought last Thursday for the Angel Tree.

Tomorrow night is a business Christmas party - a fancy dress one! Saturday night is hubby's company party, and it's also dressy. It's so cold here and will be for the next few days that I had to buy a dressy black wrap to wear with my party clothes this weekend.

I have one more present to tend to before I can box it up for mailing, so I'll end now. Just wanted to check in with everyone. Have a good evening!

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Other than the orny exchange, I have not purchased one gift. YIKES; ths is the latest ever for me (who used to have gifts purchased and wrapped by November 1st)! Thought I'd sneak out of this office around 11am and head off to Barnes and Noble for some kiddie books and armfuls of gift certificates. That should take care of most of my shopping! LOL!!!

Marci, I'm glad you are feeling better. You will love your KA. I use it for everything. Pizza dough is a snap; mashed potatoes, everything! Have fun with it girlfriend.

Maddie, you are getting things mixed up. Tikanas meant to write that all gift baskets are to be sent to the EAST coast to my address. In the spirit of the season, I vow to raffle off all duplicates to the rest of you. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run now. Behave!

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It's Friday, YAHOO!


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YAHOO, indeed, Tikanis...apologies for always spelling your name incorrectly. It's an "I"; not an "A", Dee.....an "I"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi all!

Well. The Test. It was bad. Horrible, in fact. It was so bad that the professor was grading the exact test from a prior class, and the best student even did poorly. I know that I tried, and that I did my best. We'll see. Sigh.

Raeanne--well, I do have a stapler handy if you need it! LOL!! Gad, that was such a mess! You know, that was the first and only time I ever made it. (Ran out of staples!)

We've had a great day--we went shopping and then out to lunch at an Indian restaurant. Yum! I'm finished, but I still like to look!

Gotta go--



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Good Sunday all,

Maddie, I know you did well and you MUST believe you did sister!

Raeanne, I got DH a Kindle for his road trips last year and he absolutely loves it. He can get reading of any kind with the push of a few buttons. For him, it's the best thing yet!

Donna, a package will be in the mail to you tomorrow morning!

I have been having a great weekend myself. I took Friday off to go shopping with two girlfriends. Fun shopping not I NEED to find something shopping. We hit every spot that we wanted to had a great lunch and was home by 4:00pm. It was unbelievably cold and windy!

Yesterday, a good friend and I went to the Wassail parade in Woodstock, VT. I don't get to see her very often so it was great fun. If you ever get the chance to go you should. Woodstock is just a lovely place and it is covered with farms! The village is quaint and the Christmas spirit is running high on the Wassail weekend! If you are lacking the spirit you will get more than enough in Woodstock. I will post pictures tomorrow if I have any good ones.

This morning the temperature at 7:00 am is a balmy 3 degrees! It is supposed to warm up into the 30's at which point I will go out on the tractor and push snow back! We now have about 18" of snow now. It's pretty but this arctic air is not fun.

How is your weekend going?

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Suzanne - Woodstock VT is my favorite place in VT. Is that easier for you to get to than Manchester Center? If so, maybe we can meet there some time. I am glad DH likes his Kindle. I may get one after Christmas. Every time I got to buy a book I put it off just in case I end up buying one. I hope it warms up by you. We are in the 20's which sounds balmy compared to you.

I don't have a long list of shopping this year, but I am putting it off as long as I can UGHHH. I may take tomorrow off and just do it! I have a meeting in the morning and will be down by the stores. I should just make the most of it.

Maddie - No stapler necessary as I forget to prepare the chicken last night. I just stuck it in the crockpot this AM with all the ingredients. If it comes out well, maybe you can attempt it again - much safer for you this way LOL.

Anyone else doing any laundry? I am on load #3 - BJ????

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((((Maddie!!))) Remember, it's just ONE test, not the whole semester, girl. You may have done better than you think, too. You know that next time you will be better prepared no matter what this one's outcome. We can't help that life gets in the way sometimes! Oh, and stop trying to steal my gift baskets! Lol!

Milkdud, thanks for the recipe! I copied Suzanne's Chocolate mugs, too. How was the party? Poor thing had to buy new clothes....

Suzanne, I am holding you to the promise of those photos. You really should consider publishing some of these if you haven't already!

Dee, keep your cotton pickin' hands off my gift baskets!
"TikanIS" is the Greek word for "hi, how are you". I got this nick name for being so "chatty" Ha Ha! I USED TO sign on as "tikanAS" because I mistyped it when I first signed on with Garden Web : )

Raeanne, count me among the members of the Laundry Brigade. Checking in with load #2 here. I wish we could reprint the Sticky Chicken story! What a hoot THAT was!

It's a chilly 48 degrees at my house right now. (I know, I know, but this is California, for cryin' out loud!) I love it. We had a bit of rain Friday & Saturday and it remains overcast with a dusting of snow on my mountains.

Thank you all for the Edible Arrangement idea. My sister LOVED her basket and had a hard time keeping it away from co workers.

Well, ladies, I don't know how I managed it, but I lost 3 lbs since just before Thanksgiving. Imagine what I could do if I put my rear in gear and EXERCISED already!!!

I am off to ride my bike awhile, then there is a Sunday afternoon nap with my name on it... : )

See Ya,


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