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deemarie5500December 17, 2007

RISE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Monday all,

Maddie (((((((HUGS))))))) I hope all is well with your mother. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.

Okay, this morning I had to shovel all the snow I shoveled yesterday because the wind is making drifts. It's the hardest kind of snow to shovel. Plus my donkeys were trapped in their stalls so I had to dig them out!!

Today the sun is shining but it's very windy. It is absolutely gorgeous! The sun is bright and even though it's cold the snow is pretty to look at. A real winter wonderland.

Hope you all can check in today.

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Maddie - (((((HUGS)))) I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

Suzanne - If my DH knew what you were capable of he would leave me LOL. A woman that can defrost a hydrant, rescue donkeys, and shovel the north 40 twice - you are "Superwoman". It is beautiful here today too with bright blue skies against all the fresh snow.

Dee - did you ever get your snow village done? You should take photos of that for Marci. If Patti comes to the Albany area - it would be about 2 1/2 hours from you - we should definitely make a point of meeting up with her and Dave.

I wouldn't mind all of the running around and work involved with Christmas if someone would come and clean and cook for me.

We went to a wonderful party on Saturday night. The host asked if I would be his photographer and I had a blast. It is amazing what great pictures you can get as the night goes on LOL. We have 2 parties this week and 2 next week and aside from New Year's we should be done with them.

Lynn - if it was 60 around here, everyone would be walking around in short sleeves LOL.

Enjoy your day!

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FIRST OFF: (((((((((HUGGLES, MADDIE)))))))) I wish we could be there with you, sister.

Hi Guys!

Dee: Thanks for getting us started! Your package is going by FAST mail---should be there soon! I haven't read but I assume the "open date" is still the 21st?

I haven't had a chance to read or check in for a while, but think about it each day. :-)

With all the kids here, plus their boy friends, ARGGGGG!-- (but a happy kind of ARGGGG!) DH came for the weekend and Friday, we did some heavy partying with an old friend from out of town, then on Saturday, we had the most romantic evening in a long time--Italian restaurant, low lights, wine, and----yeah, baby!

Raeanne, you are hilarious with your picture taking. I can imagine what the heck kinds of pics you were taking!!!!

NHSuzanne~You bring new meaning to the phrase "Keep On Truckin'!"

Back later----last minute shopping with oldest DD today and then off to the island later this week!

Cheers! And check in!

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Maddie - Big (((HUGS))) to you. I hope things with your mom improve!!!!

Dee - Package received today. Thank you.

Hoping to hear from you Donna that you got your package.

Take care ,


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(((Maddie))) - Holidays are stressful enough without other things going wrong. Here's hoping that things improve with your mother.

Raeanne - Your package arrived in a snow storm yesterday! The mailman earned his paycheck yesterday, working on a Sunday and in a snow storm. But he never rang the doorbell, just left the package on my front porch, which isn't covered. Luckily DH spotted it when he left for work and alerted me. Now it is waiting under my tree for opening day. Can't wait.

I got a bit of bad news today. My DSIL's mother died this morning of a massive stroke. So I will be attending funeral services in the next few days. I feel so bad for her. A niece on her side of the family just had a grapefruit size tumor removed from her abdomen and now this. So if I am not around for a couple of days, you'll know where I am.

4 days and counting to Christmas break!

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NHSuzanne~ Package received---actually, the other day. I packed it to go to the island and forgot to tell you I received it! Also, I have the 22nd for opening day on my calendar, not the 21st. My bad.

Hugs, Marci----what a sad thing to have a death in the family, especially at this time of year.

I'm wrapping packages and getting everythig together to ship out, and doing last minute jazz around here---I'll be up late tonight.

I get to visit my dog (the one I have to give up---remember it was her or DH-I picked DH), anyway, I'm visiting her on Thursday. That's going to be a teary reunion, I'm sure, but a great Christmas event.

Back in the morning...

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Good Tuesday morning,

Marci ((((HUGS)))) to you and your family. All I can say is that at least she went fast. I hope your DSIL is doing okay and I will send positive thoughts and prayers her way.

Maddie, please let us know how your mother is.

BJ, how terribly sad to have to choose between two things you love. Reminds me of that horrific scene in Sophies Choice when she has to choose which of her children.....ugh. Glad your package arrived safely.

Jen, I got your Christmas greeting. How beautiful your two girls are! I cannot believe how quickly kids grow! Thanks for sharing.

I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in and it registered 3#'s UP........Yikes! I am going to wait until tomorrow to see if that is just a water weight fluke or something before I actually record it at WW online......I could not have gained 3# since last Tuesday! I hope. It's a bit discouraging.

Okay, I have to share this. I know I have been doing a lot of complaining about the weather and the hardships of keeping a barn of animals and chicken coop full of chickens when it's beyond frigid BUT I really do lead a charmed life in many ways for which I am grateful. I had this epiphany this morning as I stepped out into sub-zero weather at 5:30 am. It's so cold that it took my breath away but looking out into the starlit darkness illuminated only by a waning 1/2 moon I could see the newly fallen snow sparkling like the landscaped was covered in a perfectly cut diamonds. And the sky was filled with stars that seemed so close I could reach up an pull one down. It really was beautiful this crystallized early morning world of mine. I am grateful to be able to see that beauty.

Hope everyone gets to experience something beautiful today and remember it can be seen in the most unexpected places!

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NHSuzanne, Very cool message this morning about appreciating the beautiful things in life...thank you. I love getting up every morning to talk to each of my kiddles as they rise and get their days started. I get a little time with each of them, as they all head off to school at different times. And since DD is home from college, I've been spending my days with her. Listening to my kids gives me several ways in which to view the world. Soon (hopefully) I will have another little one in the house and the way I look at the world will change again-a ground level view!

(As far as the weight gain, my guess is it's from all the physical work. Your body is likely holding onto hydration in your muscle tissue.)

Jen, the girls are SO cute! You are lucky,lucky lucky!

Well, off to finish up my holiday loose ends...

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Good TUESDAY morning!

[[[[[[[[[[[[[Maddie & Marci]]]]]]]]]]]] With all the hustle and bustle, we seem to forget that live goes on, along with the hurdles. My prayers are with you both and your families.

Raeanne, I will take pictures of the Snow Village(s) and send them along to Marci for our album later this week.

We have a totally free calendar this weekend, which is unusual for us. I've completed all my holiday baking already, and DH agreed with me that my Christmas Day menu will be a bit shorter this year because of all the leftovers we had last year. I'm also getting company on the 27th and the 29th for dinner, so I should not be so harried over them (with less to think about on the Day!)

To quote Maddie, work is screaming!!! Good news is that I'm being taken out to a very fancy luncheon today as a thank-you for my corporate community involvement work. That should be nice.

OK, I"m off to sign a folder full of docs that our administrative assistant just plopped on my desk.


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Good Wednesday morning all,

Check in when you have a chance and let us know how you are doing.

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Would everyone kindly keep praying for Maddie's mom? I spoke with her yesterday evening, and they are all still struggling with this. I know she would appreciate it.

I need to get 2 huge projects before this day ends.

Been having back pain since last week and this morning I asked DH to put that geriatric blue gel on my back. It smells awful but feels so good. Also, I dug out a long line bra to wear (sorry John!) It really helps me keep my back straight (and takes a few inches off the waist)!

Make today count!

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Good Morning...NHSuzanne!!!!---although it's quickly approaching afternoon on the east coast!

I'm off to do the last minute stuff: groceries for the trip (some things are just NOT available on the island), extra gift certs (in case I forgot someone's gift), a return (already!), and the post office (I'm dreading it, but what can I say-I made my bed...!). Oh, and several coffee stops in between all that.

Dee: Not to worry---I mailed your package with a GUARANTEED arrival by Friday! I went for the tacky ornament and all! ;-) Hope your back feels better--ohmmmmm...bathe in the blue gel of serenity....ohmmmmmm...

(((((((((HUGGLES, MADDIE)))))))))) We're all thinking of you and sending encouraging thoughts and prayers. Stay sane, girlfriend. Embrace whatever help is offered. Take advantage of quiet moments by diverting your thoughts into a more peaceful place, if only for a minute or 2. Close your eyes and take a step back from the intensity of what's going on right now. You are loved.....

Marci, are you off on Friday? My kids last day was yesterday.

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My BJ aren't you in a Zen place today! Good for you girl. Ommmmmmmm - glad to see you embracing the vibration of the universe.

((((((HUGS MADDIE))))) we are all thinking and praying for you and your family.

Dee, I hope your back feels better soon. I just saw a neat thing called the Turtle on the web. Check it out - sounds very interesting. Google the Turtle for back pain

We are expecting 6-9" of snow this evening into tomorrow morning..........Yippee!

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Ha! Yes, that's me--- "ZEN GIRL!"

I even have a sign in my office that says:


I think it's affecting me...


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So, how does one "shut up and meditate" when they are hopped up on high test java? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Hey Everyone
Don't fall over from shock - it's Joanne!
I was cleaning out my favourites on the computer and up came the Diet Club - so I went back over the past few weeks and just had to post.
So much has happened in the past year
Mom passed away Jan 8th
Had breast reduction June 4th (close your ears John)
Am down to 125 lbs.
Moving houses February 1st
Is that enough for now.
Miss you all and I will post more often - I promise.

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Welcome back, Joanne!! Good to see you again!

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Popping in quick for a couple of things --

((Maddie)) keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

Lynn - my package arrived safe and sound today! Can't wait until we open :-)

Raeanne - if yours doesn't arrive by today it should get there tomorrow - UPS told me you have an unauthorized address, how do you like that??

Joanne - glad to see you, sorry about your mom.

Will try and check in later tonight, if not will tomorrow.

((Hugs)) to all that need them.


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I felt a disturbance in the force, sure enough someone said breast reduction! the horror! JK :)

I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a great holiday and have fun opening them packages!

Things are OK here. My uncle passed this week, he wasnt close to us, but was my dads last living relative, so hes taking it pretty hard.

More snow is on the way right now... it makes the floors at the hospital a mess with all the salt and sand.. so Im not loving it this year!

Speaking of work... back to it for me!

/hugs all around


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Sneaking in to catch up with y'all! :)

((((((((((Maddie and Mom)))))))))) Sending good thoughts for your mom and you, Maddie.

I've been running around trying to finish up my Christmas shopping and getting a few more things to decorate the house for year-round. We found a terrific handyman who will be coming out here on Friday to hang curtain rods, an old wooden wall telephone, a huge collage from a restaurant in H's college days, and pictures all over the house. It has taken me almost 4 months to decide on and purchase things for this house, and now I'm ready to see everything in its place!

It's so nice to see so many postings this week. I love coming here to read about all the goings-on with everyone! You are such industrious people on this board.

I'll probably be in absentia until I get the house done. Hubby's daughter is coming in Saturday, and hopefully, we'll have my youngest Dson and his family over here on Sunday. I may peek in because I like seeing how everyone is. If you're checking out early for the holidays, I wish you a safe and happy Christmas!

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Dee: I meditate REALLY fast....honestly! I have to say I had the most delicious latte yesterday. It was called intensely chocolate latte and IT WAS. But I think it was the triple shot of espresso that sent me into orbit. Nothing's in retrograde around here!!!

Joanne! Hello stranger! Down to 125 pounds???---exactly how much did your breasts weigh????? (just kiddin') Hugs about your mom, though. Sounds like your entire life is changing! --Are you staying in the same town; just moving to a different house? Pop in a little more frequently, eh?---that's a Canadian "eh?"...

John! I'm giving you hugs for your uncle---just 'cause I can! No snow here... JUST LOTS and LOTS of rain. Sometimes I think my house is just going to slide down the hill---it freaks me out!

DonnaSNJ- the UPS guy will find Raeanne---she probably knows him personally! lol.

Milkdud~ Yay! Nice to have a good handy guy. How'd you find him? I lost my handyman. He was my GF's hubby and they're getting a divorce. It got bad; I sided with her; I lost my handyman. WAHHHHHH! Have a great vacay!

I'm off to see (and re-train) my dog on Thursday. It'll be strange seeing her again. PICTURES! Crying! Treats! (for the dog, that is). I'll pop in and say how it goes.

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Hey, BJ! Actually our nice neighbor down the street came down during our garage sale in October to see if we had any good junk, and he happened to have this guy putting new hardware on his gate and mentioned him to us. Hubby went down there and talked to him about flooring our attic, something H couldn't do because we no longer have a truck. Then, last Thursday night, when he finished another project at our neighbor's, he just stopped by to let us know that he had a little free time coming up if we still wanted anything done. I snagged him to hang stuff because I can no longer climb ladders. He'll have my H on hand Friday "helping", so I hope he doesn't charge us extra for that! LOL

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Joanne great to hear from you. I also wondered how much the breast weigh? LOL Glad things are well with you.

John ((((((HUGS)))))) to you and your family! You are too funny on "feeling a disturbance in the force" LOL Please stop in a little more often - I miss your special brand of humor. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Dee, BJ went to the Evelyn Wood speed reading course on meditation! LOL

Donna, stop back soon and tell us what you are up to for Christmas!

Raeanne, where are you?

QOD: Who is all done with Christmas shopping? Are you cooking a meal? What are you doing for Christmas?

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Happy THURSDAY!!!!

WOW! John and Joanne in the same week. I'm not worthy......I'm not worthy!!! Seriously, we want to hear from both of you more often.

[[[[[[[John, Joanne, Maddie's family]]]]]]]]]] Hope everyone can put on foot in front of the other and make it through the rough times.

QOD: So far, this weekend is going to be dull with no parties. Christmas Eve I have asked my DB and DBIL over for dinner, but no responses yet. DH and I usually have a quiet dinner and then put out the traditional community luminaries out front. Then we walk (weather permitting) around the lake with all the luminaries surrounding the's amazing. Christmas Day, it's DH's family at our home for dinner (3-7pm). On the 27th, I've got 3 amigos coming by for a girlie night dinner. On the 29th, my family arrives at our home for the weekend.


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Hi Guys!

Had a great visit with my old dog today. Her owner is so cool and we email back and forth and exchange photos all the time, but the in-person visit can't be beat. I ran all over the park with the dog and had a blast...and gave her WAY too many treats!

I'm still packing my truck for my trip tomorrow---heading out at 6:30 and should reach the island by 11am. Then I have to unpack the truck and put everything away. DH doesn't grocery shop much, so I am bringing a lot of basics plus FOOD!

QOD: I am done shopping except for a few last minute, frantic food gifts I need to have sent to relatives. I'll just make them New Year's I still have to box up and mail some stuff tonight. Luckily, I have an online postage deal & a postage scale, so I can mail stuff from here. I am cooking something (whatever I can find on the island) for Christmas dinner, but will probably GRILL whatever I find, as my oven is TINY over there and the kitchen is MINUSCULE! Doesn't matter much though, 'cause food is secondary when we do these holidays together! MIL & DIL are coming on Christmas eve and staying until the weekend. I am looking forward to switching to "island time" for the week!

I'll check in tomorrow after I get on the rock.

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Here I am Suzanne - Tis the season to be overworked, overpartied and overdrawn LOL.

Donna - your package arrived safe and sound and is patiently waiting for me to open. I try to be as unauthorized as possible LOL. We are rural and even my GPS get a bit confused about where home is.

Milkdud - enjoy your weekend with the company - it sounds like you will be busy and having fun.

BJ - as usual you have made me feel like my chaois is nothing compared to yours LOL. I am glad you will be on island time for week - you need it.

Joanne - (((((HUGS))))) I had to read your post twice, I couldn't believe my eyes. Come back we need to know more.

John - now we know how to get you to post here.

Jen - I agree your girls are more gorgeous each year. Galen is going to have his hands full when the boys catch on to how pretty they are LOL.

Dee - I always love to hear about your luminaries around the lake - it must be beautiful. Our town did that one night a few years ago and it was stunning.

QOD - We are picking up DD#2 at train tonight, party tomorrow night, Sunday will be some cooking and cleaning, Christmas Eve we go to a party and then have a quiet dinner home, Christmas Day we are off to NYC to spend with my family and take DD home, Wednesday we will be back home.

I woke up this morning around 4 and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and wrapped presents until 6:00 when I had to leave for the gym.

Make the most of your day, but don't forget to stop and smell the roses, coffee or snow.

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Hi! [[[[H U G S]]]] to all who need them. We got here on Saturday instead of Monday & we took our time too. LOL We have really had a great time. We are having a dinner with DSis & all tonight & a get-together with all of family tomorrow in DS#1's new home. He decided to move in Wed. instead of waiting until the end of Jan. It is really lovely. The DGD is absolutely wonderful & Dave & I are gushing with absolutely wonderful things to say about her. She had a dr. check-up yesterday & he said that she is one of his "favorites" b/c at this age they usually cry but she didn't. She just let him examine her & chilled out. She got a great report. She is above on everything. We'll leave on Sun to go to my parents home, will go to DB's home on Tues & then go to Dave's parents on Wed. I guess that we will play it by ear then. It was great to have the opportunity to come here & catch up with all. I'm sorry that some of you had some bad news. I do hope that things get better. The trip here was uneventful & the weather has been cooperative. Yippee! I cannot think of anything to complain about. :) Dave cooked salmon last night, a steak for DS#1 (who doesn't eat fish). We will fix pulled pork for tomorrow's feast. My eating is going well. DS#1 actually asked if I had gotten my stomach stapled! ROFLMBO BFN I miss ya. Be good to yourselves...Patti :) :)

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Great to hear from Raeanne, BJ, and Patti! I'm so glad that with all that's going on, everyone is finding some time to share.

We are incredibly busy at the office with last minute closeouts on projects. My team just wants to go home and enjoy the holidays, but at least it will ease the load a bit in early January.

Maddie, please check in with us this weekend. Remember our discussion about how you need to talk to your boss? Kick some butt, NYC-style girlfriend! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

OK, I should get back to work so that I can leave this joint by 2pm and get my hair touched up and trimmed.

DH and I have a date tonight to shop at BJ's and then grab a pizza (sshhhhhssshhh, I know it's fattening, but it's my alltime favorite food and I've not had it in over 2 months).

Will check in later..........

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Good evening! Everybody seems to be in good spirits here!

My wonderful handyman came today and stayed till the job (for now!) was done. My house now looks like a home! I have curtains up at almost every window (waiting for the master bedroom ones which are on backorder), large pictures and mirrors are now hung, misplaced holes from aborted attempts to do-it-ourselves caulked and touched up, and organization in the kitchen and garage! I felt like crying as he was working because after 4 months here, things finally are in place and it feels right to me for the first time since we left our old home.

I even forgot to eat today because I was so caught up in everything and had to "supervise". And, no, he didn't charge extra for my help! LOL Tonight, we went out to Applebee's for dinner, and I ate the most delicious WW-approved grilled chicken salad. Yum!

Tomorrow, I clean and finish setting out Christmas things on surfaces. I think DSD is coming in Sunday instead of Saturday. She's a florist, and won't get off now until late tomorrow evening. Since we live way out in the country, it's going to be safer for her to wait and drive to a strange, new place in daylight. I'm going to hit a newly discovered antique/gift shop for some special candles I need for an antique hook.

I'll probably read here because I really enjoy keeping up with everyone, but I may not post. Know that I'm keeping good thoughts for everyone this weekend. I hope your weather is decent, the traffic is gentle, and the sales are excellent!

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Good Morning!!!!!

Maddi - more ((HUGS)) I am thinking of you and hope things are improving for you!!!!!'s the 22nd......I waited long enough.....I opened the gifts!!!!

Dee - Thank you so much for the lovely gifts. She sent me a flameless candle which changes colors (scented vanilla). Some Cranberry-Orange Jam, a gift bag with lip balm and a candle and soap in it, and a pretty clam shell from the Jersey Shore with a snowman scene painted inside. I like it. It is already on the tree. Thanks again!!!!! I enjoyed getting them, opening them and now get to admire them...I will try to send marci a pic.

Hope everyone else opens their packages today too!!!!

Raeanne - I got up early like you did yesterday. I got up at 4 am, started baking cookies again and finishing off others I made yesterday...dipping in chocolate etc. We are visiting friends today to celebrate the holday and will take some to them. DH will drop off a plate of cookies at his work for those who are working there today.

Milkdud - Congrats on getting things done. Especially around the holidays!!!! I know it is difficult to get to a finshed piont. How nice to have your home now.... I love that homey feeling. You will finally be able to sit back a breathe.

a big hello to those I missed..... take care!!!


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Merry Christmas everyone!

(((Maddie))) Thinking of you.

Things have been quite hectic here this week (like I'm the only one right?). My DS had his Eagle Board of Review this week. It is a two hour interview reviewing and discussing everything he has done to earn this rank. He went through it with flying colors and entertained the board as he went. I now have 2 Eagle Scouts and am quite proud of both of them. We also had his football banquet Thursday night and I had a job interview on Wednesday. (Looks really promising, and I am keeping my fingers crossed)

Last weekend DH, DS, my Mom and I flew to Virginia for the weekend to see DS and DDIL for Christmas. It was the first time we had seen their new house. It was so exciting. The house is adorable and has so much potential for them. They are so happy there and in their new jobs. I couldn't be prouder. Ofcourse I would like it if they were closer!

Today I am wrapping and cleaning. Tonight we are going to dinner and tomorrow I am doing laundry. It is so nice to have a whole weekend before Christmas to get ready.

(((HUGS))) all around. Happy Holidays!


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[[[[[Besh]]]] Good Luck with the new job interview results. We missed you around here.

Lynn, I'm so glad you liked the gifts....I forgot to include notes to explain some of the gifts. The flameless candle can also be switched to a white/yellow light, so look for the instructions. I use mine on the multi-color setting during Easter! Also, the cranberry jam came from the New Jersey Cranberry Festival I attended. I used some of mine in bar cookies this year, and it's delish! The soap from the gift bag as also milled in New Jersey! ENJOY!!!

Will be back appears that I had a visit from Santa 3 times in the last 2 days (Raeanne, Maddie, and BJ--who was my original partner). Looks like I won the lottery!

On to boring laundry.......

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Happy Day! The school week is over and I am officially on Christmas vacation. Our parties and programs went well and the kids pulled off their plays with only a few minor mishaps. But I am so glad to be done.

DS flew in last night and we are leaving in an hour to go get DD at the airport and then heading straight to my parent's house to start the Christmas celebrations. My DB and DSIL are still in town fromt the funeral but are only staying until Sunday. So we are opening some gifts today.

I wanted to come on and wish everyone a Merry Christmas though, since I didn't send cards this year. Somehow I just never got around to it. But thank you to those who did send to me.

Raeanne - I opened my gifts this morning. Thank you for everything! (I felt like Lynn - I couldn't wait any longer! LOL)

Raeanne got me a darling felted wool Panda bear (I love it!), diamond earrings (just kidding - but they are a beautiful stone called a Herkimer Diamond that is mined in a town close to Raeanne. I am going to wear them today. I got some fun party napkins, a wonderful smelling candle from the Lake George area and a pretty dish towel and a cookie ornament. I took a picture but probably won't get it in the album until things calm down around here.

Anyone who takes a picture of their packages, please send it to me and I will get them all in the album as soon as I can.

Thanks again Raeanne for sending me such a thoughtful Christmas package! I had so much fun opening it!


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The opening of the packages has officially begun. I am at work and going to a party right after, but as soon as I get home I am ripping my pacakge apart from Donna. Can't wait to report back.

Marci - I am glad you like your gifts, the "diamonds" were a joke, but I thought they ended up looking much nicer than I anticipated LOL. Your ornament was the challenge of the year for me. I went to every fair and country store I came across and the panda was the only one I could find - I wasn't even sure if felted wool was the same as the one's you collect. I also figured one of our resident cookie bakers could use a dish towel and another cookie cutter LOL. The candle is a pine scent that reminds me of living here. Enjoy having the kids home!

Dee - are you still unwrapping all your gifts? LOL - when it rains it pours.

Besh - you should be proud - what an accomplishment for your son. I'm glad you had a nice visit in VA.

Lynn - I hope you were able to sneak a nap in this afternoon before all that running around and getting up so early. I nearly crashed and burned last night.

Milkdud - welcome home! What a feeling to have everything the way you want it and just in time for Christmas - what a gift.

Suzanne and Dee - do you think we could get a group discount on a breast reduction - I like that idea for a new weight loss plan.

BJ - have fun at your island getaway for Christmas.

Patti - are you telling us that Dave has a lead foot? Wow you made great time - all the more time to spend with DGD - I understand now why you got there so fast. You deserve a complaint free Christmas.

Maddie - still thinking of you and mom ((((HUGS))))

I need to get back to work. I hope everyone has their shopping done, packages wrapped, and can kick their feet up for at least a few moments.

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I opened my package from Lynn and did I get lucky!! I got a very nice designer carry bag (trust me, I ALWAYS have some type of bag so this is perfect), a big bar of rose petal soap, a book I will definitely get started on called "1,003 Great Things About Being a Woman" and one I will definitely mark some time for called Bliss in a Box - a weekend contemplative retreat a home with 2 CDs, flashcards and a booklet. Also, Lynn sent me an ornament she called tacky but it's not and found it's way to the's a moose. We have a dog named Moose so we find lots of things with moose on them. I love everything Lynn---thank you so very much!!

Raeanne, I hope you enjoy your package.

It looks like everyone who has opened up so far is making out very well.

Got to run, will definitely check back in before Christmas. Still holding thoughts for Maddie and her mom.


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Happy SS Holiday!!!

I opened my package from NhSuzanne and received...

-Very beautiful horse-theme card.
-A cute 2" Buddha guy who looks like one of the Gods of luck and happiness. He's going to hang out with me on the island and mellow everyone out. Then I think I'm going to velcro him onto the dashboard of my truck!
-A minature meditation Garden, complete with chimes, a tiny wooden mallet, white sand, incense burner, incense sticks, & instructions. I think I'll give it a spin when the in-laws arrive---lol!
-A beautiful silver figurine Serenity Angel "embodying the FLIGHT of the human spirit." On her wing, it reads, "Woman best understand each other's language." She is wrapped in strands of gossamer.
-And maple syrup! My college-aged DD immediately tried to steal that one!
Thanks SO much, NHSuzanne! I really enjoyed unwrapping each surprise! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Back later!

((((((((((((((((HUGGLES, MADDIE)))))))))))))))

Marci-Glad you're out of school. Let the relaxation begin!!!!

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Donna treated me very well. My package included a beautiful shell angel from the Jersey Shore, The Biggest Loser Cookbook - that is loaded with great recipes, a boxed Zen calendar that is going on my desk at work - to remind me of what is important when things are a bit stressed, and a lovely little book titled I Hope You Dance that includes a CD by LeeAnn Womack.

Donna - you really did a perfect job picking out things for me. Thanks so much for making this Christmas an extra special one. I opened the package while watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - so my night was an excellent one.

Sounds like everyone is having fun opening their packages, as always. It is fun to hear what everyone got.

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I know this may be difficult for most of you to believe, but I think that BJ may have outdone herself with this Christmas exchange.

Top of the package had a card with an endowed lady riding a stationary bike "Merry Christmas"; inside read "And a Snappy New REAR" Ahhhh, yesÂthe fun begins!

First up --Fridge MagnetÂWashington State License Plate "Got Rain?"

The rest of the gifts are wrapped in gold paper with handwritten notes to give me a hint as to what is inside.

"For the Best Sticky Chix!" Â Rub With Love Tom Douglas Chicken Rub w/ Roasted Chicken recipe (Maddie, you are invited over for this!)

"ItÂs a Mariner Kind of Day" Â Scottish Christmas Ultimate Sports Ornament

"The Pasta You Get Here, The Better" Â Space Noodles (yummy, cannot wait to boil these babies upÂ.maybe do a pasta salad to go with the Sticky Chicken!)

"Stay Healthy" Â World Famous Farm Breakfast Oatmeal Snoqualmie Falls Lodge (DH loves itÂit will be part of our Christmas Eve breakfast, Beege, and we shall raise our spoons in a toast to you!)

"For When things are too Hot to Handle" Â Two large Seattle oven mitts. Too cool, and they even protect my arms from burns (which I often get in my oven!) Will be prominently displayed on Christmas Day when bringing the food to the table!

"Hee, Hee, Hee" Â Two more fridge magnets which boldly state: #1 Fan (Seattle Mariners) Donna

"CAUTION! Tacky Ornament Inside" Â (not!) A space needle! Really cute, and now I wonÂt have to buy one upon my visit to Seattle. (ItÂs a tradition that we buy an ornament wherever we travel).

"The OfficeÂA Serious business place..____________.." OMG! 50 Hilarious Prank Notes (Office Memo Stickers) Absolutely adore them! For those who donÂt know, BJ has been sending me drop-down funny note pads for years. They always brighten my day, and the housekeeper gets a kick out of my notes to her which feature a woman leaning over the stove to state "Does this turkey make my butt look fat", etc.

"Wait a minuteÂsomethingÂs fishy around hereÂ" A box of Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon!! Pass the bagels and cream cheeseÂ.itÂs gonna be a breakfast orgie!!!!!

BJ, you are one amazing person. So inventive and so thoughtful. Again, I must tell you how impressed I am with your energy and spirit. Thank you so very much for making this holiday special and fun for all of us.

Everyone is invited over for Christmas breakfastÂ.h*ll, stay for dinner too!

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And speaking of the season for givingÂÂÂ.

Maddie surprised DH and me with a package from Louisville!

Rebecca-Ruth Candy ShopÂs  100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey Chocolates (lest anyone think we will not have dessert after our sticky chicken and space noodle salad!)haha

A mini Louisville Slugger bat from the Museum/Factory in Louisville, KY. DH loves it; he has a t-shirt that matches which he wears to every baseball game we go to!

Assorted postcards and travel brochures for MaddieÂs neck of the woods. DH looked at them said, "IÂve got no problem seeing this area of the country. LetÂs go!" Not sure when, but you can expect a visit Maddie!

A shotglass w/ MarkerÂs Mark for Kentucky Bourbon, no doubt! (totally cool looking; the girls will love that one)

A Dirty Ol Horseshoe from Churchill Downs with a red & white gingham bow upon it. DH has huge horseshoe on the wall leading down to our basement and really believes in the luck it brings us. This one will get a special place to bring us even more luck!

A handpainted original pin  3 horses running in the derby  very glam with pink, green, and yellow glitter upon them and their riders!

An outstanding silver pin of a hand with raised jewels (canÂt describe it properly; you must see it in the photo) from Maddie with a note "YouÂll always have my hand".

Thank you so very much for this unexpected gift box, Maddie. I am so grateful to have met you and shared an amazing afternoon with you. My wish for all of you is that you have the pleasure of spending time with her someday.

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Dee-- Glad you got the box on time! I had fun doing it! Everyone have a great Sunday---RELAX and enjoy the weekend!


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