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nhsuzanneDecember 8, 2008

Greetings from frigid NH where it is a balmy 5 degrees with high winds! Brrrrrrr

Hope you all had a good weekend. Come out and share!

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Good morning! It's 42 right now, and I've got socks, slippers, pajamas and warm robe on and STILL feel kind of cold. Call me a wuss - How do you even breathe when it's 5 degrees???

We had my mom all last week and enjoyed her visit so much. She's so strong, it's amazing. She's handling the loss of our sister with so much faith and peace, we can't help but follow her lead. We took her home Saturday, spent the entire afternoon and evening decorating her house, putting up her tree, etc. I even wrapped her gifts for her (I have always loved wrapping gifts, isn't that an odd thing?)

So this week I have "off" - no plans at all. Then on the 18th my Washington DC sister and her family fly in to spend a few days with us, then it's back up to our mom's, then home again. Then for New Year's our friends will be down to see us, which will include watching the Cotton Bowl (Ole Miss will be playing - yea!)

I think I better enjoy this week - ha. I didn't have time to read what's going on with everyone because we were so busy last week, so think I'll do that now. I hope everyone is well and things are good.


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BJ~I'm here to call you CRAZY! No one wants to see my rolls in a bikini! LOL No matter how much weight I lose. I'll try to remember it is the thought that counts. ROFLMBO I keep saying as much as I laugh I should have a flat tummy.

NH Suzanne~That is way too cold. I thought of you when I overheard someone talking this weekend about global warming.

Peg~My cards are going out today. Sorry about your aunt. She sounds amazing though.

Milkdud~Are you the same woman I met on here years ago when we first started? LOL I don't think we've met!

Raeanne~Can't wait to hear about the art show.

Besh~I'm so glad you are posting again.

Dee~I imagine you would love to be on a cruise about now.

Jan~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] to you.

Marci~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] to you.

Donna~We need to catch up GF.

I feel like I'm so far behind. I need to get busy. Today is my DSis's birthday. We've called & sung Happy Birthday to her. We only have a few days before we leave for Texas. Not nearly long enough to get everything done. Have a great week. Loved reading about everyone! Stay sweet. Patti :-)

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I'm surprised that all this bikini talk hasn't prompted a visit from John LOL.

If I am painting us in bikini's believe me I will take advantage of artistic license and we will all be looking svelte LOL.

Art show was well attended but I didn't make any big sales. A few prints. It really is all about getting your name out there, so that is definitely happening. I had some bonding time with my fellow artists LOL.

Patti - I don't want to loose too much weight as I will be left with a lot of excess skin LOL

Did we ever pick a deadline for the cards to be mailed by? I haven't even started mine, but plan on working on it this week.

It was 5 degrees when I got up and see it up to 10 right now.

Suzanne - I heard it was 66 below with the windchill this morning on Mt. Washington YIKES.

Jan - glad your visit with mom went so well.

BJ - 8 hours for a dentist, I hope you never need an emergency visit. Very smart to send the girls to the salon first LOL. I hope the date went well!

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I need some info please re: our Christmas Card swap. I know the name of who I am to send a card, but don't have a mailing address for her. Patti, are you the one in charge? I received a very pretty one today - thanks so much, "milkdud!", which reminded me that I need to send mine. Please let me know.

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Jan, feel free to send me an e:mail through here with the name of the address you need...just in case Patti is busy packing for her trip to TX!

I've been up since 3:30am with a million things on my mind. Sent some cookie recipies to DH's nieces, built a list of cookies for myself. Packed our lunches, and now I'm going to get ready for my walk at 6:00am. It's super duper chilly today, but I think a bit warmer than the 17-degree morning yesterday.

Took a 1 hour, 15 minute yoga class last evening. It was so wonderful. No matter what size you are, there are moves you can accomplish...and believe me, there were plenty of skinny minnies in that class. It's held in our corporate fitness center. I was able to take a shower and spend a few more minutes working before I went home. So convenient.

Marci, I hope you are feeling better. I really miss you around here. E:mail me if I can help you in any way.


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Jan~I'm going to finish here & then e-mail you. I'm so sorry. I thought I had taken care of it. I don't know if anyone said a date or not but I mailed mine yesterday. I didn't get them finished until then.

Raeanne~Glad that you enjoyed the art show.

Dee~That's good that you are sticking to the exercise.

It is supposed to be 80 here today for all of you who are cold just close your eyes & imagine you are here. Let me know if it works b/c I'll imagine I'm there when I'm too hot! LOL

I still have quite a bit to do to finish up before we go so have a good day! Here I come Jan. ta ta Patti :-)

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Patti, thanks! I'll be looking for your e-mail! Dee, thank you, too. If, for some reason, I don't get Patti's, I'll drop you an e-mail.

It's going to be a nasty day today - high of 72, threats of severe weather - storms, then rain for the next few days. As long as it's not too bad, I kind of like days like this. Plug in the Christmas tree lights - even the dust bunnies don't show - ha.

Thought I'd update you on my sister's family. Her middle son who is quadraplegic, has had a chronic problem with bedsores over the years. His attendant last week noticed that one had gotten worse, so he saw a wound care physician, who is recommending surgery. It had become ulcerated (?) and they will do something like shaving the tailbone? He has his MRI tomorrow to find out more. He's more than ready to have it done, if it means it will alleviate the problem. He can't feel the actual sore because of his paralysis, but he has sweats, fever, etc. from the infection.

They have a huge golden retriever who, since Barbara died, has taken a turn for the worse. At first the vet thought he was just grieving, but he has lost movement in his hind legs, and now my nephew is faced with the decision on whether to have him put to sleep or not. We used to tease Barbara that she loved this dog more than any man in her life. Since the dog is not going to improve, I hope that he passes before my nephew has to make the decision. Barbara will be meeting him at the gates of heaven, I'm sure!

On a little happier note, Barbara's ex-husband is finally showing some decency. He had not had any real contact with the quadraplegic son for years. Who knows why. It could be that he and my sister had such a volatile relationship, and since my nephew lived with Barbara, it was easier to stay away. Anyhow, he drove from Birmingham, AL to Mississippi to pick Zach up and bring him back to Birmingham for Thanksgiving. The ex's family is also starting to get re-involved. So, there is some good that is coming out of all of this sadness.

Whew, sorry this was so long. I guess I'm making up for last week's absence. Thanks for listening.


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Good Tuesday morning to you, too, Dee! And all you other lovely ladies.

I've been under the weather from something I ate on Sunday that didn't like me. I barely slept Sunday night, so I was also draggy yesterday.

Jan, so happy that you already got my card. I didn't handmake mine this year because I just didn't plan ahead of time. Next year!!!

I did drive over to CUIC (the thrift store) yesterday to make my apologies for not showing up at 10 (slept from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.), and stayed to work the toys for about 4 hours. Came home, napped for an hour, then went to my last Bible study of the book of Daniel. I slept all night last night and feel like my old self today!!!

I'm going to do a light workout, then I need to grocery shop for finger foods to make and take to ESA Christmas party tonight. The hubbies are all invited, so I'm making old-fashioned pigs in a blanket with the Lil Smokies. I thought I'd put a dab of grape jelly/chili sauce mix inside each one. Everything neatly contained and, hopefully, no spillage!

I really miss Marci's posts, but I understand that it's hard to feel chatty when your heart is heavy. Just know that when you do return, we're all going to be wearing bigger smiles than now!

Jan, sending good thoughts for your nephew. What a heavy load that young man has right now. I hope that reuniting with his dad and his family is a positive thing for him. How are the other brothers doing?

Dee, I've been tempted to try yoga classes at the community center, but I have such a hard time getting up from the floor without putting weight on either knee without a chair as a prop/aide. I've heard that I could benefit from doing yoga, but I'll have to think hard before actually trying it. You are so lucky to have such pampering/health-inducing incentives at your job!

Patti, I do stay busy these days, and it's the best! I've never been happier and fulfilled as I do these days. At the CUIC, I'm working on cleaning up and dressing dolls to give in the girls' Christmas packages. They each get a gently used toy (the dolls and their accessories) and a new toy they requested (as long as the amount isn't more than $20). I'll go back a couple more times this week and next as they're distributing the bags on Saturday, the 20th. While working the dolls isn't all that much fun, I try to remember how much it may mean to the recipient and that makes it nicer.

Raeanne, one of these days, we'll be hearing about you and your artwork. Just be patient and promote yourself gently.

Time to shave my legs and dress and go. Have a great Tuesday!

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Dee, if you don't mind, please send me your e-mail address. Thanks so much.

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Wodka~Did you not get my e-mail? I sent it, I know I did. I spent quite a bit of time with it this morning.

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Jan, I just sent you the list, too. Soon, you'll be bombarded with emails! LOL

It's raining here again, and this time, a cold front will come in with it. I'm happy because I don't like high 70's temps in December!

I did a light workout, then bought what I needed to make the pigs in a blanket. Now I'm going to take a nice nap before making things and getting dressed.

Have a great afternoon, y'all!

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Patti, for some reason I did not get it, but thanks to milkdud and dee, I've got all that I need. I'm so very sorry that you spent so much time on it. The last email I received from you was on November 16th - your sweet note about my sister and whose name I had "drawn."

Just get through packing and enjoy your trip - we'll try to figure out why I didn't get it later. (I checked to be sure you weren't "blocked" on my mail, and you weren't, so I don't know what the deal is.)

Again, thanks, everybody, for your help.


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Wow, everyone is so busy!!

I have my cards (not home made, I'm not at all creative that way) but haven't done them yet. I plan to get them in the mail and my good friend's gift shipped to Las Vegas all this weekend. I did receive a card from Milkdud - thank you!!

You know, when we did the questions last week one was about who is easiest to shop for - I should have said my friend Chris. I send her Wawa (a PA/NJ convenience store) coffee (and it is fabulous), Utz pretzel nuggets (I guess they're an east coast thing or at least PA/NJ) and a gift card. She's a breeze - she loves these things and can't get them in Vegas.

Jan, your nephew has certainly had more than his share. I will continue to pray for him and your family. I'm glad his dad is finally stepping up to the plate.

Patti, you are right, we do have to catch up GF! Enjoy your trip. We will have a looonngg catching up when the craziness of the holidays is over. I hope you don't fall asleep on me!

Trust me ladies, no one wants to see this in a one piece let alone a bikini LOL!! Raeanne, you would definitely have to use that creative license with me!!!

I miss Marci too - holidays sometimes magnify our sadness. ((Hugs))

Dee, I have wanted to try yoga but haven't done it yet. I am about as stiff and inflexible as they come and it's not due to weight...even when I was thin I was that way.

BJ, 8 hours GF, OMG!!! Hope the date went well!

Suzanne, it's been very cold and windy here so I can only imagine how cold it is up by you. It takes a lot for me to put gloves on and I wore them Sunday for the first time - yuck. Today was like spring, bizarre weather for sure.

((Hugs) to everyone - if I missed you I am sorry but I do think about you and miss you when you're not here.

Got to run and put up some more decorations. Will check in later.


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Donna~So glad you posted! Can't wait to catch up.

This is going to be a quick post. We are on our way to Orlando to the Ice Show. I have 45 minutes to get showered & dressed. I'm still trying to down my 2nd cup of coffee. Well, gotta run. Have a great day. I'm hoping to get lots of wonderful pics. It is supposed to be in the mid 80s here today. Ugh!

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Good Morning All,

Today is my day off and I have a million errands to run, including my least shopping. I love food, I just don't know why I hate shopping for it!

Patti, have fun at the ice show. 80 degrees huh? It was about 17 here on Monday and today it is 60. New England!

I have to echo everyone's sentiments on Marci. I think of you often Marci..I hope that your family is healing. This is such a difficult time of year. ((HUGS))

Donna, my son goes to Wawa in Virginia too. I wonder how they came up with that name?

Jan, it good to hear that your nephews Dad is stepping up. I hope that he is doing well. I'm glad to hear that you and your Mom are staying strong. Sorry about the dog. They really are so sensitive and know when things are not right. ((HUGS))

Milkdud, I love that you are cleaning up the old dolls. Being a former doll collector, that sounds like it would be so much fun....and such a worthy cause. Thank you for donating your time.

OK Raeanne, if you are painting bikini pictures, I am just sending you a picture of my head. I would not subject you to the rest!

Suzanne, BUY any wreaths yet? Isn't this weather crazy? I'm not complaining about today.

Jen, I saw the girls on Facebook. They are so beautiful. They must be starting to bounce, getting ready for Santa!

Hello to all. Has anyone heard from Maddie?


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Donna - You don't have to be flexible to do Yoga. Yoga will help you become flexible. It is one the best workouts I have ever experienced - good not only for the body but the mind and soul.

Jan - I am also happy that the father is a bit more involved. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Besh - I am glad to hear you say food shopping too. I am made fun up here. I guess I am suppose to say grocery shopping or just shopping.

Patti - I hope you have a wonderful time.

Milkdud - how were your pigs in the blanket? Are we talking about the stuffed cabbage rolls or the hot dogs?

Dee - I hope you got a better sleep last night.

Marci - (((HUGS))) and prayers coming to you.

I think I am just about done shopping (Christmas not food). I am sure there are a few lose ends to tie up but nothing to stress about. I greatly reduced my list this year and eliminated a lot of the stress!

We went to a beautiful party last night. It was a fund- raiser to raise money for fuel for unfortunate local families this year. When we went to pay, the hotel had picked up the entire tab for the night and just wanted you to donate the original cost for tickets. They also donated an additional $5,000. I was so blown away.

Love to all!

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Good morning from freezing cold SE Texas! It's only 36 F. with rain and sleet predicted for the day. That late afternoon rain really did bring in the cold. Brrr!

Besh, I love food shopping, but I hate having to put it all away once I get it home. LOL

Raeanne, my pigs in a blanket were Lil Smokies rolled up inside a portion of crescent dinner rolls. I painted the dough inside with a combo of ketchup, brown sugar, and Dijon mustard first. They were very tasty and popular last night. Of course, anything hot was welcomed once we all arrived because the temp dropped fast right before party time.

I'm warming up with a cup of coffee before getting dressed to go work out then work in (at CUIC). Later this afternoon, the president of ESA (service sorority) and I are going to go check out a big collection of new toys that were donated at a party last Saturday night to see if there are things on our Angel Tree list. Angel Tree provides gifts (one toy and one item of clothing) for children of prisoners. If we can whittle down our list with donations, there will be money leftover to send to south Texas for a chapter there to buy toys for their local children.

Besh, I wish you could come work the dolls with me today. I've had almost 2 days to think about the task, and I'm feeling fresh and ready to go on it again! I need to dress in layers today though because I work up in their attic where there's no heat, so it will be chilly. Maybe that will make me work faster!

Raeanne, that's so nice that so much $$$$ was collected. Your villag rocks!

Donna, I'm glad you received my card already. For another card exchange, I was already late so everyone here benefitted and got theirs early. LOL

Patti, enjoy the ice show. We're supposed to have a live one here sometime later today, but I'd much rather go with y'all to yours!

To everyone but Patti, stay warm today! LOL

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I called the nurse to check on WHY I am going in only to find she was trying to call me - NOT!!!! We have been home all day. Dr XX has been/is sick. She got a 'I'm not mad at you' earful about the left hand not knowing what the right is doing, I'm not getting any callback from the course doctor and why does f#cknut nut doctor 2 refer me back to f#cknut nut doctor 1 and waste my time like this! Needless to say I just called f#cknut 2 to let him know the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing and why does he need another opinion for my course???!!?!!!!! I let him know how much I appreciate having my valuable, UNEMPLOYED time wasted while the 2 f#cknuts don't know what the h@ll they are doing.

My resume is now available online.

I'm pissed if ya can't tell. This was another wasted employable day....we were almost out the door to the hospital. What a bunch of f#cknuts!


Thank you. I am much better now that I have shoveled the snow 3 times today and watch the plow go by right after I salted and sanded....I am now going to vent some more on the kitchen floor - trust me - you'll be able to eat off it and lick every inch and know it is cleaner than anything else in this house............

Rackin' frackin'......stomp stomp stomp

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I saw this at another board today and thought it would be fun to do it here, too.

My name is Sunny Mistletoe!

It's down to 35 now, with a low of 33 this evening. I actually worked up a sweat at the thrift shop attic today. I'm having hot soup right now and warming up. I'm meeting a friend in 1-1/2 hours to go check out some donated new toys to see if we can use any of them to fulfill the wishes of some children whose parents are incarcerated.

Stay warm!

Here is a link that might be useful: Elf name

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Zippy Angel Pants checking in!

This is a short post - hi to all!

Patti - I didn't know they had Wawas in Virginia! It's actually named after a town in PA called Wawa where it all started. I looove Wawa coffee - yes, better than Starbucks and it even beats Dunkin Donuts.

Raeanne, I think I will try yoga after the first of the year. I need to be more flexible.

More shopping, more decorating.

Will check in tomorrow!


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Wacky Smicklfigus checking in!

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Hi everyone,
sorry about my venting. I can now eat off my kitchen floor and have no more laundry.
Jan it is good news that the family is starting to pull together. I am sorry to hear about the dog.
I love my elf name Tinker Smickleifigus. Yes I love to tinker so it actually suits me. Ta!
I did register online for work and I am now going to start actively looking for full time employment. I have had enough with 'thosewhomustnotbenamed' not having a clue about my treatment. They're enough to drive me off the edge again! But I have my friends, The Four Agreements and a loving DH who is now having our son 'Andy the cat' on his lap. Yep, even got more stuff moved out of the dining room into my craft area (more to organize). I'm getting there. I was in a huff too because of the amount of snow and then the plow coming by. Yes we need the snow knocked back but geez....louizeeee.....

Anyhow I am getting back on track with things again and soon to be I tell ya! Able to live my own married life without interference, able to leap tall buildings, go to work without panicking when the phone rings. Yeah! Able to focus in the new year on weight loss!

I will be more in touch soon. Going to work tomorrow to do filing in the warehouse and help pack stock for the company move. Bringing my boom box and going to sing songs all day long!

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I just had to come back in and tell y'all that it's SNOWING IN SE TEXAS TONIGHT!!!

Okay, so it's what you'n's might call a dusting of snow, but for us, it's "snowing"! I had just gotten home from my adventure when the rain turned to snow. I'm happy to be safely and warmly inside for the night after my eventful day. More tomorrow, but for tonight, I'm just reveling in the snow and wanted to share the news with y'all.

Suzanne, I know that you'd laugh your behind off with our weather tonight because it's nothing compared to y'all's.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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Good morning!

milkdud, would you believe we're even supposed to get a bit of snow this morning, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!!! - not very much, should be all over with by 10 or 11 a.m, but still......! I've got my coffee in my hand, my shutters open, my Christmas lights on, waiting! It has been "forever" since I've seen snow, so feel like a kid waiting on Santa. Fun. (It's extra nice since I don't have to get out in it!)

Officially completed my Christmas shopping just a few minutes ago (I love the internet!) so will just relax and enjoy the rest of the season. I'm getting excited about my Washington DC sister and her family, who will be flying in next week. Although I just saw her last month when we lost Barbara, it has been a while since I've seen my brother-in-law and niece. They are going to spend a few days with us before we drive up to spend a few days with Mama and other siblings.

Here's a question - has anyone bought any really great CD's lately? Christmas or otherwise? I love Josh Groban's Christmas CD from last year - for some reason I cry on several of the songs, he has the most beautiful voice and seems so genuinely nice.

Hope everyone has a great day, and everyone who WANTS snow gets a little!


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Lucky Sparkly Toes checking in too.

Hugs to everyone.

I have been swamped at work which is really interfering with my personal time! LOL

Today it's freezing rain and we are heading into a major ice storm by all accounts. I made it to work safely and I hope to make it back safely!

Last night while I was away at a meeting for my driving club the horses somehow managed to get the very hefty and substantial partition that divides their stalls down. A majorly dangerous scenario with nails ripped out of the timber, etc. I can only imagine what was going on but it really humbles you when you see something like this and realize how powerful they really are and how lucky I am that no one was hurt. Sweet Pea is a little upset and Casey is being a bully today (she is alpha mare in the barn) so I hope they can behave until I get home with some lumber to make the repair! Where oh where is DH when I need him!!

I am happy that you all who normally don't get snow are getting a little! It really does seem to make the season brighter - as long as you can sit inside and enjoy it!!!

Patti, how long are you going to be in Texas? Will you be home for Christmas? Should I send your card to a different address?

Marci, I miss you too.

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Besh~It was 9 degrees in the Ice Show itself & 85 degrees outside. LOL

Milkdud~Talk about layering. That's when you need to know how to layer! I loved the ice show & if I knew how to put pics on here I'd put a pic or two.

Donna~I second the fact that you don't have to be flexible to do yoga but it does help you be more flexible & it certainly does help your mind. It always made me feel like I had rested or something.

Peg~I'm sorry that the drs messed up. I don't understand if that is b/c of the difference between your insurance system & ours or what. I'm glad that you are feeling strong enough to look for work now but still a little anxious about you going too. (Probably some feelings about myself & not all of them about you!)

Jan~I love Josh Groban too. Fell in love with him when he sang with Celine Dion & have been in love with him ever since.

NH Suzanne~We leave the 20th for Texas & then probably the 31st for Oklahoma. I think that we are going to try to be in KS on the 3rd of Jan so I can go to a scrap meet with one of my friends from the 'Net & then on to see my cousin. We'll go from there to spend until about the 10th in MS with our friends who also live here part time & we will all head back to Florida then.

Raeanne~We joined the Yacht Club last night. They had a potluck supper & then played games after that. The table we sat at played Uno Attack. We had a wonderful time. We met a lovely couple that moved here from Colorado & now we have some new friends.

I am Milkdud's long, long sister--Chipper Mistletoe! I always knew we were sisters! LOL

Marci~Can I get in on the love for you here? I miss you too! You are a special member of our family. Are you still working at the school?

Have a great day! Time is flying by! Has anyone decided whether or not they are going to make a New Year's resolution? That can be the QOD!

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Well, it's cold, but it looks like my snow day might be over. I did see some nice-sized flakes for a little while. My mom and sisters, who live more in the central part of the state, are getting quite a bit. New Orleans got quite a bit, too. The city looked beautiful on the news, like a Christmas card.

nhsuzanne, I hope your work has slowed down and you're able to get home to take care of your horses and repair the stall partition. Stay safe and warm during your ice storm. I hope it doesn't get too bad where you live.

Re: QOD/New Year's resolution. I always make the lose weight one, and it doesn't seem to work, so this year I will make a new one - to lighten up, make more trips, see the country, reach out more to old friends and make new ones, volunteer, etc. (I realize that's more than one!)

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Although I didn't get the snow, a friend of mine from New Orleans sent this great picture of the streetcar on St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District. How beautiful is this???

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I'm with Suzanne...glad all who normally never see snow got to enjoy some! I also agree it does make the season brighter if you don't have to venture out in it. I have had my outside Christmas decorations frozen in place for weeks after Christmas but it is pretty!

We have had lots, and lots, and LOTS of rain. Thank goodness it's not snow or we wouldn't be going anywhere for quite a while.

Jan, I love the picture. As a matter of fact my sister, who lived in New Orleans for several years, saw it and asked me to save it and send it to her for her desktop holiday photo! I hope you don't mind. She stays in close touch with her NO friends. I love internet shopping too and will finish up mine this weekend! I'm glad you will have happy family time, that's so important.

Patti, glad you are enjoying yourself and staying out of trouble :-) I'll have my card to you before you go since they go out this weekend - enjoy the safe and be happy! You and Raeanne have convinced me to give yoga a try after the first of the year..flexibility not withstanding my mind needs all the help it can get. We have a great yoga place (so I'm told by those that know) near my house so I really have no excuse.

Suzanne - glad no one, humans or horses, were hurt! Of course your DH is out of town, isn't that always the way?

Love and hugs to all - be safe and be good (even though that's no fun)!

Check in later!


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Donna, that's great that your sister can use the streetcar picture - isn't it wonderful? We lived in New Orleans for 9 years, and I remember buying delicious pralines that were packaged in a tin that resembled a streetcar. Also, we lived in what they called the Warehouse District and I would take the streetcar to work, along the Riverwalk. I loved every moment we spent in New Orleans. There's no other city like it.

Also, my brother-in-law who is coming with my sister and niece next week - he is from New Jersey. Very talented, sweet man.

Need to go check and see how the New Orleans Saints are doing (I think they're losing....)


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Hi Everyone!

OK, a mother gets to have bragging rights, right? We just came from DS football banquet. Just a little history..he hardly got any playtime this year and was very disappointed being his senior year...however tonight at the banquet he was awarded the Sportsmanship Award for his behavior on and off of the field. How nice was that? DH and I could not be prouder. Also today at school, they voted on the Senior Superlatives and he was voted as having the most contagious laugh! Ok, that's it, my bragging time is done!

Jan, what an awesome picture. It would make great Christmas Cards!

Have a wonderful night.


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Besh, congratulations - what wonderful honors for your DS - you must be beaming with pride!

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Hi Guys!

Besh---CONGRATS! WOW---that's cool!

Sorry I've been in and out this week. You wouldn't believe what happened. My DD left out of here on the day after Thanksgiving and went to layover a couple of nights at our house for sale. Well, turns out she invited a bunch of friends ovr and had a little beer party in our house! The master bedroom door was damaged and she accidentally left a bag of beer cans in the kitchen, so when DH went off the rock for a conference and stayed in the house, guess what he found? Yeah. And he was P!SSED! It's been a dramatic nightmare!

Oh! Gotta fly! More tomorrow! HUGS TO ALL!

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BJ~Remember Rosanna Danna or IDK how her name was but it was, "It's always something". LOL Sorry things have been such a mess.

Besh~What a wonderful surprise for your DS & you & DH. Congrats to all of you! Couldn't be prouder.

Jan~Love the pic! I want to make a copy of it too.

Donna~Looking forward to hearing from you.

I never did answer QOD--I usually try to make something that I can keep & I haven't thought of anything specific yet. Some of my friends have decided that they are going to throw away less food this new year. That's a good one but DH does all of the cooking & I have no control over that. So, I'm still thinking.

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Jan - that photo is great, that must have been quite a site and treat. Nice to hear your sister and family will be visiting with you.

Besh - I am so happy for you, DH and mostly your son!

Donna - I am glad you will give yoga a try. You will be amazed how much more flexible you will be and how much better you will feel.

BJ - (((((HUGS)))) It would have been much easier if you found the evidence first. MY DH would have gone ballistic too. I am usually the defuser in the family, not that I would've taken it lightly. Things will look better real soon - just don't let her that LOL.

Milkdud - I keep forgetting to thank you for my card.

I sent cards to everyone, so don't think I was your exchange person if you get one LOL. However, the name I was given I did something a little different to their card.

Suzanne - are you snowed or iced in? I saw pictures of MA and it was all ice. We just got 6 inches of snow and thankfully no ice. Hope you were able to make the needed repairs. You need a stable cam you can view from work LOL.

QOD - I don't always make resolutions. Last year's was to be a better person and I will continue with that for next year too.

Have a great day.

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Good morning from ice laden NH!

We had a horrific ice storm through the night - we all knew it was coming. I woke up at 2am to the sound of trees crashing all around and no electricity. I did not get up to start the generator because it was too dark and I wasn't that cold. When I did get up it looked like a war zone. I have trees down everywhere and broken rail after broken rail in the pasture and paddock. One huge branch came down right in front of the donkey's door and broke a rail. It doesn't even seem safe to be outside near a tree. 100's of thousand of people are out of power in the state right now and roads are closed everywhere from downed trees that just keep falling so no one can keep up. We have had about 2 inches of ice that is coating everything. This is going to be long day. SO much to do and DH is stuck in PA as Albany is not passable right now due to the same weather conditions. All I have to say is thank GOD for this generator. I have heat and lights in a couple of rooms including my office and water which I need for the animals. I wish I was brave enough to run the chain saw but I am so clumsy and accident prone I think I should not take any chances with one! DH agrees!

Thankfully, I was able to get the horse stalls repaired and back to normal. Sweet Pea is extremely sensitive about her environment and did not like the change at all! So much so that she stood outside in freezing rain all day yesterday which she really hates even in the summer!! Casey could care less about the rain and stood out all night in the sleet.

Besh, awesome about your son!! I can feel you beaming right through the screen!

Jan what a great shot thanks for posting it. The news showed some really neat shots of NO on the news last night.

BJ, hope things settle down. I would be pissed also to tell you the truth.

Donna you are lucky all you got is rain. It's truly an unbelievable mess up here right now.

Raeanne, you must have a similar situation to me? Hope you have power.

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Besh, you have every right to brag! You have a pretty awesome son!

BJ, oh boy, what a mess (in more ways than one). This too shall pass but in the meantime ((hugs)).

Raeanne, I am convinced about the yoga. How did you make out with this wild weather?

Jan, I know the Warehouse District and Riverwalk well. My brother in law was a manager for an outside catering vendor at the Convention Center - that's what took them to New Orleans. My sister thanks you for the picture.

Suzanne, ((hugs)) and more ((hugs)). I am glad too all we got was rain but the wind was fierce - we lost power for 2 hours last night. There was lots of flooding and debris on the roads this morning but thankfully, no ice, it wasn't cold...but...the winds have shifted, it's dried up and is cold and windy now. I don't think we have any precipitation in the forecast. Glad you got the stall repaired and have a generator.

Patti, after the first of the year, stay tuned!

Got to run, as usual...will check in tomorrow. Hope all have a safe and warm (or cool if it's hot in your neck of the woods) evening!


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Just checking in real quick. We leave a week from today. Can't believe it. Spent the day running around with a friend. Joanne's was having a good sale. Ugh! Didn't need to spend any money this close to Christmas & the trip but I already had planned to go & get more cardstock so I could finish the grandkiddos scrapbooks. Almost done. My list is getting smaller & what doesn't get done will be started for next year, I guess. I'm not going to sweat the small stuff. Hope you are having a good weekend.

NH Suzanne~I'm concerned about you every time they come on tv talking about how bad it is there. Take care My Friend.

Patti :-)

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Good SUNDAY morning!

I have been very very busy over the last few days. Finally got all my cookie dough completed yesterday, so throughout this week, I can bake a batch after work. Should be finished by Friday.

I think I'm finished with shopping, but my oldest stepdaughter has not yet told us what she wants. She may just get cold cash because I'm at a lost. She is the ultimate shopper and has her own sense of fashion...I don't have a clue!

OK, gotta run and pack our lunches for the JETS game.


SPECIAL NOTE: If you receive a card from me this week, remember this --- No matter what the scale says or what size we wear, we are all fun, sexy women inside. ATTITUDE, Baby, ATTITUDE!!!!!!

I'll be posting this again on Monday so everyone gets to see it.

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Hi everyone! Checking in to let you know we are okay. Still no power but the generator keeps us warm. The hardship is in the barn - not alot of light to get things done well, etc. Water is frozen so I have run a extension cord down to the barn from the generator to keep the buckets from freezing. Horses MUST drink alot of water each day and when the water is frozen or icy cold they tend not to drink much. It could cause a very serious condidion for them called colic. Now I won't worry so much!

Power is out in all the towns of the Mondanock region and many roads are still impassable. It is crazy - I have never seen one storm do so much damage. I doubt there will be power at work tomorrow as the entire town is still out. This is a good lesson on being prepared I will tell you that right now.

Hope everyone is okay today. Stay warm.

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Wow Nhsuzanne, I'm glad you have things under control! You sound well prepared - I hope this lets up soon.

I'm stealing a moment from my in-laws to let everyone know that I am posting my cards today from Canada and we are having a postal strike/work slow down so I have no idea when the cards will arrive.

It's been so busy the last few weeks for me and with a bus strike at home I am doing a few errands on my family time (I normally like to spend the time with them). Dave is going to drop me at a small mall so I can pick up a few things, get my baking supplies and pick me back up in a couple of hours. I'm also going to enjoy just having some 'me time' in a small mall. I can't take a busy Walmart or anything - I'd need more prozac for that! LOL. So Dee I'll be joining you this week in the baking department.

Wow, it's so nice to just sit again and enjoy family without a major crisis erupting. My great aunt had a lovely funeral last weekend, friends and family came at both viewing locations and she never looked so good. I believe she is with family and in a good place. She was blessed to die of 'old age'.

Now I am back to the land of the living again and looking forward in January to posting about my weight watchers program and taking 2009 to focus on myself instead of everyone else. Time to heal and grow in the new year. I hope you can join me.

Gotta get cleaned up soon, have another coffee and look human. Going to enjoy a few blissful moments alone today.

Take care everyone,
I will repost this on Monday's thread too.

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