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nhsuzanneDecember 28, 2009

Good morning lady bugs,

Come out and tell us what you got for Christmas and all other exciting news!

I will be back later.

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Good Monday morning, Suzanne! It's coolish here today, but sunny. Nice winter weather for SE Teas.

We had a pretty nice Christmas. DH's DD and her BF were here, and we had a quiet Christmas breakfast, then opened gifts. Around 1, my youngest Dson and his family came over, and we all opened more presents, then had a lovely appetizers lunch, visited, some went to feed the ducks, then my son fixed a lovely spaghetti and meatball dinner. I got the idea from reading here last week, and we all agreed that it was a great change from the traditional ham or turkey dinner.

I got lots of books, CD's, a Tom-Tom, a Target GC, a Scentsy tart burner, and a yard flag with our initial on it. We watched lots of movies of all kinds, played on the 4 computers around here, and just relaxed.

The exciting news I have to share is that my oldest Dson and his Dwife are expecting! I've known for a couple of months, but was sworn to secrecy until DDIL got to announce it to her family in MD this past weekend. The baby is due in mid-July. If it's a boy, they're naming it for my dad.

Back to reality this week. Lots of leftovers to deal with, undecorating the house, and an eye doctor appointment tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's celebrations!

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Good afternoon and happy new year!

It's cold here, too, even getting below freezing tonight. BRRR.

We had a great Christmas. Christmas Eve at our mom's - got with sisters and in-laws. My crabmeat dish disappeared quickly! Lots of good food. After most left, those of us remaining put on our pajamas and went over to our nephew's new house and opened more presents. Christmas Day was brunch at his house (with his mom and sister doing the hostessing - he's 25 and single, does NOT cook yet!) Watched Christmas Story for the millionth time and laughed like it was the first time. Day after Christmas we shopped with all of the other crazy people, then had a nice dinner out with mom, and my sister's family. Great presents - jewelry, clothes, new lamp, a book, a Snuggie (don't laugh - I love it -ha!), money from in-laws. Got home late yesterday and have been slowly trying to get back to normal. Did not walk this morning because it was so cold, but really need to get back on track.

Received compliments on my weight loss (think the Levi Slimming 512 jeans helped!)

Really a nice time. I hope all of you enjoyed yours, too. Have a good night.

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milkdud - I got a Slanket! so I won't laugh at your Snuggie if you won't laugh at my Slanket. There was an episode of 30 Rock where Liz is wearing her "Slanket" and doesn't want anyone to know how much she likes it. So I jokingly told my kids not to laugh, but I wanted a Slanket, thinking it was a made up name for that 30 Rock episode. But the Slanket actually exists and mine is warm, cozy and HUGE. I have already read two books snuggled up in its warmth.

My other gifts were contributions towards my new Kitchen Aid mixer and telephoto lens for my Nikon. I got lots of gift cards from my preschoolers and I am saving them for a the mid-winter doldrums that are sure to hit in February.

My DS is here until Wednesday and I think I will take down the tree once he leaves. DD was only here for 2 days and that went by too quickly, but I was grateful for 2 days as opposed to none. Now I will have to wait until May to see them again.

I am looking forward to cleaning out my holiday goodies and getting back to a healthy "diet" in the new year. I used to feel bad about throwing away food, but not any more.

Now I am off to find my Slanket and another good book!

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Marcie, it was me who got the Snuggie, not milkdud, even though I'm sure she's "cool enough" to have one, too! ha. but I agree, I love how warm and BIG they are, even though when you "wear" it, you look like a member of some cult or something!!!

I just put a piece of fudge in my mouth that my sister-in-law made. Got to get rid of that, and soon!

milkdud, congratulations on your pending grandbaby! I thought I had included that in my earlier message, but didn't. You must be very happy and excited!

I'm leaving my tree and stuff up a few more days, too. Too pretty and I haven't had enough time to enjoy it.

Taco Soup on tap for dinner tonight - it's a great night for it.

Enough for now.

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I am so glad everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Suzanne, I am not shopping for you alone - I actually had a couple of things but didn't get a chance to ship them. I opened my package from you and LOVE it. I am sending you and my old friend in Vegas New Year gifts - I hope you both enjoy!

Looking at Photobucket an will upload pics. I am in love with my house!!!

More later............love and hugs to all.


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Good Tuesday all,

Sounds like you all had a lovely Christmas. Jan, I was especially happy to hear you had a great time. I knew you were not really looking forward to it all that much!

Milkdud and Marci I am glad you enjoyed your Christmas too.

Ours was good. I was happy to get home Christmas afternoon. I was exhausted from that 24 hour period! LOL It's always good to get home.

I need some scrapbooking ideas. Each year at Christmas we get a short not from DFIL who briefly outlines the high points and touches on the lows...it's a yearly tradition. We have saved ours for the last fifteen years when they started. Some of them have been folded and stuffed into a drawer. I retrieved them all and am trying to find a nice way to preserve them. Any ideas?

It's bitter cold here 14° and high, high winds. It's miserable to be out in. I am coming down with something, my ears and nose are blocked and my throat is sore. I wish I had a slanket, snuggie or both right now! to make it worse, I am covering my office this week so no chance of going home! Okay, I will quit whining. Brrrrr

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Hi! MIA reporting in. I left in a hurry to go to TX from the 17th to the 24th. The 17th was my Dad's 75th birthday & the family gave him a birthday party on the 18th. All 3 kids, all 4 grandkids, & both greatgranddaughters wereable to be there. It was great. And of course as a bonus, I was able to be there for Morgan's 2nd through 3rd week of life! Woo Hoo!! She is SO precious. Only cries if she is hungry or has a soiled diaper. And Aubrey loves all over her.

Raeanne~I loved the beautiful angel ornament you sent. I haven't taken a picture yet. I took the camera to TX & thought that both cards were full so didn't get any pics. Then got home & Dave showed me that one wasn't full. Bummer. Dave loved his kisses. That was so sweet for you to remember him & the fact that he is a chocoholic! LOL Also, thanks for the cute slipper socks, the wonderful note cards (I will have to order more from you!), & the good smelling sachet.

Marci~I see that everyone else was getting very cute ornaments instead of the ugly ones as in previous years. LOL Oops on me. So sorry. She really is one of a kind though, don't you think?

Milkdud~Congrats on the new addition to the family! That is uber exciting. I can't wait for you to find out if it is a boy or a girl.

NH Suzanne~What kind of sbing help do you need? I'd love to see your pics.

Maddie~You really sound good. I hope that 2010 is going to be your year.

Tikanis~That menu sounded so good. You have always been the best cook. And I loved what you were putting together for the bean soup recipe. We helped our friend do that for her SIL for a chili thing.

NJ Donna~I'm so excited about your new house. You still owe me an e-mail & when I get it, include your new addy. OK? LOL That should be our new deal.

Amy~It was fantastic to hear from you & I'm glad that you had a good Christmas.

Dee~Your Christmas sounded good too. I'm glad that you all had some time off so you don't come back & have to try to catch up so much. And, listen, the horse can take it. I'm for the pomegranite martinis though. YUMMY! Love those things.

Wodka~I'm so proud of you losing the weight & having everyone notice. Doesn't that feel SO good? I got some fudge too & ate way too much. Now I'm hoping Dave or someone will want to eat the rest of it.

Well, I think my NY's resolution should be to try to get here more often. So I'll start the resolutions right now. Anyone else have one? Have a great one everyone. Patti :-)

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Just wanted to stop by and wish Amy a Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday Amy! Hope it is a good one!

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, :) I actually forgot that today was my birthday, lol.

For Christmas, my son sent me some lovely soaps from The Soap Opera, and some people from my home helper's church sent me some raspberry-vanilla lotion and a lovely soft bath towel.

Nice to see you again, too, Patti, and Marci :) and others who have welcomed me again.

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Happy New Year to everyone! Be sure to check out tonight's full moon - it's a stunner! So beautiful.

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Rabbit! Rabbit! And a Happy New Year to all!

I must be the only one who didn't go out to celebrate last night since nobody else is here. I was in bed, with purple earplugs in my ears to block out the gunshots, by 10 pm last night. Today, we're attending a games party starting at 2 until? Hubby and I just finished our New Year's day meal of ham, blackeyed peas, cabbage, and cornbread with jalepeno jelly. YUM! Our hosts are having King Ranch chicken tonight for dinner, so we had to get in the traditional food now.

Amy, a belated Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you had a lovely one.

My resolution for this year is to only make resolutions that I can keep, so I haven't made any YET! LOL Wishing everyone a great first day of the new year!

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We went shopping yesterday. We didn't really do anything special for NYE but we did watch the ball drop & stayed up until 3 a.m. So I didn't get up until almost noon today. LOL I did have blackeyed peas yesterday & we plan to have some again today. It is raining & cooler here today. Wind is really blowing so may wait until tomorrow to get back out.

Milkdud~I was thinking that might be a resolution that I COULD keep. ;-)

I hope every one has a nice New Years & Rabbit Rabbit to you too. Patti :-)

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Happy 2010!

Both DD's went home today and my house is very still and quiet :(

We went to a fantastic New Year's Eve party at a friends house, complete with a DJ and dancing. My plan was to leave around 10 and enjoy a quiet time at home, but we stayed well past midnight and had a lot of fun. I actually enjoyed going to work today and get back into a routine. I don't want to eat or drink anything besides water LOL.

Patti - glad you like the angel it reminded me of you for some reason - well obviously you are a real angel.

No resolution here either. I always strive to be a better person, so I will continue with that one LOL - easier to keep than the diet thing.

Tomorrow will be laundry and taking down the tree day. Since we just put the tree up on Christmas Eve I could keep it up longer, but I want my house back.

Enjoy your evening.

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