crack in brick veneer

WendyBJanuary 6, 2010

There is a tiny vertical crack that goes from the firebox to the underside of the mantel. It runs through the mortar and the bricks and is more or less straight except at the very top course of brick it ends up one brick over.

A long time ago someone told me it was just a settling crack and not to worry about it. I think it was the mason who did my patio.

Do we concur?

I am considering painting the brick white (I assume that is a controversial, semi-religious statement. Let's skip the cosmetic issue for now :-)) I suppose that will make the crack even more visible than it is now??? Maybe a little caulking will do the trick?

I don't use the f/p.

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I had a hairline crack in my fireplace. I used a little furnace cement to go over the crack. You can pick it up at your local hardware. Spray the crack with a fine mist of water, and then apply, I just used my fingers dipped in the cement, and then smoothed it over the crack. The cement can withstand the high temp. Mary

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