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nhsuzanneDecember 31, 2007

Good Monday all,

We have another foot of newly fallen snow on the ground and NH is about to exceed a record for the most snow on the ground in December! Another storm is on it's way. It's going to be one of those winters I guess.

It's also New Year's Eve!

I wish I could share with you right now the beauty before me as I look out my office window! Just gorgeous.

Check in and say hello today.

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We are covered in a blanket of fresh snow too. We probably got about 5 inches and another storm is on it's way tomorrow - with the potential for a lot more. This is definitely the snowiest December I can remember while living here.

Suzanne - It is obvious the ornament is handmade but since it reminded me so much of the Divine SP I thought maybe you had something to do with it LOL.

I think I am going to have a separate tree next year for my SS ornaments - now if I could only remember what happened to the tacky one that Tikanis gave me.

BJ - I know you are having fun mixing up all kinds of healthy concoctions - your poor girls LOL.

I need to get to work, but will be back later to wish everyone an excellent 2008.

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AMY!! I hope it was wonderful! :-)

Thanks for the well wishes on the job. I should know by Wednesday.

Whenicit, I am so glad that you decided to post here. Post whenever you feel like it, don't worry about starting at the beginning of the week. It is such a fun group of people. You will definitely get hooked! About me.......I am 50 years old, married 29 years and have 2 boys (ages 23 & 16) and 1 daughter in law. My oldest son and DIL just recently bought a house in VA which is too far away, but they are doing very well. I live in Massachusetts. I also have 1 dog and 1 cat. Like BJ said, I have have been on every diet and they have all worked and I have always gained the weight back. I always seem to go back to WW and which I am "casually" following right now. It does work when I get my mind wrapped around it. I hope you will hang around. We always love new "faces".

BJ, how is the juice? I would be interested in hearing some of the concoctions that you come up with. Honestly the thought of vegatable juices kind of grosses me out, but I love fruit juices. I know the veggie kind is probably better for you.

Raeanne, I love your getting juiced comment. I wish we lived closer. ;-)

We only got a dusting of snow last night. The forecast said about 4 - 6" but not even close which is just fine by me!

Tonight we are staying in, alone. DH bought some nice steaks to grill and we will probably watch a movie and hopefully stay awake long enough to see the ball drop. I have been sick with a terrible head cold myself, as well as DH and DS so I am happy to just lay low.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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HAPPY NEW YEAR, girls (and JOHN!)--

I had eggs and JUICE for brekky; surprise, surprise. Besh, the veggie jiuce recipes sound ickky to me, but I am goign to try to add some cucumber, carrots, and celery to my some of my fruit juices and see how I do with it. I simply WILL NOT drink anything that resembles the color of my lawn---so the fruit will always overpower the veggies! I have to draw the line somewhere, you know...

I went to the Y with DH and the girls today. The youngest walked with me for 50 minutes whilst middle DD swam laps. I felt good about getting some exercise....finally! lol!

We're hanging out at home tonight. A fire, some board games, and some brown rice with shrimp and clams with round out the evening with our offspring. My eldest DD went back to college today for New Years and my middle DD is spending it with her boyfriend--dinner, etc.

The weather here is FINALLY clear...and cold. I'd love a little snow, but I guess I'll have to move to Alaska or the east coast for that!

Okay, what are the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS?????

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New Years Resolution - Remembering to be Grateful each day. My DH and I have started telling each other 1 thing we are grateful about each day. We sometimes include DS's, which are usually funny although they intend them to be sincere. I am grateful for my health and resolve to take better care of my body in 2008.

I am in Des Moines and all of these poor politicians are probably dying as it is supposed to be something like 10 below tomorrow...I think it is supposed to be in the upper 20's on caucus day. I plan to get outside & walk this weekend though - 38 degrees!! Downright balmy.

We went out for Chinese food tonight, and DH noticed a man with a disabled son eating, he bought their dinner for them anonymously...didn't tell me until later. I think he was touched at how compassionately the man was helping his son with eating, talking with his son, etc. I was touched by DH!

Happy New Year to all and thanks again for letting me join in. I think on Wed. I will be higher than 157 so I will just say I am looking forward to losing 15 pounds in the first half of 2008.

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For a brand New Year! Welcome 2008!

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Marci, thanks for the gif! I thought I was up early, look at the time you posted this!

Whenicit, I am touched by your DH too! What a nice gesture. I like your NY resolutions.

BJ, I am so happy to hear that you are not drinking anything brown or green!

Suzanne and Raeanne, any more snow? I think we are supposed to get just rain here.

Last night was quiet. Can you tell by how early I am up typing this? DH and I had a nice dinner, that he cooked! Lit a fire, watched a movie and.............fell asleep on the couch. DS was out for the evening, so we had all the makings for a nice romantic evening, other than the fact that we both have colds, I have larangitis and neither of us could keep our eyes open!

Enjoy the first day of the New Year!


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Thanks for the gif Marci.

I stayed up just to make sure that crappy old 2007 really left!

Whenicit - what a caring and thoughtful thing your DH did. I like your NY resolutions.

I think I said on the other post I don't do NY resolutions cause I never keep them. My goals though for 2008 are to get back in shape, travel more often and enjoy life, try not to sweat the small stuff as much.

Got some hungry doggies sharking me so I have to run...I hope this new year brings everyone health, happiness and contentment.

Enjoy your day!!


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The first time I got to it first!


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RESOLUTION -- Only to do whatever I can to improve my health. If that's not possible, I'm confident that with maintenance, I won't knowingly harm myself. That said, I'm going to look for even healthier choices in the food market, and I've asked DH to help me with some household projects during the weeknights so that we snack less and organize more after our dinner!

[[[[[[[TO ALL WHO NEED THEM]]]]]]]]

Donna, I hope that your resolution to travel more includes a trip up north! ;-) We'll get something together with our frozen friends in New England this spring. (Besh and John, this means you too!)

Gotta run! Later

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Happy New Year to all!

Resolution - just to be a better person.

Donna - I also hope your traveling includes a trip north (saratoga) LOL.

Whenicit - I love random acts of kindness - WTG DH. DH and I count our blessings daily.

Besh - ROFLMAO with your "romantic" night. We went out to dinner at 5:30 - I said it's too bad they didn't have early bird specials LOL. We did stay until after 8. Our neighbors wanted us to come over, so we dimmed the lights when we got home LOL. Just call us party animals. Maybe if we lived closer we would've gotten juiced together LOL. It is snowing right now and we are the border of where they are calling for up to 10".

Marci - thanks for ringing in the new year.

I hope everyone here has a wonderful 2008 (is that number possible?) - stay healthy, happy and filled with love.

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What happened to my post?

Oh well,


Let's try it again!

Happy New Year!

Happy Belated Birthday to Amy!

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OK, this site is really, really nutso today.

I post, then I see it, then I don't!

We were invited to an open house, which I do not want to attend, but DH is ready to party. Not like he's the life of the party, these people serve wonderful food. Mr. Skinny can't wait to get his boney hiney at the buffet table. grrrrrrrrrrr!


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Hey Guys!

NICE gif, Marci!!!!!! That's a groovy way to start the New Year.

DonnaSNJ, I feel like you do about 2007! Goodbye to it--forever!

I made a stack of New year's resolutions so I'll have something to feel guilty about in a week or I got my oldest a tablet that says, "My mother doesn't just give guilt trips, she runs the travel agency." So I am just living up to my self image.

Raeanne: I saw a magnet at the coffee shop on Sunday that reminded me of you...
"One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR."

BTW, I cut out the coffee on Monday---part of that LONG list of resolutions---spent today with a MAJOR caffeine withdrawal headache. But I just have to get off the coffee---it keeps me up until 1am and then I'm dying by 2pm, so it is a vicious cycle. I am determined---for now.

Whenicit, your hubby's a keeper, eh? How nice of him!

DeeMarie, MAKE DARN SURE you rabbit when you finally get to rabbit!!! You are f-u-n-n-y! Your DH and the buffet table sounds like mine was a few years ago...but it finally caught up with him. He weighed himself today and is NOT a happy camper. Living on the rock by himself and having lots of late night snacks has taken its toll. He started recording his food daily on fitdaydotcom. He says he'll do it for a month and a half until we leave the country.

Besh: How's your hubby's knee? Did I miss the news update?

We almost fell asleep before the fireworks last night. The computer at the Space Needle malfunctioned and screwed up the fireworks show, but it was still good. They manually lit the fireworks and everyone enjoyed it. Living in Bill Gates techyland and our computerized fireworks don't work--now that's justice!

Oh, well, another of my New Year's resolutions is to get in bed by 10:30 every night, so off I go. Getting a full night's rest is supposed to help a person lose weight, I read. I'll try ANYTHING!

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It's the DeeMarie show here this week!

Besh, good luck with your job hunt; hope it works out for you!

BJ, pretend that decaf is high-test. You may get the same energy boost!

Ate too much at the open house yesterday. This morning, we had some toast and I packed both of us very healthy snacks and lunch.

Check in, or I will start to sing and dance....

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YIPES!, Deemarie, we're here---WE'RE HERE! ....

No need to sing and dance......REALLY.


Besh.....GOOD LUCK! Let us know what happens!

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Good morning and Happy New Year, everyone!

I returned from my whirlwind family visits yesterday, but I was too tired to read and post then. I babysat DGbaby, 15 months old, on New Year's Eve, and the fireworks wreaked havoc on her sleep schedule, so I took a lot of little naps once I got home yesterday. lol

It sounds like everyone is off to a good start in this new year. My eating is back on track today after a disastrous quite a few days! :) Some of my family actually noticed that I'd lost a few pounds, so that made me feel great! I'm recommitting myself to this WOE so that I can continue losing.

I guess my 2008 resolutions will be continued healthy cooking and eating, working in more exercise, and getting some craft projects at least started. I need to complete several cross-stitch projects, start the newlyweds' and DGbaby's scrapbooks, and finish sewing DGD's cloth books before she outgrows them. Luckily, that won't be for at least another year.

BJ, I wish you well on going decaf. That's all we drink around here now, and I can really tell the difference when I drink high-octane, like at my sister's this past weekend. Wow!

Dee, it's nice to see you posting every morning to start us off. You are always so positive and upbeat!

Besh, I hope you get this new job if it feels good to you!

Raeanne, if I'd been home, I'd have dimmed the lights, too. I'm just not a party animal anymore. I used to love it, but then I got tired. lOL

Marci, loved the New Year's gif! You always know how to brighten up the board1

Donna, are you like me in being glad that the holidays are over? I feel back to normal now that I don't have to wax nostalgic.

Welcome, whenicit! This is a good place to be.

Suzanne, when you get fresh snow, is it easier to ride Sweet Pea? I hope you're enjoying all that white stuff.

Patti, I hope Dave's mom is doing better by now. Asthma attacks are so frightening. I woke up during the night last night from a very upsetting dream, then I thought about Dave's mom (go figure!) and started panic-breathing. I had terrible attacks about 15 years ago, and I've never been able to forget them.

Someone asked earlier about our ages. I must be one of the oldest on here at 60. I found this board about 9 years ago through my sister who was a lurker. Patti and I clicked right off and have been friends ever since. I was fairly successful on SS, but I've misplaced my books in the last 2 moves, so I'm just tripping along with Atkins and WW alternatively. I hadn't read in a few years until November when I decided to definitely take charge of my health. I knew this was the place to come for support of whatever WOE. So glad I did!

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It is still snowing here. We only got about 6 inches yesterday, but it started up again this morning and hasn't stopped. I always said I could never move to FL, but it is beginning to look very inviting to me LOL.

Milkdud - I would be exhausted too. I love my nieces and nephews but when they come to visit I need a couple days to recoup.

BJ - I was waiting to see what Dee was going to do to entertain herself here - you just never know. Now, why did that magnet remind you of ME? LOL

Enjoy our day.

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OK, so you are all spared the singing and dancing....FOR NOW!

Whenicit, I'm a northern New Jersey gal. Been around here since about 1999 and still struggling with my weight,one day and one diet at a time. I will celebrate 57 years on this earth in February; married late (at 49)to a wonderful man who has 2 grown daughters whom I adore. I'm an aunt to 2 spectacular nieces, and can be observed spoiling them whenever I get the chance. I love to sing, dance, laugh and come to this site for a breather from a stressful job. Please feel welcome enough to stay with us!

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Posted by aamylynne (My Page) on Wed, Jan 2, 08 at 21:11

Hi all...
I double checked the dates, and I think I'm on the right thread, but three days without a post? That must be a first!
Thank you all so, so much for the party and all the lovely thoughts and wishes. It really means more than you know that you remember me like that! I think highly of all of you, too - such a group of caring people and survivors!

I'll tell you that I thought only one person wished me happy birthday - my younger son. Then someone on another forum remembered my birthday, and that reminded me that there might be something here, too. You really brightened my day, and I read them all.

I'm still being obsessed with Second Life. I'd like to post some pictures (screen shots), but I thought I'd at least come over first and let you know I didn't miss my own party after all.

Keep up your efforts everyone. Wherever you are with your goals, we can keep going. I have heard that you can't ever fail at anything until you decide to quit, and I think that's true.

I recently have been listening to Dr. Oz who comes on Oprah, and I bought his book, YOU on a diet. Yes, he uses the dreadful word, diet, but he has some good things to say. One way I keep myself from getting discouraged is to read new things when I have a need for some inspiration. Anyway, I'll try to come back again soon, and I hope everyone had a great holiday!


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Posted by whenicit (My Page) on Wed, Jan 2, 08 at 22:16

OK, so I said I was going to "use" you guys as my check-in each week like a WW weigh-in (but cheaper!). Today I started at 158.6. I weighed that when I was pregnant once but I should be closer to 140 than 160 so I am staring with a goal to lose 15 pounds.
Today I took about a 40 minute walk on my lunch break. I ate sensibly (for me at least!).

Wild Chicken - are you from Kauai? My DH is pining for a trip to Kauai/Maui. I have been 10 times and feel blessed but he has a 'thing' for Hawaii and has not been since January 2006 so is dying in this super-cold weather we are having.

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Okay, hmmmm, I think I have everything in order around here

YAY! Hi Amy! Don't get too adicted to 2nd Life! We're REAL here! har.har.

Whenicit! I am not from Kauai, Hawaii. But I have been there a few times. I like to take the "hidden trails" and bushwhack my way through the hills to the Nirvana-like untouched places inside the canyons: dripping ferns and beautiful waterfalls, etc. DH & I 4-wheel into the forest and leave a note on the windshield of whatever rental jeep we have (date, time, and the direction we're headed) so if I (or we)end up punching the ticket on a trail, at least someone knows where to find the body--or bodies! We have some rockin' pics from our trips and great memories!

Amy, however, IS from Kauai and has lived there for a very long time. She lives in a beautiful area and has a nice, tidy house. I visited her and can't wait to go back and see the artwork she's created in the time between visits!

Okay, nighty, night, guys!

All juice and no coffee makes BJ a dull gal.
All juice and no coffee makes BJ a dull gal.
All juice and no coffee makes BJ a dull gal.
All juice and no coffee makes BJ a dull gal.
All juice and no coffee makes BJ a dull gal.

...Well, you get the idea.

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Good morning all,

It's really cold here this morning and I have been home with the flu since New Year's eve. I am feeling a bit stronger today but being out in 3 below zero and wind doing my chores just zaps my energy. I even called my doctor to check in with this because I haven't felt so hot for a while. Stay warm, drink fluids, take aspirin, get rest and if my fever doesn't break by tomorrow I need to go see her. I am getting lots of rest but can't quite shut my mind off!

BJ, why did you decide to quit coffee cold turkey? That is brutal. I quit gradually and never had a headache. Did Whencit and Amy post somewhere different? I am confused as usual!

Raeanne, we have over three feet of snow on the ground and I don't know where we can put anymore! It's beautiful but I am sick of moving it! Next week they are predicting a January thaw! This is an old fashioned kind of winter for sure!

Milkdud, sounds like you are off to a great New Year and resolve! Riding in deep snow is difficult for the horses - they tire easily - you can imagine what it might be like to carry a 50# sack through three feet of's hard. Fortunately, the snow mobiles make lovely paths and they pack the snow down so that we can walk on top of them and actually travel over terrain that we normally can't. It's great. Our property is open to snow mobiles and they help maintain the trail systems along with the equestrians. It's all good. Conditions are perfect right now for winter riding.

Okay, back to bed.

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Good Morning,

WOW, I can't believe the holidays are over. It really stunk coming back to work yesterday.

My New Year's Resolutions are as follows: Get down to 125 lbs, Try to exercise at least five times a week, Study my bible more, be a better mom, and be grateful for each day I have.

My weigh in this morning was at 151.6. I was pretty pleased with that!

NH Suzanne, I wish we had that snow. It is just freezing here!

Better run. Have a great day.


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Good Thursday morning from a freezing SE Texas! It's 32 degrees out. That's cold for us. I'm staying in and staying warm today.

Suzanne, I hope that by tomorrow you're so much better that your doctor doesn't get to hear from you! Your description of riding on packed snow sounds like bliss.

BJ, how's it going w/o high-octane? I'm sipping my decaf and telling myself that it's perking me right up. LOL

Hi, Jen! Way to go on your weight. I'm sure that you'll continue to do well. I like your goals for 2008, too.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Amy!

Today, I'm pushing liquids, most likely warm ones, while I finish clearing out the Christmas things into the cold garage. Soon, I hope, we'll have flooring in the attic and can haul up all the buckets from the garge floor so that our cars can come in out of the cold! My goal for today is to go through all the supposed Christmas buckets out there and try to consolidate things into fewer containers and label what's in what. My Christmas 2008 self will thank me for that!

Stay warm and healthy and happy today. Wishing Patti and Dave a safe trip back to warm Florida!

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Jen, good to see you post!

OK, I'm just here to say that I'll be leaving you on Saturday for vacation. Won't be back until Thursday, 17-January, but will check in while at sea if I can.

Stay warm!

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Jen823-good job on your weigh in today!

DeeMarie-I lived in Scotch Plains, NJ for awhile-maybe from age 4 to 3rd grade...or something close to that.

NHSuzanne - yes, we must have posted on the 12/24 one...thanks for moving it wild chicken.

Amy - lucky you living in Kauai...I have stayed at the Gillin Beach House on Mahalepu. Just beautiful and lots of 'wild chickens'!!

Wild Chicken - yep, he's a keeper - 20 years next week!

...listening to caucus noise in the background if anyone is interested see and listen to the live video. It's quite a deal, my mother went, I did not. Looks like Huckabee & Edwards are winning so far...

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BJ, quitting coffee cold turkey is soooo difficult...I know I couldn't do it, then again I don't drink that much each day either..but you do live in the coffee capital so that makes it tougher yet...oh boy.

Amy - I have that book by Dr. Oz and while he does use the "D" word what is said in it makes so much sense...basically nothing we don't already know but sometimes it helps to see it in on a page in black and white. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday.

Suzanne - no snow here just cooooold!!! Weird thing is it's supposed to get up near 50 by Sunday, very warm for this time of year. Flu is the pits - sounds like you are doing everything you can for it...((feel better soon)).

Jen - glad to see you posting again! Bet the girls enjoyed Christmas.

Milkdud, you will be so organized and I will be so jealous. Brrrrr...keep warm.

Whenicit - glad to see you posting. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

Dee - have a wonderful cruise!!

I am up late, for me. My bigger dog Moose got a skunk out in the yard earlier tonight. I pulled him off, called the vet and then animal control. Moose is up to date on his rabies shots and has no marks or spray from the said to keep an eye on him. The skunk was really hurt and left my yard and moved to the woods, then back to my yard and then over to my neighbor (not home). Animal control came and looked all around but we couldn't find it...he thought maybe it had been hit by a car before Moose got him.
The animal control guy said it may turn up dead in a day or two and if I find it to call and he will pick it up - hopefully if it dies it will do it in the woods. YUCK all the way around tonight. We are fortunate Moose wasn't hurt and no one got sprayed.

That was enough excitement for me so I will head to bed.

Enjoy your day tomorrow...


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I literally have a few minutes for a formal "farewell" until the 17th.

Hope by the time I return that Maddie checks in with us. I miss you, Maddie!!!!!!!!!

Everyone needs to behave themselves. In case you do not, I'm putting Marci in charge of taking names. (you hear that, Raeanne?)


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Dee - Bon Voyage, I feel like I am constantly saying that to you. Happy Cruisin' girl.

Donna - I am so sorry for such an unpleasant experience. Thank goodness Moose is up to date with his shots and is ok. I hope today has been a better one for you.

Jen - WTG on the lossd! I have been thinking of buying a Chronological Bible - it is broken down into daily readings and you can complete it in a year. I think I could handle it easier that way.

Milkdud - I hope things have warmed up by you. I have woken up to below zero temps the last two days. It is suppose to be in the 50's next week.

Suzanne - yes this is an old fashioned winter. I hope the 50's arrive and stick around for more than a couple of days LOL.

BJ - I need to hear about some more of your juice creations LOL.

Okay it's someone elses turn to check in.

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Dee - I missed your post. I was writing this and got a phone call that took about 30 minutes DARN. But what do mean about that Raeanne comment? LOL

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Good Afternoon,

Wow, this week has flown. Lots to do before we leave on Monday nite. I am honestly ready for Hawaii, I think! I hope the girls will stay healthy while we are gone.

Raeanne, I got Erica a kids devotional bible for Christmas. I have been reading it every day. It really seems pretty simple to read and understand. Maybe it's because I am at a kids level?? lol

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Good Friday afternoon! It's warmer here today, in the mid-50's. This weekend, we'll have temps into the 70's. Weird weather.

Donna, I've never had that happen to any of my dogs, but I feel for you. Hope Moose is feeling good today!

DeeMarie, bon voyage!

Suzanne, hope you're much improved today.

Hi, Raeanne! Hope you're still enjoying your old fashioned winter.

Jen, I was probably your oldest DD's age when I got my first children's Bible. I stll have it and flip through it often.

Well, folks. All my bad eating on my trip caught up with me. I'm up 2 lbs. from last week. But, instead of beating myself up, I'm trying to be thankful that it was ONLY 2 lbs.! My house is now junkfood-free, which will make my life so much easier now. I'm going for 2 lbs. down by next weigh-in. I've been taking 2 small BP pills nightly, and my BP is way too low, so I'm cutting back to 1 for a few days and see if that helps. (I haven't seen a doctor since moving here and losing 17 lbs., so I'm sure the dosage is too much now.) I've been so tired that I couldn't find the energy to exercise. Maybe this will do the trick.

Hope everyone has a warm and wonderful weekend!

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Milkdud - yes we are still having an old fashioned winter, but I am not really enjoying it LOL. I bet those 2lbs come off easily, especially since you got rid of the junkfood - don't forget to drink your water.

Jen - I bet you are ready for Hawaii - it sounds real good to me right now. Have fun and all the aunties here will send positive healthy thoughts to the girls.

Maddie - I hope all is well with you and your mom. Please check-in if possible.

Gotta run....

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Happy Saturday!

Moose is none the worse for wear thank goodness...also did a property check and no dead skunks--that makes me very happy.

Jen, enjoy Hawaii!! Like Milkdud I think I was about your oldest DD age when I got my first Bible. I still have it too.

Dee, have wonderful cruise!! Enjoy and r-e-l-a-x!!

Milkdud, your attitude about the slight gain is right on's only 2 lbs. You are back on track and have de-junked the house. Make sure you stay on top of that bp reading!!

Raeanne, I like the idea of a chronological Bible. I might just look into that.

Temps are supposed to get into 50s this weekend and downright spring like next week but we will have rain. Very weird weather.

Off to get my nails done and then run some errands. Enjoy the warm weather those of us not on vacation...those going on vacation have a blast!


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New low-carber here
Hi, everyone-- I wanted to introduce myself and see...
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