Weekly Weigh-In Dec.5/10 to Dec 11/10

ivamaeDecember 6, 2010

Good morning everyone.

Hope we're all staying on track - oh sure, this time of year!

silversword, I hope you won't think that I am taking this over from you because I'd prefer someone else did it.

I could never do the great job that Harold was doing when I first started posting here and silversword and all the rest of you have been a big help too.

Wish there would be many others join us.

I weigh on Wednesdays, so will post again then.

Have a great week everyone.

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Come on guys. I'm lonesome here by myself.

I weighed this morning and stayed the same. That is both good and bad news. At least I didn't gain. I do want to get 2 or 3 pounds off before Christmas so that I can spurge a bit then. I know I shouldn't be tempted, but I am. Christmas only comes once a year.

All the best to everyone.

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i saw your note on the KT and have never been to this forum but i'd like to join in here. i will check in ea day and i think that will help me stay on track! ~ liz

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We're really lacking posters here so very glad to see you join us.

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I am not stepping on the scales until Jan. 1, and then and only then will I start on my journey again to be all that I can be .... but lots smaller.. I got 25 lbs. to lose.. (at least)..

But now if y'all don't mind my stopping in here this month yet, and cheering y'all on... I was wondering what you each were doing to drop the weight..


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