bulk pellet storage

bb45January 28, 2009

just got a lot of bulk wood pellets approx. 3000lbs and need to knoe the best way to store these to keep them usable they i have them in a unheated garage (soon to be heated tho ) they are curently in 45 gallon barrels and fish totes (large rectanglar plastic tubs approx. 15gallons ea ) will they stay dry considering the large temp. changes here (Nova Scotia)for example today it was -18c and tomoro it will be +8c then back to -10c things tend to sweat in the shop with these big temp. swings i know it doesnt bother the bags of pellets but will it bother the bulk ones?? thanks for your thoughts on this BB

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If you keep them covered I think you should be ok. I stored 75 bags on a pallet one winter. I kept them covered with a heavy duty tarp outside my garage. We had sleet, snow, rain fluctuation in temperature and not one bag had a problem.

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You could check into rental of a small storage unit over the winter and buy a ton or two and stash them there along with the mower and bikes or any other items that you don't want to stare at all winter.

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