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ivamaeDecember 2, 2009

I don't see the heading for this weeks weigh in, Maybe I am losing my sight.

Anyway, I weighed this morning and have lost 2 pounds. I have now lost 29 pounds total. I'm so pleased


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Hi, Ivamae. Sorry for creating the confusion. Since there were only a couple of replies on last week's thread, it seemed like a waste to start a new one, so I just weighed in on that one. Jasmi did too. We both stayed the same.

Congratulations on the 2 pounds.

It looks like the three of us made it through Thanksgiving pretty well.

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I should have caught that, Harold. My fault.

Anyway we lost some. That is what counts.

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Good morning. I hope everybody doesn't mind if we keep the same weigh-in thread for a few weeks, since there seem to be only the three of us left.

Here are my numbers for the week.
Weight 189 lb.
Loss this wk 0
Weight lost to date 86 lb.
Avg Calories Last 7 Days 1930
Avg Exc Calories Last 7 Days 388
Avg Steps Last 7 Days 11542

It looks like I'm stuck at this weight for a while. That's not all bad, because I'm not that far overweight and I'm not gaining either.

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Hi Harold ..

Its ok. As long as ur weight is fluctuating a lot ,it is okay to stuck at a weight for few days. I am also stuck at lower 130s for couple of months. I must get into 120s this month. The holidays season is not helping :-))And I need lot of discipline. Take care.

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Hi there

I was 130.6 this morning . Hurray .. 0.4 pounds loss. Thats nice with diff cuisines I tasted in last week.
I went to Turkey restaurant, indian restaurant, vietnamese restaurant, Venezuelian restaurant and finally to Mangolian yesterday. Anyway , I went I made healthy choices :-))
Hope to not gain any weight until end of the year .

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When I weighed this morning I had neither lost nor gained but that is all right. I was out a couple of times this week so am glad I wasn't up. I really goofed up when I posted here the first time. I didn't mean to high jack Harold's weigh in. I sure goofed on the title of the posting. Sorry!!!

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Congratulations on the weight loss, Jasmi.

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Hey, don't worry about that Ivamae. It's perfectly fine, and I'm glad your diet is going well.

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Here are my results for 12/13/09. Once again my weight is 189. I thought I could lose a little bit while eating around 2000 calories, but I guess not.

Weight 189
Loss this wk 0
Loss last week 0
Avg Calories Last 7 Days 1980
Avg Exc Calories Last 7 Days 227
Avg Steps Last 7 Days 9213

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Hi Harold and Ivamae

I did not weigh in this morning . Will do it tomorrow. I do not think I lost any weight though.


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I'm going to weigh in to-morrow as well.

I had an appointment with ny cardiologist this afternoon due to some problems I had last week and he says I shouldn't lose more than another 3 pounds. I wanted to lose more than that. So maybe I will just try to hold my own for awhile once I lose the 3 pouinds. I do want to enjoy Christmas meals.


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Wait, what? Your cardiologist doesn't want you to lose weight? Any particular reason? Or is he saying not to lose more than 3 pounds a week?

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No, he feels that I am about right for my height and build. He says yars ago, they would have suggested 135 to 140, but not any more.

He agreed completely that I was losing weight the healthy way - striving for 1 pound a week.

I have a new type of monitor to use if needed, until January 5 and then I will see him again in about a month. It problaby isn't new to a lot of people but it is to me and also to my grand daughter who is an RPN, presently going to school to upgrade. It is about the size of a cassette tape - just a wee bit longer. When having a problem, you hold it against your chest, on the skin, and press start. For about 30 seconds it records everything like an EKG. When finished you dial a phone number and it leads you through the next step. It transfers what it has picked up to the office and gives them a print out. It really is pretty neat. If I don't have any problems, each Tuesday, I have to do it, so that they know the battery etc. is all right.

He feels that the meds I am on to help keep the pulse at a proper level might be too strong for the weight that I am now. I doubt that though, as these were prescribed right at the time I was given the prednisone which sent my wieght up 32 pounds in a very short time. I like this DR. very much. He has a wonderful manner. Now I'm in the process of crocheting a little case for this, so that I can attach it to my clothes during the day. That way it will always be readily available.

Presently I am staying so quiet ( his instructions last week) that I am not getting my walking, or stair climbing etc., so not much wonder I haven't lost much. However I am down 1/2 pound this week. Now 162.5

I'm goiung to enjoy my Christmas meals, see how I feel after and then decide about the weight. I would like to get another 10 pounds off, but slowly.

Thanks Harold, for all you do and to all the others as well. it is a great form for encouragement and reporting.

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Well, okay then. Congratulations on getting to a healthy weight. It will be nice to enjoy the Christmas food without worrying too much about your diet.

We just had an office Christmas party yesterday, then leftovers from that today. Busted my diet a little, so I guess I'll probably end up this week around 189 again.

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I'm not 100% convinced that it is a healthy weight. Anyway, I plan on being careful over Christmas but not giving up everything.

I'm sure if I decide to go by what he says, that I am going to need a lot of help in order to not gain back what I have lost. I am proud that I have lost this much when I have been told it is almost impossible to lose while on prednisone.

I'm slso on warfarin so have to watch the Vitamin k as well

It is really hard to keep the readings from variating.
This form has been such a great help and I thank you all.

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