Turbo Tax user switching to TaxAct--sick of fees!

mahatmacat1January 31, 2007

Man, the price hikes in Turbo Tax this year have finally made me decide to switch. I cursed Intuit every year before this because of the mishegas involved in getting the silly rebates; so I guess they did away with the rebates AND raised the prices (can't do any stock transactions in Deluxe anymore--clever) AND now charge for e-filing. Nuh-uh. Enough is enough. They aren't getting twice as much this year for the same thing. I hope they rot. Or at least get the message and decide to become the *least* bit customer-focused.

Are people who use Tax Act happy with it? A question: is there any way to import ItsDeductible data directly into it or should I just copy my totals? Anyone hear of any security issues?

Any other issues? I have some stock transactions to enter, but nothing else much.


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I use Tax Act through irs.gov, 'free file'...check it out you may qualify to efile for free...It does the job, I thought the modules loaded a little slow, but that could be because I'm on dialup...I don't know about the cd used in your own computer...The program does do a good job and it looks as if you can import data from Turbotax...Link below...

Here is a link that might be useful: H&R Block info/import from Turbotax

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I've been using TaxAct for the past 3 or 4 years and am very pleased. I order it every year in advance now and it's $17 for both state and federal. Free e-file (federal) for the first return -- haven't had to use any import functions so I can't speak to that.

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I don't trust TaxAct.

If your tax is simple well maybe; but if you have bot-n-sold both taxable and tax exempt securities with accrued interest TaxAct has a glitch which they refuse to acknowledge or fix. It will under report the income and hence the tax.

Either they are too lazy to fix it or don't understand the problem. After communicating with them 2 years in a row I spect the latter.

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I've got taxable securities sales, both short and long term, but no interest on them, just cap gains (and a few losses :))...I saw I could import from gainskeeper, yes?

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That'd be my move. Intuit has my MC # so they auto-send the new issue which is on the table in front of me, unopened. I is definitely time for a new approach so back the 2006 issue goes. I'll give Tax Act a spin to see how it goes, thanks for the tip!

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You actually can enter stock transactions even in TT basic. The package is a bit deceiving. They don't hold your hand as much and try to get you to upgrade, but you don't have to have even Deluxe for stocks. As far as I can tell, TT Basic will do the same tax returns as Premiere. If you are sick of them though, let us know how Tax Act works. I'm curious. I've used TT so long, I don't know anything about the others.

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You can enter securities transactions, but the more specific update is that you can't enter any more than 99,999 shares in any one given transaction. Since I trade on the OTC sometimes, I have more than 100,000 shares in several transactions. SO, I was forced to use TaxAct, which just has a 15 character limit in the description line. Intuit lost me on that, had no choice.

I can also say, now that I've filed AND gotten my returns accepted, that TaxAct was almost as easy as TurboTax -- the only problem was ease of navigation, and the significantly lower cost made the *only somewhat* less easy navigation very easy to take. But the rest of it was fine. OH, the only other problem was that I couldn't import from ItsDeductible, since ID has an exclusive w/Intuit. So I paid for the ID ($20) and paid for the state and local prep/filing (16), grand total of $36 and I'm done. Their communications were timely and much more helpful than Intuit's ever were. They want business, they don't expect it, iykwim.

And please note: TaxACT is NOT TaxCUT. The link is below. I learned about them through a review of this year's TurboTax on Amazon.

Kudos to TaxAct. Thanks and Keep it up!

Here is a link that might be useful: excellent substitute for turbotax, IMO

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