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biochem101December 28, 2009

Hello Fellow Dieters!

From reading the posts it seems as though a very nice bunch of old friends gather here to chat...BUT...I don't see much posting regarding diet?

I can't see where people talk very much about what they are eating and whether or not it's working for them? Are you all losing weight regularly? Do you find posting here helps you to keep losing weight?

I'm starting a new diet regime today and thinking of posting here because I have enjoyed posting on other areas of GW. My kitchen renovation is finished now, my DR is redecorated, and I'm getting away from renovations for a bit. With a new kitchen to play in I've been perusing the cooking forum. I don't plan to stop cooking, in fact I plan to enjoy my new kitchen by expanding my repetoire. But at the same time I have to get really serious about losing weight.

Did the South Beach Diet back in the summer, lost only 10 pounds the first 2 weeks, then slowly gained it back. So eating more meat was not the answer for me. My plan now is to try and cut in half everything I normally eat. Just eat half as much. I track my foods using The Daily Plate on, but I'm going to post my progress here as well. No idea how I'm going to do but I always start out hopeful! :)

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Glad to meet you. I recently joined and I find that just reporing weekly does a geat deal to help me stay on track. I'm not on any specific diet. I'm counting calories and I like to take the weight off slowly. I feel that there is a better chance of keeping it off. I'm still enjoying most things but in lesser amounts. Using a smaller plate helps as well, for me.

I'm on blood thinners and having a hard time keeping the levels steady. Therefore I am now counting mcg's of Vitamin K. The Vitamin K counteracts the blood thinner. Trying to balance the calories and the Vitamin K is a bit of a challenge but a worthwhile one.

I was on a high protein diet years ago and lost a lot of weight quite quickly but put it back on after while.

All the best

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Good to hear that the Forum has been helpful for you. I will try to keep reporting on how things go for me in the hopes that it will keep my diet on track also.

Good luck to you too!

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Hi, biochem.

I was like you - I found Garden Web when we were building our home, and was more likely to be found on the Home Decorating site. Once our house was finished, I found the Diet Forum, a little over a year ago. A lot of these nice people have been here for years and are great friends, but very warm to newcomers, so you will enjoy participating here.

It will be a year in January when I started my healthier lifestyle, which was really needed. I had let myself go, and wasn't sure if I could ever get back in shape. I joined Weight Watchers and also started walking on a regular basis. I have lost 56 pounds (although this past week might have changed the numbers a bit - ha.)

Anything I can do to help you in your journey, just let me know. I'm still a "work in progress," but love sharing recipes and things I've learned over the past year.


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Thanks wodka! (LOVE that name, LOL!)

56 pounds in one year? Wow. You are my new idol. I've been too focused on all this house business and to lose weight I need to keep track of every calorie. No excuses any more.

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Hi Biochem. There's a few of us around who discuss weight loss, but I'll admit it's been rather slow lately. Things may pick up soon, with the new year's resolutions about to kick in.

I think that eating half as much as normal would be pretty drastic. Not recommended. The usual recommendation is to cut your calories by about 20 or 30 percent below what is needed to maintain your current weight.

If you cut the calories too much your body could go into starvation mode and your metabolism would be affected. You'd lose muscle more than fat.

I've lost 90 pounds over the last year, by counting calories, walking about an hour a day, on average, and trying to eat a balanced diet.

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Good morning.

Getting ready to walk in this cold weather, but just wanted to say, in addition to what Harold said, is that keeping a food journal really helps me in my weight loss. Especially in the beginning, when you're not really aware of every morsel going in your mouth.

Plus, exercise is key, especially for those days when you might have a special occasion to eat out or more than usual. It keeps everything in balance. Plus, once it becomes a habit, you find you miss it (like I have during this past week!) I'm kind of looking forward to a very brisk walk this morning.

Good luck with your efforts.

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I haven't been posting here for awhile, but will be posting again on a regular basis soon...

I lost a grand total of 45 pounds in 2009, but will admit that I have gained back 12 of those pounds since the middle of November when all the festivities began. I sort of expected that to happen... but I am not at all daunted by that gain. I am already on my way back to getting on that wagon to lose another 20 pounds in 2010. I do that by walking every day for about an hour, sometimes more depending on the weather and whether or not I have any pressing issues going on at the time. But most of all, I make healthy choices and practice portion control. I eat mostly whole grains, lean chicken, fish, pork with just a small amount of beef now and then. I stay away from potatoes, breads, rolls, sugar and simple carbs in general. I don't eliminate them 100% from my eating, but when I do eat say... cake, I will only eat a small portion and only once in a great while will I indulge. I eat pasta and other starchy foods in moderation.... and eat mostly good fresh vegetables when available or frozen is good too. I too am on blood thinners (among other things) but I do eat salads, lots of salads... and my warfarin is adjusted accordingly... In lieu of sugar laden desserts, I prefer fruit...


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Helen, it's great to see you're back.

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Hi Harold.. I will be back full force in a few days. I am climbing right back on that wagon. Actually I am looking forward to it.

Big hugs to you my friend.


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I too came here from the building a home forum, so you're not alone there!

Time to get serious about this for me too, so I'll be hanging out here. I spent this week trying to get back into the habit of at least tracking my food. I was always over calories, but getting in the habit of tracking again was my main goal for this week. Starting 1/4/10, it's on (I'm giving myself one last weekend). I track food on The Daily Plate which I used a few years ago and really love. I'll be strictly counting calories. I hate exercise, but if the calorie cutting doesn't work, I'll have to add exercise. Blah.

Good luck in 2010 everyone!

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