Holiday Party/Drinks?

brendaswDecember 1, 2002


Planning a holiday party...cocktails and hors d'ouvres. My question is what kind of a liquor should I have in my liquor cabinet? Of course we'll have wine and beer, but don't know exactly what else I should have on hand. Any suggestoins would be appreciated!


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I am not much of a drinker but we keep various types of liquer for guests and for when my husband wants a cocktail. We usually have on hand some good whiskey, rum, tequila, scotch and vodka And for coffee with a pep, we have Frangelica, Ameretto, Bailey's Irish cream and KAhluia...HOpe this helps some...

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Good suggestions on the previous post, I also have on hand as a basic- gin, grenadine, flavored brandy, and juices such as cranberry, orange, and grapefruit. Enjoy your party! NancyLouise

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Thanks for the suggestions!!! This will help me to get started!

Happy Holidays

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I also am planning a big cocktail dinner buffet party. I bought Bombay gin, Kettle one Vodka and Smirnoffs, Dewers scotch, Canadian club and Jim Beam...and will put out light and dark vermouth, Rose's lime, lemons, olives, cherries....and lots of champagne, white wine and well as soft drinks and mixers.
I like to avoid red wines, and cranberry juice as well as grenadine for a big cocktail party....saves the furniture!
Linda C

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I like Swedish Glogg or Wassial (hot mulled wine) served from the steaming crockpot. It warms the body like few other things can. It is served in mugs so it is not so likely to tip and spill. Just be sure to have your guests choose a designated driver for each carload (people tend to carpool to get here) since it packs a good kick.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
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Here is a link that might be useful: Glogg Wine Description and Recipes

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But Linda how will I have my favorite mixed drinks-cape codders and sea breezes without the cranberry or grapefruit juice?! lol. I promise not to spill. NancyLouise

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Mistletoe Martinis - mix 4 parts vodka with 1 part Midori liquor, pour in glass that has been dipped in colored sugar, hang a small candy cane from edge

add a splash of grenadine

the red settles to the bottom making the drink both red and green - perfect for xmas parties!

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whimandfancy, I love Midori, I make my margaritas with it, I'll try your holiday recipe, glad I came here tonight !!

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Nancy Louise....come when there aren't 60 people also here and I'll mix your cape codder.....and join you!
Linda C

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Quick tip on flavored martinis....

For those of you that love the taste, but can't afford to be snockered inthe first 30 minutes, you can try substituting club soda for some parts of the vodka/gin.

For instance, in my sour apple martinis, I use vodka, apple pucker and club soda...shaken with ice...

Taste is light and easily drinkable...but you can actually have more than a few without falling down. Adds no calories or taste to the recipe...just be sure not to mix up tonic water with soda water!


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Go with some easy mixed drinks, maybe some with a holiday flavor... Some of my favorites are egg nog (with rum or brandy), sangria, and mulled cider.

Here is a link that might be useful: Printable Photo Christmas Cards

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This was a nice holiday thread until grillboy spammed it up.

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