Wood Stove Pipe Confusion

doug6430January 5, 2010

I have an old VC Resolute I want to hook up. Running it through the ceiling is not practicle. I plan on coming straight up and elbow through a drywall partition. I am really confused by all the posts on what exterior pipe I should use. I received quotes on stainless steel 6" double wall/triple wall pipe anywhere from $ 150 to $ 450 for a 36" length. I know I can run single wall inside until I break through the wall, but I am confused on the double wall, triple wall ... I was just looking at Simpson and next I see a post that states trtipple wall is NG. Could someone reccomend a reasonable, practical and economical solution for running exterior pipe up the side a one story cabin? My intention is to eventually build a chase around it in the spring.

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