Epa certified wood fireplaces and asthma

gbig2January 25, 2010

My wife and I are thinking about putting a wood fireplace in our great room. We don't have a fireplace right now or a chimney. My wife has allergies/asthma. Do we have to worry about asthma with these newest EPA certified, high efficiency fireplaces or is the asthma concern with the older, open fireplaces? I was thinking about putting HEPA air cleaner in the great room just in case particles escape into the great room when cleaning the fireplace out or when loading wood. I'd love to hear from people who have asthma but get along with a fireplace with no issues...


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there should not be any difference in any open/epa/pre epa etc. fireplace and its effect on your wife's asthma. Any stove or heating appliance functioning properly will vent all combustion products outside. wood heat in general MAY aggravate her asthma if she's allergic to any pollen, mold, spores etc. brought in on the firewood regardless of what it is being burned in.

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My mother has Asthma and sometimes has reactions to the wood that is stored downstairs if it has mold on it that she is allergic to. She doesn't have severe attacks from it and can handle loading the furnace but at times it does bother her. Depending on her allergies and asthma you might check into a pellet burning unit, I would think with the compressed pellets and dry material that mold and spores would be very minimal.

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