Your best party ideas

MeghaneDecember 31, 2002

I'm intersted in hearing (reading?) everyone's best party ideas- themes, decorations, menus, games. etc. Just for fun.

My best party so far was a Fiesta I had last winter.

Since I have a variety of vegetarian to vegan friends, plus some doing Adkins, and others who are trying to cut calories and fat, the menu was pretty important. I made a taco bar and included several different fillings: a shrimp (low fat and calorie but high cholesterol), vegan (just veggies- no fat, no cholesterol, very low-cal), steak (great for the Adkins people and those who have no diet issues). I had all the fixin in separate bowls: cheese (Pepper Jack, Montery Jack, and Cheddar), lettuce, tomatoes, hot and mild salsas, soft and hard shells, etc. I also made a pot of bean soup that was vegan and could also be used as a dip. And of course we had margaritas, Sangria, and a variety of Mexican beer. Everyone had a great time, we had to do several beer runs though (apparently people REALLY like Corona), and judging by the amount of food left over (NONE except some tortillas and a little salsa for dips) they enjoyed the menu. I fell a little short on the decorations though, not quite enough to carry on the theme, but I did have a lot of paper flowers. I've been working on more decorations for another Mexican party celebrating the end of the holidays (Jan 11th), including papel picado (cut paper banners) and more chili pepper lights hanging all around.

So please share your success stories!

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This is not my own party idea- I read it on here- but I thought it was hilarious. Someone planned a party where all her girl friends were supposed to come dressed in the old bridesmaid dresses- the ones they still had hanging in the backs of closets. Dates could come in tuxes or not-
By the way, why do brides always imagine you can cut those dresses off and re-wear them as evening dresses?

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Here we often throw costume parties to celebrate holidays one might not normally celebrate. ie. The Immaculate Conception. Someone came as a pregnant virgin, someone as a doctor, someone even came as Madonna during her Like a Virgin phase. We had a blast.

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Friends of ours had a Beach Blanket Bingo party every year in the middle of winter. Just to pick everybody's spirits up waiting for the snow to melt. We would all dress up in our best beach attire, flowered shirts, sunglasses, bathing suits, straw beach hats,etc. There would be sand in one plastic kiddie pool and water in another. We would play volleyball (with a soft plastic beachball), limbo, dance, eat and drink and have a great time. One fellow was crowned as Moondoggie and a gal was crowned as Gidget. It was so much fun! NancyLouise

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I am turning 21 and want to celebrate at home with a max of 25 friends. My family is very open so we always throw parties and my friends love my parents. May birthday is in February so it's cold. I was wondering if anybody had ideas on a party I could have. I really wanted a princess party to mark the transition from girl to women and have people dress as their favorite princess and have a homemade photo booth but don't know what else to do any ideas are great. Am open to anything thanks

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Naz2010, are you talking about a girls-only party or mixed genders? and when you say 'favorite princess' do you mean a party of fairy-tale princesses like Cinderella or real-life princesses like Fergie? I'd approach the planning for those parties differently. LOL!

You may also get more responses if you start a separate thread asking your specific party question(s).

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We normally discuss with all family member and prepare food menu which consists of one fried rice,roti,dal,curry,papad,curd rice,fruits and ice cream.
We will be inviting all my family members and friends for every party,celebrates in home with self decorations.

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A party that when they come they just gave you lots of money that's you need to have a good party.

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I love cakes and the best party i have is on my last birthday when all my friends different cakes on that day is the best pary....

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