Christmas Eve cocktails/visits ideas needed...

aikidokapDecember 23, 2002

Hello all...

We, like many couples, have lots of friends that all have family obligations.

So...I once had this great experience in high school where a family opened their home on Christmas eve. They had lots of snacks, treats, drinks,etc. and they spent the evening entertaining people that stopped by for a bit. Not a party, per se...just a chance to see each friend/couple for a bit and visit.

My wife and I are doing the same thing for the first time this year. I'm looking for ideas for any specifically festive drinks (besides egg nog...ugh!), entertainment (should we have music...a christmas classic movie playing low instead?).

Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated...


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My parents did that......
Just had an assortment of the standards ( vodka, gin, Scotch, bourbon and beer and a white wine.) and also an assortment of no big deal a cheese board, herring, Maybe a salami to slice, cocktail rye, crackers and some fruit.......and later on a pot of coffee and a plate of cookies.
No entertainment.....good friends don't need anything other than an opportunity to talk.
Sounds like fun.....where do you live?
Linda C

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Chocolate Martini

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