Sweet Sixteen Dance Party

kattylynnDecember 1, 2005

My mother and i have been planning my sweet sixteen birthday party since july. It's in just a couple of weeks! But, I'm worried that my birthday party will turn out somewhat like the last three parties I have attended. For example, my friend Alisha had her party two weeks ago and people would come to the party and then leave within an hour. I consider that very disrespectful because her family spent quite a lot of money on her party and she was upset. Plus, it seemed like no one wanted to dance as well. If this happens at my birthday party I will be very upset. Does anyone have any idea of how I could get people to dance or at least not leave and go somewhere else? Please help!

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Have you invited anyone who will dance, even if they are the only one? The hardest part is getting the first few people on the dance floor. After that, people usually feel more comfortable about dancing -- since they weren't the first or the only folks on the dance floor. Also, I've noticed that people are more ok about dancing if the lights aren't too bright (for several reasons!). Having some special lighting (disco ball, colored lights, or fog machine -- all can be rented) will also make the dance floor more appealing.

But, most of all is having some boys and girls that WILL dance, that WILL draw out others to dance with them. Not just the one couple who will dance but only with each other.

Good luck

(The mother of a 21 yr old and 16 yr old!)

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