Is your WHOLE family coming...

blackcat333December 29, 2003

In the past year and 1/2 I've had 2 parties where people will say "Yes, we're coming" to a party then half of them not show, or they will only stay an hour before jetting off to someplace else. I end up with too much food and rather annoyed, but I guess it's my own fault for assuming the "yes" for a family of 5 only means 2 showing up.

Any suggestions on how to plan better?

By the way, the offending parties were family...not mine, his.

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you might be better off asking him... they're his family, and if you pick his brain, you might learn that some of them are space cadets, some of them are busy-bees who never stay ANYWHERE for more than an hour...or that there are just some people that you should not include in your count.

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Next time, just ask "How many of you will be coming?" Politely explain that it would be helpful to know when planning how much food to prepare.


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