I have a question on my Christmas plates.

sharburkDecember 12, 2008

Quite a few years ago (1980's), my husband bought me a collection of of the Lenox Colonial Christmas Wreath Plates. One a year, I love them. He then started on the Christmas trees from around the world. The wreaths are so pretty and I kept thinking when I got the 13 colony plates and then added a few tree plates, I would actually use them for my holiday dinner. The last couple that I received had a note saying not to be used with food. I had always intended on using them to eat off of.

We have never eaten off of them and they sit in the cabinet, year around. I don't have room to just display them and am so disappointed. I e-mailed Lenox and they told me that only dinnerware is to be eaten off of, nothing decorative should be used. I know they have to be extra safe. Do any of you actually use your decorative china?

Does anyone know if it is unsafe to eat off of the first ones I received, the ones that did not come with a note? How can I tell? They would make such a pretty table.

Thank you.


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I don't know the answer to your question but I have a suggestion. Can you use them as chargers? That would make your table pretty without actually eating off of them.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I would live dangerously and eat off of them once a year for a special dinner. Can't be worse than all the fast food eaten all the time.

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I agree....is the decoration under the glaze? Or will it scrape off with your fingernail?
I wouldn't store food in them nor use them to heat food on....but to set the table and eat from? of course!
lenox is doing a CYA maneuver.
Linda C

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Chargers...to be safe....who wants to eat off them and then throw up!!!!

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Thank you for your responses. I will probably decide at the last minute. I bought some beautiful candy apple red chargers and they look wonderful with the plates. Maybe I'll set the table with them and my Lenox plates and then do a switch at some point. This is for Christmas Eve and we do a casual dinner that night.

It's really too bad that these are not to be used for eating. I don't think they would be any worse than the dishes that I ate off of years ago when I was a child. I'm sure my grandparents china had lead in them.

Thanks again.

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I think I'd write Lenox again... or call and ask if they issued the warning because of lead or because they think that the decorations will wear off when the utensils scrape on them.
Then you could make a more informed decision. If every knife cut would ruin a plate, I'd say that it wasn't worth it.

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