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beshDecember 10, 2007

Good Morning!!

Two hour school delay here due to ice!

Have a great day!


Maddie & Dee - pictures please!

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Good Monday morning!

Besh, be careful out on that ice later today! I always worried about driving on it when we'd get ice storms occasionally in Dallas. Of course, we don't have a clue as to how to drive on it in most of Texas. LOL

It's 61 here and overcast. The high will be 55 because we're due some rain later. While my sister was here last week, a rock hit my windshield and made a nice little crack which spread after a very cold night to the point where it needs to be replaced. The guy is supposed to come out this morning to replace it, so I'm expecting rain to postpone it. Oh, bother!

My eating is not big lately, but I don't feel any loss. I've had a lot of soup, a lot of fruit, and more carbs than usual. When I have a cold, I always feel the need to feed it, darnit!!!

Well, folks, stay warm and dry if you're besieged with ice storms. Stay safe wherever you are!

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Good Morning!!

Just popping in to say hi beforethe start of another busy week.

Dee, Maddie! How wonderful that you got together. it sounds like a fabulous outing and i want pictures too!

Raeanne, when I was reading back posts I was so bummed to hear that you were right here in So Cal about 2 hours from me and I missed out on seeing you. : (
Next time.....

BJ, those pictures of your town were something else! How is it up there now? Drying out, I hope?

Jen and Patti,Milkdud, I HATE car trouble!
Hi Patti and Dave! And everybody I missed...

Back later, have a terrific day!


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Milkdud - We are at 21 degrees now, so your 55 is sounding mighty good to me LOL. Once your cold is gone you will get back on track - we all need to comfort ourselves when we don't feel well.

Tikanis - My next trip out will include YOU. We didn't have more than 5 minutes free out there. We were totally booked from morning to night. I only got to visit with my brother for 5 hours.

Besh - I hope you enjoyed your 2 hours off. Too bad you didn't know the night before so you could've slept in a little bit.

BJ - we need to hear from you.

I am very distracted at work today, thinking about so many other things I could and should be doing LOL.

We got a couple inches of snow overnight, thankfully we didn't get the ice they were predicting. I hope everyone is safe where they are.

Maddie - I was hoping the weather didn't have any effect on your flight yesterday. I can't wait to hear your side of the story LOL. MISSED YOU more than you will ever know.

QOD - is anyone up for another attempt at a French Lick get together, or any other suggestions? If so, when would be the best time for you to get away for a weekend?

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Milkdud~We saw on TV that it really does help to "feed a cold & starve a fever". There is medical proof to back it up now instead of just the old saying. So, you are probably doing just what you should be doing to help your body repair as soon as it can. It was raining in Lewisville about an hour ago when I called to check on our friends. So sorry about your car too.

Raeanne~I would like to see what happens between now & the time that you plan the trip. Dave's Mom called this a.m. & his aunt in CT fell last p.m. & broke her hip. She is very fragile. Dave said that they didn't know whether they could do surgery or not yet. And, he mentioned if something were to happen to her that he felt they wouldn't bury her until spring & he would want to travel up there. Then we would go across to NY while we were so close. He has a high school buddy close to Albany.

Tikanis~I love hearing from you. Pictures have got to be the best, huh? Enquiring minds want to know! LOL

Besh~Sorry that you have snow but glad that you got a little 2 hour reprieve. It allowed you to come & say hi to us this a.m. :) We are grateful for that.

I got very creative & took the grandkids Halloween pics & put them on backgrounds. DGS#1 was Spiderman so he went on a background of Spiderman, DGS#2 was Robin so he went on a background with Batman, and DGD was a ladybug so she went on a background with a ladybug. They really turned out cute. (We'll give them to the parents for Christmas & then we also did wallets for DGGPs as well.) Hi to all that I have missed. Have a wonderful day. Please post & please take the time to be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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Patti - I am so sorry to hear about Dave's aunt - let him know I am sending prayers. Please let me know if you come near Albany - I am an hour north of there. The Christmas gifts sound great - very creative!

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I had such a lovely weekend, and now I'm back in BizzaroLand. On Friday, I was e:mailed 2 new projects which should take 2 months to complete; however, I need them back to my director in 1 week! Yeah, right!!!

Patti, I will be sure to drive up to say hello, as I'm about 2-3 hours south of Albany. I'm sure I can convince Donna to come along for the ride!

BJ, your coffee fantasy gift basket to me is now displayed on our album----thank you, Marci!

Really gotta run................CHECK IN PEOPLE!!

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Hi all!

O.M.G. I love Dee. I love NYC, too, but I really, really love our Dee. :):) I can honestly say, with the possible exception of my wedding day, Friday was the absolute best day of my life!! No, no kidding--Dee was everything I thought she would be and so much more. I've posted on here since '98, and we've talked for all of these years, so I had a vision of her personality in my mind, and she did not disappoint me--she is as beautiful inside as she is on the out, and she just glows. Well--lemme tell you--I was so caught up in our conversation that I actually got in the same section of a revolving door with her twice, b/c I wasn't paying attention to anything but us, and wasn't paying a lick of attention--(I was embarrassed; I'm sure she thought that I was barking mad at that point!! LOL!)

Dee has pretty much told you all about our adventures, but just to see the crowds and the windows and just the well, stuff was better than I had ever hoped for. Friday was one of the few days in my life that the reality far exceeded any expectations that I had. I was dropped of early, so I was able to go to Harry Winston's, Tiffany's, Trump Towers, Berdorf's (I think I could just move in there--gad, what great stuff!!!), and several other's. I wasn't sure just how interested Dee was in these, so I figured that I might as well go in while I had the chance. (I mean, she's so kind that I am sure that she would have indulged me, but I didn't want to bore her to tears!) Then we met, and had lunch, and then we just went. Everywhere. What fun!!! I couldn't believe the crowds; I've never seen anything like that before, but it was easy to manuver, and personally, I like crowds (for the most part), so this was right up myy alley. :) The highlight of the day (as far a visiting places) was St. Patrick's and The Empire State Building. Oh, my, oh, my--you know, it's funny--I've seen pictures of these places all of my life, but to actually see them in person was breathtaking. I think I could have sat in St. Patrick's for hours just to look at the stained glass windows. But the Empire State Building was it. Well, now wait a minute--I really need to consider Rockefeller Center and the tree and the skaters and drinking hot chocolate in the snow. And then, the awnings of greenery and lights at Cartier; a lot to be said for that. So, with meeting Dee (finally!!) being at the top of the favorites list, I think everything was running second! (I can't pick just one thing--I loved them all--limo, too!!!)

What a magical day--Dee, I will never, ever be able to thank you. You made this southern girl's dreams come true, and it was a day that will be in my heart, always. Always.

The rest of the weekend was nothing like Friday, although, we did eat at Roxy's in Times Square on Saturday afternoon, and I got to grab the Naked Cowboy's behind. :) (Well, what was I supposed to do?? He stuck it out there for me to admire--) We went to Canal Street, and wandered around, and then we went to see Wicked Saturday night. Wow!! Seriously, go see it when you can; it's that good! I knew the basic story, but not the details, and I was enthralled.

Sunday, I went to the WTC site, and had a good cry. I was actually holding it in until I heard Amazing Grace played by a bagpiper (24/7/365)at the visitor's tent, and that was all she wrote. The hankie came out and I had to leave. It was the most amazing mixture of emotions I've ever had. I was heartbroken, proud, indescribably angry, and humbled, all at the same time. I kept trying to imagine what it must have been like that day, and what the planes must have sounded like, and all I could do was cry.

Later, I went to Century 21, and I am convinced that the shoe department may be the unknown epicenter of the world. It's that good. I've never seen a shoe dept that huge, and with really great stuff. I could have spent a day in there, just trying on shoes (I love shoes, and really love the ones I can't wear!!LOL!!)

So, it was a fabulous, wonderful weekend. I loved everything about the city, especially the cabbies--I have developed a whole new respect for them--seriously. :) And the people were nice; I don't know where New Yorkers get the label of being unfriendly--maybe they are, and I just happened to run into several hundred that were lovely. :)

I (heart) NY!!!



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Maddie - you really made the most of your time! I was going to mention the Naked Cowboy - but didn't want to scare you off - what was I thinking? I should've warned him you were in town LOL. I never understood why New Yorker's got such a bad rap - they really are nice people - just don't cross them LOL. I worked a few blocks north of the WTC and would walk to Canal St on my lunch hour often. I knew you would love Dee - we all do! I am still walking around with a little chip on shoulder about not getting to meet you. Ooops, my bad! So are you already planning your next trip LOL?

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Maddie - I am so sorry that you didn't have a good time. LOL Now I think we should all meet in NYC and explore the town. The Big Apple would never be the same! I have only been to NYC once and that was in college. We stayed at the Biltmore and went to the garment district. I really don't remember doing much sight-seeing or shopping.

DeeMarie - I meant to post the fact that I had posted your picture, but I was going in circles yesterday and just kept passing up the computer on my orbits! LOL So glad that you and Maddie hooked up. What fun!

Here's a question for you gals - how much do you tip your hairdresser at Christmas? Do you give her a gift over and above the usual tip or just increase the normal tip. Do you give cash or do you give a gift? I really like the girl who does my hair now and I wanted to do something special for her. I had been in hairdresser limbo for over 2 years when my favorite hairdresser moved to CA, so I am grateful to find someone who understands me and my hair. TIA for your help.

Raeanne - Sorry you didn't get to join in the fun, but I am sure Maddie could be persuaded to come back for another visit.

NHSuzanne - I mailed your package today and you should have it by the end of the week. Let me know if it doesn't get there.

Gotta run.

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OK, Maddie, so how did you REALLY like your trip? Honestly, you flatter me; the City was the show. It seems as though you left out a few your photo with one of New York's finest (a real cutie) and your search for a member of the NYFD for some "nasty stuff"! LMAO!!! It was my pleasure and honor to show you around our part of the country. It's comforting to hear your description of your experience at Ground Zero, and that you understood how we felt. I think that some people who were far removed have a tendancy to tell us to 'get over it'. We are still sad and angry enough to want to stop it before it happens somewhere else.

QOD: I'm ready for French Lick. I have vacation plans in March and early July, a wedding on May 31, and am planning an 80th b'day party for MIL sometime in August. What about September 2008? How about April 2009 to give everyone a chance to start saving? Let's get going!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marci, forgot to answer your question. I tip my hair dresser and shampoo gal very well throughout the year, so at the holidays I double the tip and bring some homebaked goods. (My hairdresser is also a friend of my...met her through one of my best friends). However, the rule is that you tip her the cost of your average visit. So if you normally spend $35 or $50...that is the tip, if feel comfortable with that.

Ohhhh...LYNN! Have not mailed your package yet, but it was leave by this weekend. When are we opening? Before or after Christmas?

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DeeMarie~I think that at the beginning we said open on the 22nd but I don't know if that is still the same or not.

I'm very excited to think I could meet everyone. Dave's aunt is doing fine so far. She came out of surgery fine & is supposed to go to rehab in the next day or so.

Raeanne~I looked up your place & Dave says that it will be beautiful where you live. His DF lives in Guilderland.

I'm not certain when we are supposed to move, it is supposed to be in 12 months or so but April 2009 sounds like a good goal to me.

Maddie~Your trip sounds wonderful. I've not been to NYC & Dave says that it is the kind of place where you need a guide. (Although it sounds as if you got along just fine!) Has your gift arrived? We sent my Dad a birthday gift at the same time & it didn't get there until today. It took an entire week to get there. That is pretty pitiful.

Dee~It sounds like you did right by Maddie, too.

Marci~I hadn't had my hair cut in years until July & I've just found someone myself so I'm no help at all.

Raeanne~We appreciate the prayers. I know that it helped. :) Cannot wait to meet you.

Milkdud~I hope that you are feeling better.

BJ~Cannot wait to go see the pic of what you sent to DeeMarie. Looking forward to moving on to the photos.

Hi to everyone else. Have a wonderful day eating right! Patti :)

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Wow, I really wish Maddie had enjoyed NYC and meeting Dee!! I am so glad you got to meet and in such a great's like no other city. Of course we don't all sound doubt Dee and Raeanne have that NY accent going on while mine is pure Philly, not even close to theirs..yo!

Raeanne, your gift will be on its way this week! Thanks for answering my email question :-) I really enjoyed shopping for you!

Milkdud - hope you are feeling better.

Patti - I would love to meet you and Dave! If Dee needs a riding companion she's right, she can convince me.

Besh - how is your DH? If you posted I missed it, I was out of the loop again. How are you doing on WW...still on core?

Suzanne - still doing online? I love online, I don't know why I waited so long to do it.

Dee - you were a terrific tour guide.

Lynn - how serious were the boat problems?

Tikanis and BJ - hi!!!

QOD: I would be up for French Lick in Sep 08, me time to save up. I would love to meet you guys!! Dee and I have missed a couple of times now, we have to get it right before French Lick. And there is Saratoga.....

Marci - I am no help on the hairdresser thing. I just switched hairdressers - I always double tipped my former one at the holidays cause she had a shampoo person do color pull throughs and such for her. This one does it all herself so I tip her more than the other and am not sure what to do myself, I'm sorry.

Got to run..had lots of fruits and veggies today and feel very proud of myself.

Take care of yourselves..will check in tomorrow.


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Well, Donna it appears that you frightened everyone away! Don't know where everyone is, but you were the last one to post...LOL

Marci, forgot to mention that last weekend, I make the rest of that pulled pork from the fall. We had it on Monday with baked beans and it was delish! Hope to get out to buy some cabbage to make a cole slaw this weekend for the leftovers.

Our Diversity Choir here at work had our first performance of the season this morning. It was in our Lecture Hall with attendance of about 50; I have to admit it went very well. I just love to sing and dance, so it brightened up this time for me here.

BJ, I hope that you are running around with errands and are not staying away from us because you had problems with the weather. Miss you.........."where ya been"?

Toight we are meeting friends for dinner and I wish I had not made such arrangements. We are literally in the middle of putting up the Snow Village scenes. We have 3 in the living room and one in the dining room to date. Only one is lighted, and there are no accessories out yet. YIKES!!! Frustration is brewing. I need to bake this weekend, but I do have Friday and Monday off to catch up.

Eating has not been bad considering the season. Yesterday at the departmental luncheon, I ordered a wonderful whole grain veggie burger with a side salad and no dessert! There are currently no cookies in the house, although there is a huge dish of DOVE assorted chocolates which I have not touched yet. I feel so much better when I stay away from the junk. Also, I have been extremely diligent about showing up for my aerobics and circuit classes in the fitness center. Also do my walks with the neighbor about 5 days out of 7, so I'm way ahead of last year.

Hello to everyone.......please check in!


Lynn: I have your packaged all wrapped up. Need to tape the labels on it and get it to the post office. Be careful when opening and some of the itmes are fragile!

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Donna - I normally give her about the cost of my normal visit and a little more. I do overtip her year long, but she does a lot of little extras for me. She has never charged for an eye waxing, trims my bangs every couple weeks, gives me free products to try out and has even given me free manicures. I have been going to her for at least 10 years.

Marci - Be on the lookout for a suspicious looking package. LOL

Dee - take a deep breath, does that feel better? You will be fine and everything will fall into place - so enjoy your night out, it may even end up being a good distraction. I love to have coleslaw with the pulled pork - I think it's about time for me to make another one.

Patti - Guilderland is also about an hour from me. Keep me posted if you plan on heading out this way.

We went to a holiday party last night and have another one Saturday night. That will be 3 in one week. No wonder I am tired.

Joanne, Gretchen, BJ, John, and all other MIA's, check-in.

Have a good evening.

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I just finished making 76 miniature meatballs for Christmas Eve. I am in charge of the Wedding Soup and it will be easy to put together if I make the meatballs and the broth ahead of time.

I have made 2 kinds of cookies so far and haven't tasted either one. DH assured me that they tasted fine! LOL Now I have to make Ginger Snaps for a bake sale next week and ice my Cream Wafers. That will only leave Pizzelles for next weekend. I am trying to only make four kinds and give some away before the holidays so I don't have any to bring home after Christmas. Still holding at 124/125 and I don't want to blow it at this point!

Raeanne - I love the mailman this time of year! Even though most of what he brings me is something I have ordered, it makes me feel good to get a package. I will inspect all suspicious packages carefully. LOL

Thanks for your responses about hairdressers. I think I will triple her usual tip and get her a small gift.

Now I am off to wrap some presents before dinner.


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Donna~It would be fun to go to Saratoga. Dave worked there one summer with his uncle & might go with me & go visit with his aunt & uncle. ;)

Marci~What day do you get out of school?

Besh~What day do you get out of school?

Raeanne~I know that Dave plans to come that way b/c I've never been any further north on the east coast than Georgia & of course he would like for me to see his old stomping grounds. :)

Dee~I had pulled pork last night when we went out with friends & it was delicious. We haven't made it in such a long while & now I remember why I like it so well.

Went to the dr. today--good news & bad news. LOL The bad news is that my system is still completely "out of whack". I don't know what to do to get it back on track. I'll see the specialist again when we get back in Jan. & the dr. I saw today in Mar. The good news was that I had lost 30# since Oct. 15th. (I have a long, long way to go but it is a start.) We have another dr. appt. tomorrow & have to go to the laundromat & finish packing then off the next day. DS#1 asked us to stay from Mon. a.m. to Sun. a.m. so we'll be at his house quite a bit longer than we had planned. We were planning to take our time & not plan a strict schedule though b/c it seems to get too hectic.

Milkdud~Are you still around?

Hi to everyone else! I miss you. Please check in before I leave. I'll try to check in Mon or Tues. I know that I am babysitting on Mon & that we are moving DS#1 into his new home. That will be a full day. Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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Good evening! I've had trouble logging in the past couple of days. But, I'm here now and glad to be back.

Maddie, I had to smile reading your rendition of the NYC trip. I'm glad you had such a memorable visit.

DeeMarie, your workplace souds awesome. All the great things offered in your workplace counterbalance the heavy workload, I guess. :)

Raeanne, are you managing to stay with your WOE at the holiday parties? That would be my downfall.

Marci, I really don't know how you resist all the things that you do. This is my first year to not be teaching preschool, and I'm having a little withdrawal from all the wonderful treats I used to enjoy, not only from the kiddos, but in the teachers' lounge!

Donna, you stay mighty busy. How is the online WW going? I still receive their newletter weekly and always check out the recipes and the life stories for inspiration.

I've been eating better this week, and I'm down 2 more pounds. Did I tell y'all that I weigh in at my hairstylist's salon? LOL There's no WW anywhere near here, and they were all dieting at the salon and invited me to come weigh in weekly, so that's what I've been doing. It's holding me accountable, I get to visit some now-familiar faces for a few minutes, and it motivates me to continue on this path.

I'm going to be gone from Friday until at least Sunday evening babysitting my granddaughters while their parents go out of town. We moved the locale from my home to theirs because the oldest DGD has a couple of activities this weekend that she doesn't want to miss, and I don't blame her. If my son and DDIL get home late Sunday, I'll stay over until Monday and drive home. It's only a little over an hour from here, a huge plus for living down here!

I'm just about over my cold/sinus mess. I slept like a log last night for the first time in way over a week. It's amazing how much better I feel after a good night's sleep!

I hope everyone's having a productive week with your eating, shopping, and living!

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Hey, Patti! You posted while I was composimg and correcting my lengthy post! Have a great trip. Congrats on the 30# weight loss. That's terrific!

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Good Thursday all!!

Boy have I been out of touch. Maddie and Dee, I am so glad you got together. So sorry that Raeanne could not go but she was being a good person and putting her own wants beside.

It's been a crazy week here with weather and work for me. Ice, rain, ice, now snow then LOTS more snow on the weekend. IT's crazy.

Oh Marci, a rather large and heavy package arrived at my house last night with your name on it! I can't wait to open it up!!

When is opening time?

I will try to check in here again today and get myself caught up.

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NH Suzanne~Where is everyone? LOL I'm terribly sorry that you have such bad weather. I was kinda hoping that it would subside enough for traveling. :( Now I'm not too certain. We have friends in PA & he is in the hospital with his gallbladder. She cannot get to the hospital b/c the weather is SO bad. My DM keeps me informed on how cold it is in TX. I've been told to leave the shorts behind. ;)

The dr. visit went well today & we will eat out so Dave or I won't have dishes to do. We'll get the laundry done while we are there & come home & finish the packing. Then off to bed & off tomorrow. I'll check in on Mon. if I possibly can. DDIL says that we are going to be very busy. (She might not know that I have my priority--a baby girl!! :)) Take care & do not do anything that I wouldn't do while I am gone, all right? smile I know, I know...this leaves you a lot of leaway. Patti :)

Hi & Bye For Now to All~

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Patti & Dave - Have a safe trip and have fun with that adorable baby girl!!!

NHSuzanne - If I had my way, you could open the package tomorrow! LOL But I think we are going to wait until the 22nd. Glad it arrived safe and sound.

milkdud - It is only because I have gotten the taste for sweets out of my system, that I am able to resist. I am taking a break from icing my Cream Wafers, and I have one broken one set aside that will be my reward for not licking my fingers! LOL I am so stressed right now at school because the kids are SO wound up. Next Friday can't come soon enough for me. I need a break and I can't wait to have both my kids home for the holidays.

Gotta run and get the cookies done before Survivor starts.

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Patti and Dave - have a safe trip and enjoy that little girl!!

Marci, I admire your willpower...for that you deserve that broken cookie! Glad you will have both kids home this holiday.

I went to a tea last night with some nurses who incorporate faith community nursing within their individual churches. What a wonderful evening and a very pleasant surprise! Preparing and serving teas is a hobby of one of the nurses in the group. The food was delicious, I learned all about how a tea is served and we shared stories about our favorite Christmas memories. All of the stories were great and heartwarming. Several of the nurses were from the Philippines originally and came to the US via some indirect routes...their stories of maintaining their faith, even when it could have had them arrested some places in the world, was inspiring to me. It really brought home just how fortunate we are in this country.

Will check in later, crazy day (surprise, surprise). Having a nice glass of wine and relaxing....need to get busy wrapping those gifts. Will finish up my shopping this weekend. I have never had this much done this early before so I am very worried I have missed something or someone very important :0)


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Good Morning!

Patti - WTG on the 30#'s that is awesome!

Donna - Your Christmas package went out on Wednesday night. DH and I made a trip to the self-serve post office. What a blast. Ya think we need to get out more???? LOL! We considered it a date. LOL! So be on the lookout for it at least by Monday. The enitre thing is encased in Packing Tape. I hope they accept it.

I will be on the lookout for pic on the Marci's picture trail. I just love looking at it.

I will check in again later as I gotta go start the days chores!

Take Care...Lynn

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Weather was horrible yesterday. Got into work fine, and then left about 2pm to make a 1-mile trip to the hotel where our holiday party was last night. DH was already there so we checked in and had a nap while watching all the baseball/roid news.

Party was lots of fun, although about 100 people missed it because of the weather. Prom theme went well, and I watched what I ate but enjoyed myself.

This morning, DH left at 6:30am to drive down the shore to work and I languished in that hotel fluffy bed until about 8am.

Lynn, I mailed your package...should be there by next week so look out for it!

Had tons of ice to shovel when I arrived home and my car is stuck in my driveway. Need to shovel out shortly and get more shopping done. YIPPEEE I dont have to go back to work until Tuesday!

Sunday brings us another snowstorm. Hope Suzanne, Raeanne, and Besh are warm up in New England. We are due for a real blast with this next one!

Gotta run.......take care.


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Good Friday all,

Well, I have managed to dig myself out of another 9" of snow this morning! It took me 40 minutes to drive 8 miles home yesterday. Fortunately we closed our office at 3:30 so I could do that in the daylight. And we are expecting a major nor'easter Saturday night through Sunday!! Ladies, start your tractors!! LOL

Wow Patti,30# since October 15th? That's a tremendous loss - congrats.

Marci, I think I should rip right into that box!!

Raeanne, has that chip left your shoulder? LOL I really am sorry you had to stay behind.

Dee, I would take a ton of snow over the ice! I worry about my horses and donkeys falling on the ice. One fall could end a life!

Donna I love tea (s) and I have often thought that it would be fun to have a tea house. In fact, my sister and I seriously considered it a few years ago. Glad you are loving WW on line. Me too!

Milk dud, glad you are feeling better. Hope you are enjoying babysitting!

Lynn I was at Marci's picture site and saw your lovely kitties again. They really are pretty.

QOD: Weekend plans? I am shoveling!

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We got only about 5" of snow but it made for a very slippery afternoon yesterday. This morning there was a sheet of ice under the snow and I went off the road but was able to get back on after a bit.

Everyone here knows that I love critters of all kinds. Wednesday I heard some papers being shuffled around and it was coming from a box. I was brave enough to open it up to find it was filled with candy (I am talking about a box that a case of paper comes in). Well there was a mole in there that must've thought he died and went to heaven. I took the box outside and he took off. A few minutes later another mole ran across the floor. Two weeks ago we had 2 red squirrels in the basement. And about a month ago something died in the wall and stunk up the entire office for about a week. I am getting so upset that they don't find out where these animals are getting in and fix it. I come in today to find the box of candy still in my office. If it is there tomorrow, I am plopping it on the owner's desk! I know it has to be filled with droppings, etc. and I think it should just be thrown out. The funny thing is there were 2 male sales agents in the office at the time and they were nearly screaming when the mole ran across the floor ROFLMAO.

Dee - I know you will not be joining our "team" anytime soon LOL.

Suzanne - you can see the chip has not left my shoulder LOL. I am glad you made it home safely - we are getting hit on Saturday as well.

Donna - sounds like you had such a special time.

Milkdud - It is hard to stay on track at parties, especially when I allow myself a cocktail (or 2). I have been pretty good.

Have a safe evening.

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Speaking of tea....I've posted the link where we attended the party for the 80-year-old last Sunday. It was over-the-top wonderful. Everything was fresh, and I got to shop too!

Raeanne, do you need help in your office? I might be interested....NOT!!! LMAO Critters inside the office? I would be jumping on the desk in a New York Second!!! haha

Maddie, I miss you!!!!!!!!!! Were your ears ringing today? I was telling someone all about our afternoon together. [[[[[[[[[[[Maddie & Roger for making her dream come true]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Suzanne, try to stay warm. We are getting the Nor'Easter tomorrow night into Sunday. Maybe they will sit Tom Brady on the bench Sunday so he doesn't hurt himself at the Jets/Patriots Game!

Here is a link that might be useful: Where I had high tea last Sunday....

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Good Saturday morning! It rained so hard during the night here, and it's still drizzling and very cloudy right now. Only a high of 57 so far. I realize it's not the extreme weather that most of you are having.

My plans for this weekend were cancelled due to a vicious stomach virus running rampant through my Dson's family this past week. Ironically, without having been anywhere near them, I woke up with it yesterday, too! Go figure. So, here I sit this morning wondering what in the world to do with all this "free time" I hadn't expected to have. LOL

I'll spend this weekend getting the DGDs' gifts wrapped, my Christmas cards written, and finish decorating the house and my front porch. We'll only have H's DD with us for Christmas this year. H just told me that she'll be here from next Saturday until the day after Christmas. My house is still clean from my sister's visit, so all I need to do is just continue organizing closets to the way I want them, I guess. No temptations from cooking and baking this year, thank goodness, as his DD doesn't eat what I fix. I am trying so hard to watch what I eat, and cooking for company always does me in.

I hope Patti and Dave are having a safe, uneventful journey to Texas! I guess I won't be seeing them this trip since I'm now almost 5 hours further south than in the past.

Sounds like the parties y'all have attended this week were fun and your WOE didn't suffer too much! It's hard to resist, so I'm impressed!

Hubby brought home fried chicken and all the fixings last night, and so far, I've resisted fixing myself a plate. The good thing was that I was still puny last night. Today, I hope he finishes off everything! ;)

I hope your weekend is filled with fun and good weather!

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Good Sunday morning all,

A vicious Nor'Easter is bearing down on us. It's very cold 10 and the snow is fine. It will eventually warm up enough that we may have a "wintry" mix of sleet and snow. UGH then switch back to snow. We could get a foot!

My day has started off with a frozen hydrant in the barn which I have to figure out how to thaw out in 10 temps! Then, I locked myself out of the house........I NEVER lock the doors but last night the cats were acting strange and I got the heebes so I locked all doors.!!! OMG, so I managed to get in through a cellar door with out breaking the window! Fortunately, I did not lock the overhead door! What a dope!

Spent all day yesterday pushing the snow back with the tractor and it never got above 14 all day.

DH is stuck in Ohio in this storm and is grounded until further notice...........

Believe it or not, I will have a great day once I get the hydrant fixed. I can stay inside and do Christmas things.

The fun just never ends........tra, la, la, la, la!!

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Suzanne - not a great start to the day but I love your attitude!! A vicious nor'easter is right...we are experiencing rain that will change to a snow mix and winds up to 50 mph - lovely.

Raeanne - your package is on the way, it should arrive by Wednesday or so they tell me :-)

Will check in later, getting ready to clean..not fun but necessary and if I get it done early enough then maybe I can shoot to the mall (not fun either but necessary).

Have a great Sunday!!

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We have about 4 inches of a lovely mixture of sleet/ice outside. We were supposed to meet our fellow Snow Village clubmembers at Boscobel up in NY State near West Point. Well, that has been cancelled formally, even though DH did not want to make the trip this weekend.

Looks like it's wrapping gifts for me now because I forgot to take out my cookie dough from the freezer last night! After wrapping, I will make a batch of almond shortbread and raspberry/hazelnut shortbread bars, so it should be productive.

Oh, between that, I will punish myself by watching the JETS/Patriots game. Ohhhhhh, the humanity!!!!!!! LOL

Patti/Dave, hope you are enjoying yourselves. I told DH yesterday that if you two are anywhere within a 3-hour range, we are all meeting up, even for a cup of coffee!!

Marci, you are a tower of strength with those sweets, girlfriend. Sometimes when I'm tempted I think about how easy it seems for you to avoid the junk. I don't always win, but you have been so successful, that I have a 50/50 chance of victory!

[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]], I know how you feel with that "DUH" moment. It happened to me a few times with my keys and the car. As the door slammed shut, I would see those shiny keys sneering at me from the front seat! Glad you are safely back in.

Suzanne, DH is trying to think of a way to help you unfreeze that hydrant, but he tells me you will crack it if you pour warm water over it (my suggestion!). He said whatever you do, it has to be a slow process, but I told him "it's too cold for her out there!" Sorry I'm no help, but I've got broad shoulders. Good luck!

BJ, we are all waiting to hear from you this week. Hope all is well out there.

Jen, I'll bet you are tied up in the season and that the girls are so excited. Check in to say hello!

Hello and best wishes to Gretchen, Joanne, Zig, Besh, Amy, John, Maddie (where are the pictures Maddie?). Please check in when you get the chance; you are missed!

Gotta run and get dressed; it's 10:27am and I'm still in my nightgown.


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Forgot to say hello to Donna & Raeanne.......hope you are keeping warm too.

Half of the gifts are cookies yet. DH is finished shoveling and is upstairs working on the master bath.

I just don't move as quickly as I used to.......[[[[[sigh]]]

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Good Sunday afternoon! I feel for those of you who are having such hard winter weather. I'll just skip giving my weather as it would make y'all want to smack me! LOL

Dee, when you make your cookie dough and freeze it, is it just a basic dough that you add to when you thaw it out? Or do you make the actual shortbread dough, etc. ahead of time? And is it hard to resist nibbling when they're done?

Donna, good luck cleaning house today. I desperately need to do that. Yesterday, I just lazed around watching Christmas movies and recovering from the stomach virus from Friday.

Suzanne, I feel for you! You have the best attitude about life and its pitfalls. I'm glad you found a way back into the house. I have no helpful advice about thawing out your hydrant, but I'll be sending thawing thoughts your way!

Stay warm and safe today!

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Hello again,

I am pleased to report that at 2:30 the hydrant is officially unfrozen and operating properly. More on that later. I used an old heat gun for removing paint from wood (really old) and after several trips I got it! I was frozen from the top to the ground ( not underground) because a new heated hose I used last night did not drain back was helpful to me to know where the trouble was. We have a heat tape installed eight feet down just in case so I knew it wasn't there.

I got alot inside done and have shoveled for the third time to keep up with this stuff. The piles are getting high and it's getting harder to fling!

Hope everyone is safe and sound today. I am going to try not to lock myself out of the house again today!! LOL

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Good Evening All! Just checking in to say hello.

DH and I went to the boat parade tonight, It was beautiful.

Sorry to hear about all everyone's bad and cold weather problems. We are finally going into the 60's tonight. I am excited cause I can finally wear a new sweater I bought to work. I will probably have the window open all day cause it is normally warm in the office.

Suzanne - thanks for the nice comments about my little furbabies.... I just love em to death!!!!! Your animals are beautiful!!! Every last one of them!!!!

DeeMarie - I will be on the look out for your package this week.

Donna - did you get your package yet?

Hello to all I have missed - TAKE CARE!


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Hi All--

I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while, but this week has been a doosey--idiot bil got arrested Tuesday night, and my mom collasped Weds, and was admitted to the hospital. She had emergency surgery yesterday for a bowel obstruction, and her mental capacity is very, very bad. We aren't sure if it's the drugs talking, or it is something very wrong.

Please keep her in your thoughts--

love and hugs,


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