Is SSI taxable?

Pooh BearJanuary 28, 2004

This year I started getting disability/SSI checks.

Do I pay taxes on this income.

Nothing is withheld on it.

Doesn't make sense that they would give it to me

and then take part of it back. But it is the IRS.

We still have my wife's income. But what about SSI.

Will SSI count against us when we file our taxes.


Pooh Bear

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I am by no means a tax expert but this is what I understand.
You should receive a 1099 from the govt that explains all of this as well.
basically if you are planning to file jointly add your net benefits and any other total income including your spouses income (do not adjust for deductions), and any tax-exempt interest - if it more than $32000 you may need to pay taxes.
If you file separately do the same as above but would not include you spouse's income and if it is over $25000 your benefits may be taxable.

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Pooh Bear

I found an answer to this question at the link below.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: SSI benifits are not taxable

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